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Job reservation in private sector - A shrewd vote bank politics!
The Congress party released its 2014 Lok Sabha election manifesto on Wednesday. While releasing its manifesto for the upcoming elections, the Congress party touted its achievements and promised an array of ambitious social reforms if it gets re-elected.

The document, named as “Your Voice, Our Pledge” is virtually impressive as it focused on inclusive growth, agriculture, education and health as it included many proposed “Right-legislations” though in reality is just a dipped proposition as there is no strong evidence of roadmaps in terms of fund generation and allocation for actualization and implementation of any of its proposals.

An important aspect of this seemingly good looking document is that the Congress party has expressed its commitment to create a national consensus on affirmative action for SCs and STs for jobs in the private sector through legislation.

Clearly the Congress Party has backed reservation for backward castes in private sector jobs in its 2014 elections manifesto as a pitch as part of an ambitious affirmative action agenda designed at gaining back the confidence of a part of its vote banks which it has lost in recent years.

Reservation as a policy for social upliftment may be affirmative but when it becomes a part of vested political interest at the cost of economy and growth of the nation is clearly divisive, detrimental and disastrous as it directly and adversely affects competitiveness, performance and meritocracy.

May be that’s the reason why private sectors have always been resistant to this policy.

Private sectors are a highly competitive field and profit driven enterprises. Meritocracy and performance have always been the hallmarks of private sector jobs. They have to continuously evolve updating themselves so as to stay buoyant in the market.

Reservation or quota in this sector surely will sound the death knell of best brains to come in to generate innovative ideas and take Indian companies to the next level which is much needed. Reservation indeed is straight detrimental to private sector performance

Again what about the foreign investors? In reality without outside investors it is unlikely to generate many jobs or achieve any substantial growth in our economy. Already we have compulsive policies for them to employ Indians as half of their staffs. For any venture it needs talents not cast for its prosperity. If quota will be added instead talent how come it will help them in doing good business? Isn't this policy of quota in employment is just like discouraging them to do any business here?

Private sectors in all over the world including Indian Inc. are interested and adopted for affirmative action in terms of building skills and capability or in giving education to the disadvantaged as a part of their CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility).

They use funds for building schools, colleges, hospitals either free of cost or with nominal fees to be uses by down trodden in the society. They would never like any imposition to provide employment on quota basis.

Moreover by going in line with Congress and RaGa we will soon have reservation in sports. Imagine we have quotas in Indian cricket team instead of talent and ability. Can we imagine any performance from this team where some players are chosen on the basis of their cast, not merit and ability?

Similarly in other sports also for competition we need talent not cast. If cast will be given preference over talent then performance and competitiveness have to be kept in cold storage.

Instead of employment quota, a proposal for allocating corporate fund for providing world class skill development for India's economically and socially backward sections would be a much better idea. In this way they can compete as per their merit.

Merit enhancement is better than providing job quota and private sectors will happily agree to contribute.

In simple terms the point is very clear. Congress's latest plan for job quotas in the private sector can simply be termed as ruinous competitive populism. It is bound to be christened as 'economic insanity' by any Industry expert or political observer. I feel it's just a cheap and shrewdly blinkered vote bank politics and will be slammed by any progressive Indian.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Sankara Narayanan
Forget about Cong's concern for lower castes. It is a manufactured concern out of compulsion. Not out of commitment. Initially quota was blindly resisted by Cong. When there was no other go, it is now abused by one & all. When will we realise that the marginalised also have a right? As oppressors, we have certain responsibilities. Pvt cos are only run by pure merit is a half truth. Go to any big business enterprise and you can find it is packed with that owner's caste people. How corporate succession is decided? On merit or dynastic rights? Trade & industry are in the hands of upper castes, almost. Even the meritorious OBCs, SCs/STs and Muslims are shunned in cos like Infossys & TCS. This was revealed by a study undertaken by two distinguished academicians from Europe & USA. (Who else will do such inconvenient studies) For yr information, American Federal & provincial govts are giving tax concessions to pvt companies which are recruiting Blacks, if they are qualified. Americans want to change the White only staff situation becoz they visualise the Black nuisance in the society, if they are continuously kept in gutters. We need not bother because we have the best shield with us known as Karmic Retribution. Those opposing quota in India enjoy the preferential treatment given to immigrants in USA. Hypocrisy is the trademark of Indian classes. Pvt cos enjoy the Himalayan free bies aka Seth Quota from the state; of the order of 6 lakh cr each year. We are bound by moral, legal & constitutional responsibility to uplift them, even if the merit suffers initially. This so called meritocracy only heaped social indignities and grinding poverty to Mlechhas since ages. Democracy first and Meritocracy latter. Mlechhas are not meant to serve the other three varnas as dictated by the scriptures. Time we start serving them.
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