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Kerala's political elephantiasis
It's no wonder that people in Kerala try each political front to rule them alternatively after their terms of five years. The people get fed up with the in-house politics and come to a generalization that the machinery is not there for providing facilities to common man, but to figure out options for settling their own issues.

After every term of five years, or below due to severe political depolarization among the constituent parties or factions, the voters would be left with no choice to pull along with the ministers but to elect the alternative front. This is, by and large, not good news for the guys coming to power that they are the best option.

This is the aftermath of a bad situation where people get strangled with the intricacies created by the ruling front. Usually, the winners drum it out proclaiming that the voters selected them as the best. But the real picture is different. The voters have no other choice to come out extricated from the entanglement created by the out-goers. In short, Keralites have no option for a better government but to keep trying the alternate fronts.

The status quo is worse, as usual. The United Democratic Front came to power by a lucky majority of two, giving a lot of options to the constituent parties. The leaders of the alliance are well aware that they are at the mercy of Muslim League and Kerala Congress who are mighty enough to pull the government down if their demands are not met. And they are invariably playing their roles very well in making Congress party stand on the lines they draw.

Muslim League was bold enough to declare an undue fifth minister too for them, without consulting Congress or any of the other parties in their alliance. This decision had bogged the ruling vehicle down in the mud for some time. On the other hand, the Left Democratic Front in the opposition got a chance to grind them down by yelling at their inability in decision-making. They had a valid question that remains unanswered till date as to who takes decisions, the UDF liaison or the central committee of Muslim League.

The parties who were getting on like a house on fire at the election time have turned into individuals aiming at vested interests. Kerala Congress and Muslim League know that the time is ripe to sit up and put on weight. Instead of putting out the fire by a concerted effort, they started pulling out whatever they liked and wanted. Each one put forward a host of demands lest they should show the gestures with the effect that they are going to leave the coalition house. To cut the story short, Congress has been bearing the brunt of others since inception.

Many a time, allegations surfaced that some of the ministers are caught holding the wrong end of the stick, in their business. Oommen Chandy, the chief minister found it literally difficult to bring all down to the window uniformly dressed to show that business is as usual. What a bad time for him to lead an alliance like this! Events have been spooling out so quickly that CM does not have a hold on the minds of his team-mates.

Stories about strange behaviour by the Chief Whip of the government, PC George began to circulate. He had been caught on video with comments quite unbecoming to his revered position. The Chief Minister could not do much on this matter to control him, as he belonged to another party and a 'spoilt brat' there itself. Moreover, KM Mani, the leader of Kerala Congress and a minister, fights shy of any warning on George as he himself knows not when he would be shown the door. Kerala Congress had always strange bedfellows in their annals.

It's quite funny for the Keralites to watch what R Balakrishna Pillai, an ex-minister, is up to. A few months ago, he was to oust his son and then minister KB Ganesh Kumar from the ministry. Now, he's the other way around and demanding his re-inclusion. He had to resign as minister on some discords with his wife who alleged an extra marital relationship on him. His father Pillai had utilized the situation properly to get rid of a son grown out of his barrels and succeeded.

Now, people are wondering why is he in favour of his son's taking back to the throne. By and large, R Balakrishna Pillai is notorious for his tricks intended eventually for his own benefit of sticking to power. People of Kerala are well aware of his flaws and inconsistency which he is unable to identify by himself. Pillai is a deconstructed feeble icon of Kerala's worn out politics. The others are the Jayarajan trio and PC George. They never stand a hell's chance in party's decisive positions. The only way to cleanse the souls from sins is to get rid of such characters, which remains a fat chance as they would go out with their own shares.

Small parties are all in the look out of making money while in power. They all know that a second help is a remotest chance as the front would have very rare possibilities to come to power again. This worsens the situation and makes easy for the contenders to come up. It's not the good that brings them back but the bad of the performers that keeps them away. Each time the winners take it in their stride to show the populace that they are the best. It is not that the newcomers are elected favourably to lead the government but the out-goers are voted out for their incompetency. No front supports any development project brought by the others.

And the trade-unionism has reached such a stage that the members are aware of their rights only, not duties. No hierarchy taught them about their duties towards a welfare state. The leaders taught them only how to stand against management and protest. They did not teach them to discharge their primary duties as to love and enjoy their work, which are the seeds of development. A project needs sowing the seeds to reap it well at the end.

As a result, Kerala has become the only state to export all their brainy manpower out to various countries. Consequently, there is a heavy dearth of jobs which are being filled with the inflow of workers from West Bengal and Odisha. These could include Bangladeshis too as it is difficult to differentiate, thanks to the same language they all speak.

Kerala has become a no man's state now, except being the domain for fistfights between two political fronts. No one cares about the plight of a common man. Instead, it showcases only a host of clowns desperately trying to entertain the audience with their played out tricks. People have grown the mindset of the legendary character of Naranath Bhranthan (The Crank at Naranath) whom God had asked to demand a wish. He was very reluctant and confused as to what he would demand. Under all round compulsion, he went for requesting his elephantiasis to be shifted from right to left leg.

In short, the political alliances cannot do much to better the lifestyle of Keralites, as they have no focused target.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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