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Kejriwal's Broom: Is it a well thought out symbol for Aam Aadmi Party?
Aam Admi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal has announced Jhadu (Broom) as their official symbol, and to launch this Kejriwal team swept a road in Delhi. Obviously he is going to enter in election procedure with the symbol of broom.

In social-psychology Symbol is an identity, this is how one identifies oneself. When a person chooses his symbol he speaks many things through it; so also when any organization, an association, an industry, even a country chooses its symbol they also express their core idea goal and mission, their root on which that organization stands.

For example if we analyze different symbols of different nations we may find that: the symbol of India with Ashoka pillar scribed with”satyameb jayate” is a pronouncement of it stability-longevity, strength and loyalty to truth. The symbol of US the eagle sitting high on a globe says very clearly their ambition for strength, aggressiveness and aim to be best and first in the globe. So also the blazing Dragon shows China’s singularity and power.

Symbols of political parties are also speaking for themselves. The “hand” of Congress is ever ready to show its power, support and rule on others. The “Lotus” of BJP is a symbol carried away from Hindu legacy, a symbol of honesty-power-beauty blend. The Sickle-hammer-star of CPM points to their commitment to working class people, the sickle and paddy stick of CPI also shows their inclination to peasants and working class people. The symbol of small leaves presents the agenda of Trinamool Congress that they are with grass root people.

In a word a well-thought symbol is a brief presentation of the party ideal and its identity. It is understood that to indicate their party is going to sweep away all corruptions and clean the country the symbol of “broom” is adapted by AAP, this also hints that AAP is with poor and down trodden. But determining a symbol this is not enough, acceptability and greatness of it to be understood also. In this aspect “broom” is not a mighty object and not a mighty symbol.

The broom is used and thrown none give it any respect none consider it as a presentable thing, it is kept in backyard with dirt, even the persons who use it certainly do not worship it. It does a good work no doubt but it is not an object worth respect in our society or any society of the world. Also this is considered as inauspicious a sign and cannot be put in front of a house.

It is good that Kejriwal has tried to show that his team respects untraditional ideas but in practice how many people even his party men will be ready to display this ‘broom’ before house? Or hold it high on Head and March? Or hold it tight on chest or bow to broom in reverence? Even this may become a matter of joke in humour- shows!

People from any socio-cultural-economic classes bows to symbols that is high, great or majestic; in choosing a symbol for any public affair one has to be careful, a crude-rude- raw symbol like a stick, a gun, a broom is generally less appreciated by public, people needs something that flaunts in their imagination and take them high or at least that does not mar their thoughts! 

Arvind Kejriwal is an idealistic person so also his team but in choosing a proper symbol for the party it seems he has done a mistake. This may be due to his excessive pre-occupation towards an “I am OK you are not OK” attitude.  But the actual strength of his Jhadu will be known only after the results of election come up!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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