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Let us be Indian, think Indian and buy Indian
It is a misconception that formal education or going to a university for education is important to be a national leader of repute. Of late some elements have been criticizing Narendra Modi for not going to a College or university for higher education and not speaking English.
There are people who at the drop of a hat, they run to Europe or America for a holiday or medical treatment or to stash their black money in foreign banks. They are not ashamed of their misdeeds but criticize the new national leader for not speaking English.

Narendra Modi is a national leader par excellence. He became Chief Minister of Gujarat more than a decade ago and ran the state administration effectively for 12 years.

He will be sworn in as the Prime Minister of India on 26th May 2014 and the world leaders are looking forward to meeting him. Most of the SAARC leaders will be attending his swearing-in ceremony.

Narendra Modi was a super success in his pre-election campaigns and romped home with 335 Members of Parliament in tow defeating many graduates of Indian and foreign universities. The grand old party called the Congress just manged to get 44 seats in the Lok Sabha. Not qualified even to be given the status of the Opposition in the House.

His predecessor, a University post-graduate and a Ph.D. cut a sorry figure for lack of leadership qualities. Lack of knowledge of spoken or written English is no bar to becoming an international leader. Many Russian, German, Chinese and Japanese leaders of repute do not know English but are running the administration and diplomacy very well.

Advocating knowledge of English for being a leader is a proof of how slavish some of the Indian men of letters are. India became independent in 1947 but some of the Indian intellectuals cannot think independently. They continue to be mental slaves of the Bukingham Palace and the White Hall of London. I pity them.

Just you wait and see, Narendra Modi will be an effective Indian leader on the international scene before long. Cheers till then.

Having silenced the anti-Modi lobby of dummy leaders, so called intellectuals and pseudo-secularists, let me now turn the heat to those who criticize Narendra Modi for not having gone to a public school, a university, speaking and writing in Gujarati and Hindi only and ask them if they have read political history and lives of great writers of all times.

In Bharat the great writers of Hindi poetry, prose, epics and intellectual couplets never crossed the portals of a public school or a university. Kabir was an illiterate but many intellectuals of today have done research on Kabir Ke Dohe and received degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Surdas, the great poet who wrote in Braj bhasha and adored Yogeshwar Shri Krishna was deprived of his eyesight and never attended a school. Saint poet Tulsidas wrote Ramcharit Manas eulogizing qualities of head and heart besides prowess in battle field of Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram but had never attended a university for formal education. Many scholar of modern times have done extensive research on the epic poet Tulsi Das and obtained D. Lit from universities of repute both in India and abroad.

The English speaking critics of Narendra Modi should know that a poet-cum-dramatist named Shakespeare had no formal education nor he ever entered the hallowed precincts of Oxford or Cambridge and yet is read and quoted by many stalwarts of the academic world. He is the subject of research all over the world. Many a doubting Thomas like the Indian dummy intellectuals even doubt the existence of a writer named Shakespeare. They mistakenly give credit to Ben Jonson for all the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare.

Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise. Many political pundits who have all along been opposing the Vedic Dharma and the Vedic Sanskriti just to please bosses of the century plus old political party, received a drubbing at the polls for the election to the Lok Sabha. They said GOP was started by a foreigner and there are strong indications that it may be wind up by a foreigner. The non-English speaking Hindu nationalist has beaten the English orientated Indians with a foreign heart that they find it difficult to look for a place to hide in.

Even a fig leaf is not in sight of the high brow secularists who were earning their daily bread by running down the Hindu dharma and the Hindu sanskriti and currying favour with foreigners living in Bharat. The only escape route for them is to buy one-way ticket to a country of their choice beyond the seven seas.

I am sanguine that Narendra Modi will run an efficient administration, evolve a pro-Bharat foreign policy and guide an economic policy that will provide food, clothes and shelter to every Bhartiya living below the poverty line. The basic mantra is: development, development and development.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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