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Let politicians open mouth to speak only about development
We are doing a great disservice to the nation by firstly allowing all these politicians and the political kinds to get away with all such farzi (fake) things. These are things, which have no significance of any kind for India to shine, but just digress us from the core issues, which actually matter to the 'Aam Admi'.

IT HAS been a couple of weeks that I have been off the Internet and always “Breaking News” channels. Frankly telling you folks, life seems to be much better to be away from all the humdrum of activities in which one actually gets sucked in and the mind takes a biased position or side. We then get carried away or sway with what is being told or discussed over and over again like an old record, which is stuck due to umpteen scratches. 

I don’t blame the channels; those people also have to justify their existence, but they pollute our minds enough to think what they want us to think and not what we think of the issue. We actually drift away from the truth, I feel. I am very happy without watching them.

Be that as it may, I was wondering that Obama won the elections and the Sensex shot up, had he lost would the bubble have burst again? “Sandy” strikes the US and the rupee falls in India. Obama is re-elected, so the stocks of IT companies fall like hell! Is there any correlation or is it that I keep imagining things. I don’t know and I don’t want to know also. 

I am convinced that America has no love lost for any other country except itself, and why not, that’s how it should be, but what about us Indians, we have no love lost for India but have for everyone and everything else, isn’t it?

I found one Hindi news channel reporter covering the US elections, who definitely needed to shave, probably, he was too lethargic, or he didn’t have the money to buy a razor after the long flight, as these days they don’t allow you to carry one in your baggage or he was in too much of hurry to start reporting that he forgot to shave. He was some Mr Chaurasia, who disregarded the mainstream Americans but was interviewing Limousine drivers of Indian origin to predict who would win, any way “Palmolive da jawab nahi”. I think he also should have brushed his teeth too, or visited a dentist, if not, had a “Happy dent” chewing gum. Colgate might feel offended, who cares?

I was thinking of other things too. It was the “Radha” issue in a song. Munni and Shiela have nothing to do with it as they have lived their jawani and got badnaam. I was also wondering why Mr Ram Jethmalani was being called Ravan Jethmalani by someone, when I believe that Jethmalani ji was being quoted/ mis-quoted on his comments on Ram.

I grew up in an environment where the first words that entered your ear on meeting someone or on the telephone were, RAM RAM SAHIB or JAI HIND SAHIB. I being a Christian should have taken offence to it. My UPSC form says that I am a Christian and why should I be bombarded with such religious words, that too from another religion and that too first thing in the morning. I should also take offence to why always Michael “Daru pee kar danga karta hai” or does it absolve Mahesh, Shiv, Vishnu and Krishna, who also happen to be my friends, drink more than me, create more ruckus than me (after getting “TUN”) and land up in the lock up every time, I haven’t been all that lucky though. I don’t know.

I was also carried away by big political statements about a “girlfriend” of 50,000 crores or was she priceless, I don’t remember. The lady has grace, finesse, charm, beauty and something in her which all of us men admire. But what context are we talking of. Is it fair to comment like this, that too in a public gathering, by a person who is thought to be one great leader produced by India? He may even be the future prime minister of India. I leave it to your judgment, and I also put people who defend such statements on public forums to public scrutiny. It is stooping too low and hitting a lady below the belt. Not fair, in my humble opinion.

I also want to address this Mr Gadbari sorry Gadkari issue. All the good work done by him, probably in all fairness, if I give him the benefit of doubt has been washed away in one second. The media hawks, who he would have rubbed on the wrong side, took their revenge. Mr Kejriwal is sitting tight on this after feeding fuel to the fire.  He too has achieved his aim by showing all political parties are made up of the same kind of fabric and material that Indians actually are. I call it “FARJI”. Farzi company, farzi director, farzi driver, farzi industry, now this farziness has taken its toll and shall leave Mr Gadbari a farzi person, who will melt away from the public eye soon, the public memory being short, Gadbari will continue or will such like be brought to trial.

I was again thinking to myself, we as a nation are all “FARZI”. Now, patriots don’t get offended and mount on me with all your ration-Pani. Gen VK Singh is also being termed as one, so I don’t mind it; I am too small a fry. Anna ji, was on the other day found in Guwahati doing his campaign against corruption, may be there people are less corrupt and farzi. Why I say Farzi is because we don’t have real “Muddaz”. What is affecting our country? What is hampering our growth? What is stopping prosperity? What is stopping development? What is stopping poverty alleviation? What is stopping healthcare and education? What is stopping the reforms of all kinds? What is stopping this country from achieving what it had to, is getting buried in the debris of all this Ram, radha, Gadbari, and all such Farzi issues. If we are not farzi then let us get up and sort these things out. 

We as a “common man” are doing a great disservice to the nation to firstly allow all these politicians and the political kinds to get away with all such farzi things. These are things, which have no significance of any kind for India to be shining, but just distractions away from the core issues, which actually matter to the “Aam Admi”. 

Corruption, yes it has got a lot to do with the image of our country, but who has a girlfriend and who had a wife are issues, which should never be allowed to surface. If the politicians open their mouth to speak, it should be for the development of each and every sphere of this country. Otherwise we should be bold enough to tell them to go for a high jump. Can we collectively do it? My answer is big yes. We just require the motivation and the will power to do it. But are we willing to walk that extra mile to do it, I wonder!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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