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Jaya Bachchan wants RJs to stop mimicking about MPs, MLAs, politicians: Is the objection valid?
Actress-turned-Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan while speaking in the House on the last day of the last session raised objection on the Radio Jockeys who make fun of the lawmakers and crack crude jokes on them.

While raising the issue in the House, Bachchan said that the comments made by RJs are absolutely objectionable and very bad in nature. She asked the information and broadcasting minister to take action against such RJs and radio stations. Bachchan's concerns were also echoed by BJP parliamentarians and MPs from other parties. Considering the concerns voiced by Bachchan as very issue the government had already promised to look into the matter.

The important question that has come out of this whole debate is whether the objections raised by the MPs led by Jaya Bachchan are valid?

Noted Hindi newsreader with All India Radio, Rajendar Chugh termed the objections of Jaya Bachchan pretty valid and agreed that nowadays commercial radio channels in a bid to attract audience's attention have opted for such language which otherwise has an adverse impact on the society.

Chug said, "As far as I have understood the whole issue which was raised by MP Jaya Bachchan is that the so called Radio Jockey's of commercial radio channels don't use appropriate language most of the times. And she objected to the same. Yes, the languages these RJs use are sometimes objectionable. Specially their prank based programmes like 'Topi Pehnana' or 'Murga banao', sometimes these ideas are very unparliamentary. Even public is also objecting to such programmes, then why to specify Jaya Bachchan's name only?"

He also highlighted the case of a nurse namely Jacintha Saldanha working at King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes in London, and committed suicide after a hoax call made by the two RJ's from Hot30 Countdown radio program.

"Sometimes pranks become so fragile to the public. Nobody minds if one is using bad language just for the sake of popularity of your programme but when it get into someone's privacy then it is objectionable for everyone, either for Jaya Bachchan or any other common person. Have you ever heard AIR using such languages? Never. Radio means 'Grace'. If Radio fails to maintain grace then I don't think such people should remain part of this media. The stronger side of radio is its language. If one's language is not appropriate then listeners will soon get irritated and it can be general public member or parliamentarian," said Rajendar Chug.

TMC MP Sultan Ahmad, while agreeing with objections of MP Jaya Bachchan said that parliament is respectable body and FM channels should not make fun of its members.

He said, "If we talk about media's freedom. News channels record all the parliamentary proceedings be it discussion on any issue, question hour and everything. In parliament there are members from each corner of the nation. Especially the South Indian MPs are unable to speak in Hindi and similarly there are MPs from the Hindi belt who are not that good when it is about speaking in English. This makes them the subject of other's (FM Channels) mockery which is not good. It's not a freedom. This is wrong and whatever issue MP Jaya Bachchan has raised is absolutely valid. Parliament follow its principles and it is a respectable body. Such acts harm its status. Does anyone mock at High Court or Supreme Court judges like the way they talk, pass judgments or comment? Media should cover the news rather than mimicking the members. This is an insult of the parliament members."

Whether the objections raised by the MPs regarding FM radio channels and their RJ's is not an attack on the freedom of the media?

Trinamool Congress MP Arpita Ghosh, while focusing on the point of freedom of media alleged that media in the name of freedom of speech and expression is misusing the liberty it has for its own interest.

She stated, "Is there freedom for media only or does it belongs to others as well? And this is wrong. Media own a lot of liberty which it enjoys the most. Media can speak and free to do anything. Rather pointing Jaya Bachchan, one is not working to shut media's mouth or let them make fun of anything. Sometimes, it feels like one should better mind his words if it directly can affect the society. If society is suffering because of someone's words then he should better realise it. There is no harm in mocking at someone unless it affects the society."

However, a Telangana Rashtra Samiti's (TRS) MP Boora Narsaiah, has a totally different view on the entire issue. He said that MPs are over-reacting on this matter of RJs making fun of politicians. He said that political leaders are also part of the nation and one of the commoners. He said that exaggeration of the petty issue was totally absurd.

Narsaiah said, "There are two different issues, parliamentarians are not immune as they don't have any special immunity. They can also be part of comedy, sarcastic things. Secondly, MPs should not think that nobody can mock at them. They are also common man and definitely media has a right too. One can object only if one's gesture, mock or sarcasm cross limits, otherwise one should not exaggerate a petty issues."

Reacting to the objections raised by MPs, a senior producer at a private FM Channel, Saumitra defended the radio stations while saying that the radio programmes at FM channels follow the guidelines of the government.

"All the programmes of the radio created under the government's guidelines which has issued to us. And RJs design their show itself and carry forward it. We never do anything which can dare to violate government's guidelines. And there is also a government agency which monitor all the content which go on air," said Saumitra.

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