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Life and death of Sridevi: Why tarnish her image unnecessarily?
We have witnessed too much gossip where legendary actor Sridevi had been linked to cosmetic surgeries. So much so that at the time when her superstardom in Bollywood had just begun, there were some people attributing the glow on her face to plastic surgery!

Maybe, such gossipers don't understand that in teenage our looks are different from what they culminate into when we become young, thanks to newly obtained freshness on our face and body reaching its full height. Sridevi was a teenager when she did her first superhit Hindi film Himmatwala and the classic Sadma as well!

A change in our looks may also happen as a result of new hairstyles, attires and fashion, depending on relevant trends. Young people are fond of such change. And, when it comes to film stars, they have to experiment with their looks in accordance with various on-screen roles they play. See, how superstar Sridevi looked different in a variety of hairstyles and getups. Weight loss or gain definitely plays a major role in the change of our appearance.

And, of course, everything positive in terms of success, achievements, confidence, favourable circumstances, personality development, etc. are reflected on our appearance and we look better at "any age" in life. On the other hand, everything negative in life will do just the opposite. Returning to films with lead roles after a gap of 15 years was undoubtedly a big positive thing for Sridevi.

Now, let's check where the gossipers are proven wrong. With commencement of adulthood, we look our best as young people and maintain our looks easily throughout the young age, whereas during middle age we are faced with several factors that decide how our body would shape up our outer appearance. Generally, healthy lifestyle, proper food, exercise/yoga will contribute in preservation and enhancement of our looks. Otherwise, our body will come under the clutches of the passing age and youthfulness of our skin will fade.

However, some among us "naturally" retain their looks with the age, no matter how ordinary people they are and how careless or difficult life they live! Similarly, some fail to maintain their looks despite all efforts, no matter how wealthy he or she may be! Mostly such losers are the people who create stories of cosmetic surgery involving celebrities such as Bollywood queen Sridevi. Anyway, tt is a known fact that for all film stars healthy food, fitness plan, gym, yoga, etc. are part and parcel of their life. And, many of them also possess the natural element keeping their looks intact, which is the main reason why they are in this profession. Isn't it?

As far as beauty is concerned, it is God's gift, something a child is born with. Nobody can deny that Sridevi was bestowed with charming beauty. Was there any need of beautification surgery? This iconic actress was born as a good-looking child and her looks underwent a transition as described above. Simply speaking, almost all heroines look beautiful and younger than their real age despite reaching their 40s, 50s, 60s or even 70s. In fact, film stars are supposed to stay fit, young and in best of their beauty. Here we are talking about celebrities who belong to the glamorous world of cinema. On the other hand, ironically, there are some common men and women who, too, look young and beautiful despite aging! Isn't it? They appear the same as before or even younger than what they were ten years back! Is it because of the cosmetic surgery?

Okay, now for a moment, let's take it for granted that the cosmetic surgery is a commonplace in film industry, then, a big question is why is only Sridevi targeted by the gossipers? Look at the extent to which they have influenced Indian media. In their newspapers India's leading media group, let alone othrs, carried stories of cosmetic surgeries recently performed upon her along with the devastating news of her death! And, without any evidence or confirmation, reaction to which was also cited as a reason behind "cardiac arrest" which was completely denied as a cause of death soon by investigating team! Think, Sridevi had no problem playing mature role of a housewife 20 years ago in Judaai. Would such an actress go under the knife after attaining an age of 50?

Most probably, you would have noticed that for first two days while reporting about Sridevi's sudden death, some media houses used the term "veteran" for her. This word does mean an experienced person as per dictionary meaning, but commonly it is used for "old celebrities". In the first place, instead of this particular word, why couldn't they select any of those titles or sobriquets she earned during her career? While this hard-to-believe news was shocking in itself, what they did by terming Bollywood's first female superstar as a veteran was an obvious insult to her fame. She was only 54. Not 74. Do they identify Bollywood's very experienced Khan superstars as veterans, who have already crossed the age of 52? Nonetheless, very soon, they realized their goof-up and started depicting the great Sridevi as superstar, queen, icon, legend, etc.

She had begun her acting career at a tender age of four and almost devoted her life to films ever since, opting out of her school. Thus, a span of her extensive career encompasses as much as five decades, which is something typically associated with old actors! What's more, she was more often paired with older heroes, many of them being at least 20 years older than her! And, this is what plays tricks on people's mind to place her among the veterans. Furthermore, her filmography reaching a milestone of 300 films also makes someone think she was that old!

Lastly, one indisputable, irreversible and constant fact is that cinema's chandani is no more! Nobody had any inkling of this impending fact! She has died a peaceful, painless death sans any symptom, the same way as she lived a good, fulfilling life sans any controversy. However, her untimely death has already been dubbed as a "mysterious death" given the circumstances in which it occurred. On the other hand, so far, chances of further investigation are bleak as Indian courts are saying no foul play is suspected. With such scenario speculations doing the round are unlikely to stop because there are some apparent questions still awaiting appropriate answers, which is also why doubts in people's mind are drawn towards imaginary stories.

Again, her facts are at stake. Failing to find those particular answers will only tarnish the image of late Sridevi. As an ardent fan, i personally would never like to see any cause of death other than "accidental drowning" because any change in it might not uphold her dignity as a gentlewoman and Queen of Bollywood as well. So, need of the hour is that every detail pertaining to this case be made public in order to clear the doubts. And, in case if there is any other truth, it must come out without any more delay, as only then will the departed Soul get justice!

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