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Journalism - The war within
Fiction writing is different from true journalism. In the field of fiction, a writer hides behind his / her characters and events. He does it because sometime he is afraid of what people will think of him when they read his story.
Reader always forms an opinion about the kind of person who dreamed them up. Writings based on imagination is intellectual and emotional pursuit as well. The last thing any writer wants is that the readers to think he is stupid. Unfortunately, a writer is to live and survive in this real and contradictory world.

Recently, I happened to meet some smart agents who are the bridge between a writer and publisher, I've always found them very suggesting and inspiring to follow the latest popular trends instead of following your heart. They want you to write what is safer to write, convenient to publish and easy to sell.

To narrate a workable simple formula to come in light, this is what a knowledgeable publishing connoisseur had to say: "Pack your work with 50 per cent mundane, 15 per cent sex, 15 per cent violence of third kind, 5 per cent adventure, 5 per cent history and 10 per cent scenery." Mr. Writer, forget if you have a dream of something intellectual, it doesn't sell. Do as everybody else is doing it, right? You always have a much better chance of getting published if you're following the market.

Here lies the dilemma of a writer - Integrity and honesty could be desirable and may be you want to write about important and honest emotions. But . . . you can't if you want to make money. The story demands that you talk about tastes of masses. No taker are there for writings on the subjects about which you're passionate. Make a big name first and then write what you want. Of course, you're not a big name and you're still very sale-able.

Honest journalism, if you are willing to follow, doesn't allow any elbow room. The most difficult thing about being honest with others is first being honest with ourselves. Journalism is a different ball game. You always write about ground realities, about facts- brutal or benign. And there is a difference in opinion writing and hard journalism.

In hard journalism, the reader is not able to tell what the writer personally believes about the subject. In opinion writing, which is what I do, I expect my readers to know from which side of the aisle I'm standing or reporting. I would be guilty of hypocrisy if I don't take a moment to examine myself in the process. Here, I shall follow the rules as they were explained to us and allow the chips to fall where they may.

There are few important purposes of Journalism. It is a pure profession to inform, to interpret, to guide, to entertain and to disseminate a vast of information to the readers. But being from one side of the aisle or the other does not give us the right to lie to you and get away with it. We are allowed to offer our opinions on things that actually happened. We are not be free to make things up out of whole cloth, to misrepresent facts, to mold and shape them to fit a preconceived notion that we are trying to get across to our readers.

Of course, the advent of 'blogs' phenomenon has given room to spread and propagate the lies about your political cults, your dogmas, your racist, misogynistic, homophobic and Islamophobic biases and nonsense. This new medium gives respectable cover by being published under a pseudo-respectable name even if you term all the crap as indisputable fact. But 'honest journalism' stands for objectivity, honesty and integrity. It is different from contract writing.

Someone has said "If you are true to yourself, if you are true to your beliefs, if you are honest and forthright in your dealings with others, you will never have anything to worry about from any honorable person."

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