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Logic or whims?
There is a tendency among the people to demonstrate, shout slogans against something or the other and raise non-issues. There are hordes that seem to have made these things their whole time preoccupation. What sustains them is a mystery. Are they feeding their whims or are they serious or are they right or those who do not join them right?

"For forms of government let fools contest. Whatever is best administered is the best." - Alexander Pope (18th Century English poet)

Alexander was, it seems, comparing monarchy, dictatorship and remotely democracy. He was a visionary and the truth in these lines is still valid with changed conditions of course. The civilization has evolved further in the intervening over a century long period. Willy-nilly every living thing, and of course we, the human beings, have evolved and can proudly call ourselves as sophisticated.

Every individual educated or illiterate, the lowest in the social hierarchy or at the top, has evolved in his or her unique way and degree. All have beliefs, whims, convictions, fads, isms etc. Everybody has a conscious or unconscious desire to be in limelight. With this scenario, I would like to do a bit of loud thinking about democracy in India.

Democracy constitutes a conglomeration of minds of the elected representatives that are at variance with each other. To the leader in a democracy, if it is a genuine one, the far-fetched analogy of the Shepherd and the herd could be applied. If he is an unwilling shepherd, his flock is bound to scatter away following their whims. A sheep dog can help him if her were to deal with sheep but we are dealing with human beings and no sheep dog is permitted here.

The honorable citizens in the democracy can voice their ideas, as they will for who has the time to differentiate between democracy and liberty or how many know this difference. We can have as many places of worship built or broken as we have the urge to do so. By 'we' I mean those involved in such acts and wonder how many can genuinely define religion or secularism.

Most of those who fight in the name of the holy Quran or the Holy Gita, have not read these great books. The morality or immorality of such actions can wait as the prefer fight to reading the scripture. The situation is as if an unscrupulous person stands ready to strike a match to the heap of hay he has collected and is waiting for an occasion to light the fire. Most of such persons smugly collect hay to ensure the largest heap at his command.

We can temper with history if we do not relish certain parts in the changed circumstances and we do temper with it. I would be the last person to say that the twists to historical facts by the contemporary rulers, who had vested interest, should not be removed and the records should not be set right but sometime our overzealousness can surpass the lines of desirability. I may be very short sighted but I feel with due apology that the demand for the return of Kohinoor is one such instance. Only a country very condescending indeed would oblige us to return the diamond, which in the past belonged to us. Then I don't comprehend what prevents some persons from saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Similarly, can everyone go the whole hog with the brethren who struggle for cow protection?

The TV showed some poor men, voicing their concern that if the old members of the cow family they own were not permitted to be sold for slaughter, as they cannot afford not to do so as selling them to slaughter houses would bring in a little much need cash in their hands. I cannot bear to look at any animal being slaughtered or even an ant to be want only crushed under foot and would be at peace if the slaughter of animals were a no-no for all.

Nevertheless, what is a single voice worth in this universal need for food necessitating animal slaughter, I may be a vegetarian or vegan, but I belong to the minority and have to succumb to the will of the majority and compromise my conscience with just a shrug. That is all there is to it. I remember a quote by late celebrated writer Khushwant Singh, "Gidhan khan, bande na khan?"

He meant to say that after all vultures would gorge on dead cows, if human beings didn't eat them. I am not advocating cow slaughter and never can but the situation must be faced squarely.

I have never had any chance to govern anything, even my family, yet I understand that there are genuine priorities that should be recognized. Is our sincere wish to have the Kohinoor back more important than providing drinking water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, cooking gas to every home, proper payment for the produce of the farmer?

What about the defence and the dignity of the nation? Can Indians ignore the moral duty to be with the government to take care of these vital issues? What is the plan to stop crimes against women and ensure for them to have a due share in democracy in every field? What fool proof measures can be taken against child abuse? What substantial steps are being taken to ensure jobs for all who deserve?

There are heaps of questions and there are some meek answers but the maladies persist. There is an atmosphere of restlessness and unease. There is a sense of surrender to the vagaries of times. The national psyche needs balancing and immediate attention to the plethora of ills must be addressed and remedied without any loss of time.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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