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Krishna and democracy
There are three fundamental gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas - that control nature and therefore, the history of an era. Any combination of these three determines the history of an epoch. The evil can be driven out by a combination of rajas and tamas.
ON THE battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna was very afraid of being entangled in his activities by engaging in warfare. Krishna, therefore, assured him that if he fought for his sake, there would be no possibility of entanglement….

There are three fundamental tendencies or gunas that control nature and therefore, the history of an era. They are sattva (light and purity), rajas (power and aggression) and tamas (darkness and ignorance). Any combination of these three determines the history of an epoch. Most dangerous is the combination of rajas and tamas (aggression driven by ignorance), that is what we call fanaticism.

Tamas sees the sattva or the light of knowledge as the enemy. Its goal is to destroy sattva and plunge the world into a dark age. This has happened many times in history and this is what the forces of fanaticism are trying to do to the world today.

The rule of Taliban in Afghanistan is an example of bringing darkness by a combination of rajas and tamas (force and ignorance). So, was Nazism. Defeating Hitler was not enough; the tamasic root of Nazism had to be eradicated.

This is the great enemy of civilisations and this is why 5000 years ago in Mahabharata, Gita was spoken - the true purport being sattva. Spirituality cannot defeat tamas on its own; it had to have a material form and thus rajas came into force. Only the combination of sattva and rajas together can defeat the darkness called tamas.

Force or rajas must be employed but employed judiciously. The ignorance of a child can be cured by love and education, but not the ignorance of a hardened fanatic; it can only be eradicated through force. It is great mistake to believe that fanatics bent upon plunging the world in darkness will respond to a gentle message, as a prominent yogi once said, “The sword of a warrior is as necessary for the fulfillment of justice as the holiness of the saint.” To maintain justice, to prevent strong from despoiling and the weak from being oppressed was the function, for which the Kshatriyas (soldiers) were created. Therefore, says Krishna in Mahabharata: “God created battle and armour, the sword, the bow and the dragger.”

As seen by the ancient sages the evil in the world is due to the rise of asurika tendencies driven by a combination of rajas and tamas. The way to rid the world of evil is to fight it with devika forces, made up of combination of sattva and rajas. According to the scripts of ancient Mayan culture in the Americas and according to the Vedic Yuga theories, beginning with the pure sattva period known as Krita Yuga, we are coming near to the end of an era in Kali Yuga, the age of the evil of a special kind called theocracy, where tamas is presented as spirituality, which binds people, rather then release them.

Five thousand years ago, at the end of the Dwapar Yuga, India faced a similar threat that exploded into Kali Yuga. At that juncture at the Dwapar-Kali Yuga sandhi (junction of yugas), Krishna warned the world of its dangers and told his followers what needed to be done; Evil (tamas) must be destroyed.

Vedas shaped the old world just as Logic and Science has evolved our present world, however, understanding Vedas would allow us to combine human affairs and spiritual vision into a true synthesis. At present, we find it very difficult to understand that combination of righteousness along with material force can solve almost all our problems. We adopt purely material approaches to what really are problems of spirit.

The human world is evolving and as it is evolving on a time scale of parallels, one of which is spiritual development and the understanding of the parameters of the environment, which we call nature, the rajas factor of Maya, the inferior creative energy of the Lord. The second parallel being material or the effects of being material, where discoveries are being made in the name of Science and Mathematics, which are again based on the principles of Maya. Some civilisations, like ours in India are generally, spiritually oriented, while the West is mainly material oriented. Both these routes are leading us to the same goal ultimately, although, material advancement looks far more superior to spiritual orientation, but it is still falling in the path of rajas and tamas as not all humans receive benefits through material orientation, therefore, tamas usually creates hiccups at some stage, although not altogether. Sattva and rajas combination can only be achieved collectively through disciplined and austere life. Our education and health systems are extremely disorientated to achieve this stage for everyone.

Today, we see in material form a battle between democracy and the rest of the political systems, like theocracy, autocracy and so on. Apart from true democracy, all the systems are based on pyramidally structured power layers. The main decision making being at the very top and very privileged with one human having immense powers and benefit whose decisions can create havoc amongst the masses and to summarise, they all work under the influence of combination of rajas and tamas. The decision-making controlled by a few individuals is a typical format for evil orientation.

Only a democracy has any chance of progressing and that too after a lot of hard work and parallel decision making (individual and collective) where the governance is in the name of benevolence and reciprocation to benevolence, which means what the government gives you, you give it back equally and honestly in the form of taxes and community work and other sacrifices. The head of government has only a token power and collective, but progressive decision making via the cabinet, a selection of humans representing community ably assisted by permanently employed specialised in collecting, accounting and administering the application of resources for the material and spiritual progress of the nation.

Democracy allows individual pursuit of spiritual enhancement, a complete opposite of a binding theocracy.

There is no such thing as a god and the sermons, via his human form prophet in a communal form because if one does not have the spiritual compassion for humanity in any form, one has no ability to understand the parameters of developing his own individual free spirit, that is the reason the highest of the authorities has described in Gita: “The only way one can attain me is by swarup dhyan and discipline of astang yoga, the sattva automatically, guides an individual to enlightenment of the true knowledge of performance in karma yoga, whilst, sustained in a material form. That individual neither craves for dominance over others nor dictates them to follow his thinking for he is acutely aware that all roads lead to nowhere but me. Be it evil or good I am still the creator of the basic ingredients of the environment in millions of universes. And because I have granted the right to each individual to act per his own grasp in time the influence of sattva (goodness) and tamas (evil) is just a constant with only rajas as the material medium. The road of sattva is extremely hard and very simple but steady and calm. The Tamas binds human to a situation blinded in rigidity and stubbornness, jealousy and hypocrisy, anger and lust, outspokenness and dominating, decay and destruction of collective and controlled self-centric environment. Besides, there would always be contenders for his temporary and materially superior position.”
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