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Kejriwal”s Media Politics: Get Fixed or Else End up in Jail!!!
It seems there is no end to the unreasonableness and idiocy manner of politics on part of Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP! I mean it’s not even slightly faded away from our minds the most talked media-fixing clip in recent times, “The clip of Kejriwal and Punya Prasoon Bajpai” that got viral on the net and grabbed the unceremonious headlines almost all the news channels, Arvind Kejriwal could gather moral courage for fresh attacks on media” threatening to jail media when (not “If”) his party comes to power. Because according to him the News channels are remunerated to endorse political causes. Furthermore they do not stress ideas that he wants to stress. What does it mean, 'Get Fixed or else end up in Jail'? Can be no better evidence of paranoid style of politics?

Though by this time I’m completely accustomed to the high range of commonsensical fallacies coupled with Arvind Kejriwal, but what made me shockingly surprising that He is saying so especially when it is not less than an eternal truth that AAP is purely an electronic phenomenon!

Today he has a Strong place in possible PMs List. Neither his party is an old one having any legacy of achievements in terms of governance nor has AK himself done anything extraordinary for the country. Then how come he enjoys the status of “PM in waiting” tag??? Does he mean that he has paid media profoundly?

First he made the statement then he denied and then the AAP members were seen shamelessly defending him. As per them they meant “some part of media” have been sold as they are exposing them continuously. So my question is what about the “rest part of media” that are not exposing them? Are they sold to him?

Moreover After 8th December 2013 when assembly results of four states including Delhi were out, there was a totally black out of any other thing or issue than AAP and AK in all news channels at least for a fourth night.  Will he now say how much it had paid for that complete clutch on all news channels at that time?

Further, did AAP and AK try to buy the media when it put out advertisement across the media during assembly election?

Let’s get little further - Where was he and his obsessed allegations when media was sublimely covering each and every minute moments of IAC MOVEMENT? Even the formation of AAP took place before media only, right? Can he answer how much media had charged for that?

Coming to the point, Ashutosh who now is an active member of AAP was previously working as a chief Editor in media house which is owned by Mukesh Ambani. He was getting salary from Mukesh Ambani but was doing campaign for AAP actively through his channel. Wasn’t he totally biased that time?  So now I want to know how AK, Ashutosh and AAP will justify these moral and professional misappropriations. Will Ashutosh now return the amount of money he received for 2 years as salary to the above channel to justify his honesty?

The fact is that there will be no end to the list where AAP and AK have been hugely supported by Media in recent times. One can find plenty of them. In fact It will not be wrong if AAP will be tagged as a “Media’s pet”. Then what madness happened to AAP and AK to target media???

The point is very simple. AK and AAP have grown a gigantic intolerance to the criticisms by media. May be because of their excessive dependence on media for their meteoritic political pursuit they are only exposing their own follies and duplicitous attitude and activities which amounts to brazen criticism.  The most ironic factor is that they are alleging media sailing to Modi - the man who was literally hounded by media. It’s seriously shocking!!!

I must say I have my own reservation about media biasness which I have already expressed before in some of my articles but fact is that If AK and AAP are saying that media is unethically not supporting them…then it is highly condemnable. They are trying to do politics of controversy through media by brazen allegations to remain in discussions. But let me tell them that they have not only eclipsed their own glory but also degraded their own prospects of a party of difference. They have so far only exposed their own hunger to power which they want to achieve by hook or crook. There has been many legitimate questions aroused regarding their own funding and their own internal cohesions. So the clever strategy of targeting big corporate, political parties, Modi and media and then remain in discussion in terms of controversy is surely going to be boomeranged on them this time...isn't it???

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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