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JNU row: Intellectuals and antillectuals
Intellect is the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract matters. Intellectuals are those who possess a highly developed intellect and engage in critical study, thought, and reflection about the reality of society.

So it does not depend upon how bombastically one speaks in English or how convincingly one gives a speech in order to be called as an intellectual. Reasoning and objective understanding of a matter is the mandatory requirement for anyone to be called as an intellectual.

I have heard and seen various intellectuals speaking on JNU case. There is one group of intellectuals who condemned the students responsible for anti-national sloganeering and glorifying terrorists. They objectively understand the repercussion of such anti-nationalist activity and so they condemn it.

There is another group of intellectuals who support the whole JNU affair saying it as freedom of speech. So slogans such as 'will make the country to pieces' and 'we are ashamed that people responsible for terrorist Afzal's hanging are still alive' are only freedom of expression and thus not liable for any prosecution.

I don't claim to be a gifted intellectual. So naturally I am confused as which group of intellectuals is right in JNU case?

I know that two persons seeing the same thing can have different interpretations. But in the case of JNU incident, different interpretations are not acceptable as the matter is linked with nation and its security.

So the group of intellectuals who condemn the JNU anti-national incident are the true intellectuals and the other group automatically become fake intellectual.

Secularism has two versions. One is for the whole world and the other is for India. Secularism, in its true sense, is followed elsewhere. But in India, it has a different meaning, i.e. 'appease the minority at the cost of majority'. This type of secularism, rightly renamed as sickularism because the very thought of this concept makes you feel sick, was invented by Congress for their vote bank politics. Seeing the stupendous success of sickularism, other political parties imitated the same.

What could be a fitting word to describe fake intellectuals? Well, it is antillectuals. So now we have secularism (the real one) and sickularism (the fake one) as well as intellectuals (the real ones) and antillectuals (the fake ones).

In JNU case, some media houses took more interest than necessary and supported the anti-national activity by inventing and fabricating logics to prove nothing wrong happened at JNU. We have a word to describe such media, which is 'presstitute'. Derived from prostitute (who sells her body for earning money), presstitute means the press or media which sells its ethics of journalism to earn money, fame or both.

It is not difficult to identify presstitutes, even a 16 year old can differentiate easily.

"What is the biggest thing that happened since Modi's ascension to power in May 2014"? One of my friends asked me. I tried to answer highlighting Modi's schemes and the results in facts and figures. But my friend was not satisfied.

He said, "The biggest thing that has happened since Modi's rise to power is that all the anti-nationals, presstitutes, antillectuals and sickulars are exposed to the core".

I pondered over his statement and then I nodded in agreement. Driven by their hatred towards Modi, most of the opposition leaders, RaGa, Nitish and Kejriwal included, showed the other side of their personality which is against the nation. The presstitutes in media channels supporting anti-national activity are exposed. The antillectuals who were considered intellectuals not long ago were exposed. The double standard of Bollywood celebrities also came to public knowledge.

So the first hint of 'achhe din' is there for all of us to see. We now know all the presstitutes and antillectuals to whom the nation means nothing. It is significant as for all these years, these presstitutes and antillectuals were with us in disguise.

Not long ago, a group of antillectuals returned their literary awards as a mark of protest against imaginary growth of intolerance in the country subsequent to Modi government formation. The presstitutes made it a front page story or breaking news. The sickulars and anti-nationals shouted at the top of their voice quoting the award return fiasco that the nation had become intolerant.

What was the effect of such drama? We have to understand two things, i.e. the timing of award return drama and the objective. The timing coincided with Bihar elections and the objective was to defeat BJP in Bihar. The drama had its desired effect as BJP was capitulated in Bihar by an opportunistic alliance responsible for Bihar's present sorry state of affairs. The presstitutes, antillectuals and sickulars became happy putting the aspirations of people of Bihar at a stake.

I have no problem if BJP is defeated in elections, but I have problems if rumors and lies are spread in an organized manner to affect the outcome of an election. The people eventually pay for this and that is why I am against antillectuals and presstitutes.

Will an intellectual return his award particularly if he had won it by sheer hard work? The answer is no. The antillectuals had no qualm to return the awards because they got it by a 'favor' and so they could return the favor when needed.

Political compulsion is the reason why media houses become presstitutes, or persons become antillectuals. The common people always suffer in this political game. During election times, more antillectuals will surface and presstitutes will do overtime. The key to prevent falling for this trap is to identify the antillectuals and presstitutes and ignore them completely.

In India most of the self-proclaimed intellectuals are actually antillectuals. It is prudent to use our own brain rather than listening to these fakes.

Our nation is a complicated and diverse country where difference of opinions is bound to be there. But all such differences of opinions cannot be harbored at the cost of the nation. Nation has to be accorded top priority.

So next time when someone speaks with bombastic English with proper semantics, phonetics, gestures postures and body language, don't take him for an intellectual immediately. Listen to what he is saying and why he is saying, use your own brain in the context and then take a call.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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