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Khuda Hafiz versus Allah Hafiz
The term Allah Hafiz or Khuda Hafiz are not used in Arabian peninsula. It is a pure Mughal- Indian creation. These are the most emotional parting words that were common since time immemorial in Urdu-Hindi speaking regions.
THE SUBJECT under discussion - 'Khuda Hafiz versus Allah Hafiz' is the best example of the intolerance of Wahabi Islam, a stringent version of this religion flourishing throughout the Muslim world and responsible for most of the radical troubles around the globe. Let me remind the readers that the term Allah Hafiz or Khuda Hafiz are never used in Arab peninsula. It is a pure Mughal-Indian creation.
Most of the readers would recollect the famous song - 'Guzra Hua Zamana aata naheen dubarah…Hafiz Khuda tumhara'. These were the most emotional parting words that were common since time immemorial in Urdu-Hindi speaking regions.

The first time Allah Hafiz was used in public was in 1985 by a famous TV host, a frequent sight on PTV during the Zia era.

The Wahabi schools took up the cudgels for this concept as Khuda is more a Persian word and could have some affinity to Iran which is a Shia dominated country. The invention of Allah Hafiz words has its roots in Pakistan as General Ziaul Haq, a Wahabi dictator, with the help of Gulf and American money started setting up mosque-schools in an attempt to pick the kids and softer brains to brain wash them with the heinous takfiri ideology which approves the killing of innocents in the name of Jihad.
This ideology, though originated in Saudi Arabia and got easy disciple in poor Islamic countries. This strain of faith, in a softer form, is now becoming popular in Indian Muslims also as a reaction to the ideologies propagated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other similar fanatical outfits. Majority of Pakistanis and Afghanis, especially in Punjab and Pushtoon areas follow this ideology now. Geneneral Zia had prepared them for the grand ‘Afghan jihad’ against the atheistic Soviet Union and Hindu India.

The practice to fervently banish the words ‘Khuda Hafiz’ can be traced back to a mere six to seven years in the past. It was in 2002, when a series of banners started appearing across Sharea Faisal in Karachi, Pakistan. Each banner had two messages. The first one advised Pakistani Muslims to stop addressing God by the informal ‘Tu’ and instead address him as ‘Aap’ (the respectful way of saying ‘you’ in Urdu). The second message advised Pakistanis to replace the term Khuda Hafiz with Allah Hafiz.

The banners were produced and installed by Islamic organisations associated with a famous Wahabi mosque in Karachi.

In India, it is popularised by the Tableeghi Jamaat- Indian Muslim's answer to RSS. This ubiqutious jamaat is the trend-settler of most of the new inwardly or outwardly changes that are easily visible in any aggressive Muslim today. These new Islamic evangelists are doing a lot of groundwork to culturally protect Muslims from a pluralistic and religiously tolerant milieu of India and leading them to their 'correct' version of Islam.

These Islamist culture-evangelists became more aggressive around 1990s. Drawing room and TV evangelists like Ahmed Deedat went about attempting to construct a 'true' Islamic society. However, I have never heard Deedat indulging in Shia-Sunni or Hindu-Muslim controversy. The new breed of Islamic evangelist as Dr Zakir Naik took up attacking all religions and one of their prescriptions was to replace the commonly used Khuda Hafiz with Allah Hafiz.

They believed that once they had convinced Muslims to follow the faith by adorning a long beard and hijab, the words Khuda Hafiz would not seem appropriate coming out from the mouths of such Islamic-looking folks. They believed that Khuda can mean any God, whereas the Muslims’ God was Allah. Some observers suggest that since many non-Muslims also use Khuda Hafiz so it is a cultural pollution.

Consequently, the sweet sound Khuda Hafiz is almost vanishing from our life!



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Mohammad Nawaz
I don't understand that why people have a problem with the users of Allah hafiz. In my opinion it should not matter at all because Allah Hafiz is according to Quran and I would like to quote the verse of Quran which is WALLAH HO KHER UL HAFIZEEN" which has almost the same meanings as Allah Hafiz. People should not forget that Urdu is a different language and it has its own construction. They should not forget that the construction of Urdu language is based on Sanskrit, Arabic, persion and other local language of that time. It does not matter who introduced this word, the fact of the matter is that it has good meanings and it is not offensive to any one. and is derived from Quran.The behavior of Muslims on this forum reflects the ting of European and American culture where people use F word with God's name. If the worshipers of foreign cultures have problem with this, I advised them to change their identity and adopt the culture and language they want. They should leave the Urdu language alone and if they can't please respect the feelings of millions of people world wide who speak this languag. I know some pujaris of western cultures would call me that I am out my mind but they need to open their eyes because being Muslims our culture should be Islam and we should insert more and more Arabic words in our languages. To me those are the worst people who can't prdouce but criticize. They can not add or introduce a word to this language and want to take out those words which their masters tell them not to use in their lives. These are the real fanatics who are followers of DEEN E ELAHI OF KING AKBAR AND ENLIGHTENED ISLAM OF MUSHARRAF who want to implement their ideologies. I am forced to say and there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Ibrahim is one of those fanatics. Therefore the fanatics are those who have problems with this word not the users and I would suggest them to stop criticizing the use of Allah Hafiz. I request and encourage to the people, PLEASE USE THE QURANIC WORDS AND TERMS IN YOUR LANGUAGE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BECAUSE IT IS OUR IDENTITY THAT WE ARE MUSLIMS. In the end I will say SHAME on them who criticize Allah Hafiz.
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