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JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar: Wrongs done to him and wrongs done by him
As a true Indian, we shouldn't be silent when someone imposes dirty allegations on our military and insult the Constitution. So after watching Kanhaiya Kumar's videos, interviews I have some serious notes, concerns about him. What went wrong to him and what wrong did he did? Find its answer here:

Kanhaiya imposed serious and dirty allegations on our military present in Jammu & Kashmir state.

On the Women's Day he said that our military rapes the women of Kashmir and he wants "Azaadi" from this. My response to him is that, first of all, if our military personnel were busy doing such acts then, Kanhaiya wouldn't have been giving speeches after getting bail, I too wouldn't have been writing this post, rather there would have been serious bombings and shootings by terrorists/enemy's army. Freedom of speech and freedom from poverty would be very far away, he may even didn't had freedom to get out of his house in fear of being killed by terrorists and enemies.

Kanhaiya said, "He didn't raise any anti-national slogans, but he raised slogans against our PM, BJP and RSS", raising slogans against RSS is fine, but raising slogans against PM and the ruling government is not allowed by the law, constitution strictly prohibits such acts, thus Kanhaiya didn't respected the Constitution and hence I say he is anti-national.

Kanhaiya questioned his arrest and the sedition charges imposed on him. Yes the sedition charges should not have been imposed on him without proper investigation, it is police's fault. But his arrest is totally justified, the court too accepted that anti-nation slogans were raised in the JNU campus, I don't think some groups of people suddenly came into the campus and started raising such slogans, not possible, such acts are pre-planned. Kanhaiya is JNUSU president, and he is accountable for any wrong acts committed when he is president, so arrest is justified.

Kanhaiya said, his family is very poor and runs on INR 3,000 per month. So, who is responsible for this? Obviously not the state/Central government, they can't just feed every poor family. It is the responsibility of the son/daughter of that family to provide a good standard of living to his/her family, the government will not give you money to meet family expenditure. You are probably older than 24-25 years and your family still so poor? It is shameful for you not for the government. Your family sent you to such a good university to study and get a good job and eradicate poverty not to go there and put allegations on government for your failure.

Kanhaiya raised the issues of farmers of India, I totally agree with him, they are living in a very vulnerable condition. So, why Kanhaiya doesn't go to farmers and teach them modern and proper ways of farming and making profit of that? Raising slogans against government will not help the farmers in any way. Government is doing all what it could, not only BJP led NDA but also Indian Nnational Congress led UPA did many things for farmers. It is now our and especially your responsibility to help farmers get rid of poverty.

Kanhaiya and some of his teachers are against AFSPA(Armed Forces Special Powers Act) in Kashmir. I think they don't watch TV or newspapers, don't they know that how many times the enemies and terrorists tried to infiltrate in our territory, their GK as well as IQ is very poor I say. How many times there have been shootings and bombings in inner Kashmir? If we remove AFSPA, then will you and your talented teachers go to safeguard our nation? I don't think you have that much courage and dare, you'll probably sign a business deal of J&K with Pakistan and China. You want to remove army from there, you know how much it will cost to our nation and countrymen, ever wondered about the consequences, probably never, right?

Rohith Vemula is your idol, you said. Tell us about his teachings and qualities you inherited? He never raised slogans against army and government, nor did he ever insulted army and constitution. His death is a matter of investigation, let the court decide who is responsible for his death, if you want to, then become a lawyer/judge first.

Lawyers and their allies went physically violent against you. I think lawyer is the only profession who have most trust and faith in law, their acts are shameful. They shouldn't have done this, even some cops got beaten. Why didn't you moved to court for such attacks? No faith in law?

The constitution you insulted is ironically the only reason that you are alive and giving hate speeches. Yes, when you gave hate speeches and insulted military, government, constitution etc. people went crazy to kill you, many people imposed money awards for killing you, slapping you, cutting your tongue, it is the Delhi police who is ensuring your safety otherwise, you also know that attempts were made to get rid of you.

You have freedom of speech, but if you would have been a legal literate then you might came to know that there are exception on this right. Get educated first, then say ask for "Aazadi".

The communist views that you support and got inspired by totally snatches some of your basic fundamental rights. Do you know what happens when someone protests against the government of China (a country ruled by communists)? They are simply shot, no trial at all. Where's freedom of speech here?.

It is our constitution who has provisions to keep you safe, and it is Delhi Police, which comes under the government you are criticising, ensuring your safety. And it is our Military and paramilitary forces spread all over India who safeguards you, your family, your relatives, your friends and those dear to you. So, respect those who are the reason for your existence.

India is a very large machine - army, farmers, entrepreneurs , labourers, high profile actors, each and every man makes this machine to run non-stop. Giving a profession more than required respect and attention is not good, it is like asking a small kid that "Who is your favourite: Mommy or Daddy?" while we all know both are equally important and favourite, so we should give equal respect, attention to all professions.

No-one is defaming JNU, it is people like you who are doing the same, you put the JNU on national media during primetime.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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