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Lok Sabha elections 2014: Make your Vote count
The 2014 Lok Sabha elections is the talk of the nation, where people in tea stalls, corporate offices, bus stops etc have an opinion of their own. This election is considered to be the most crucial election of all time. The 2014 elections is receiving an extraordinary hype, but the good part is that the general public is aware and interested in politics, and are ready to contribute and cast their votes.
The vote percentage is surely going to improve in these elections. Undoubtedly, media has played an important role in achieving this awareness. Social media especially Twitter and Facebook are loaded with hashtags about politics and politicians. The youth of the nation have gained more knowledge of politics than perhaps their counterparts in the previous LS elections. Finally, the days have arrived. The polling has started and India will get a new Prime Minister (since Dr. Manmohan Singh has announced his retirement) soon.

Last year has been loaded with election updates, arrival of a new party which soon got loads of followers but eventually it is fair to conclude that the competition remains between two ideologies. Both the BJP and Congress (or the NDA and the UPA) have their own set of devotees and followers who vote for them.

But, who brings the change? Who changes the government? I think it is the floating voters viz the people who think before voting and who choose their candidates based on their performance and credibility. These are the voters, which decide the fate of the candidate and eventually the government and thus the political parties try to woo these voters on their side in their political manifestos.

It can be easily concluded that India is still not ready for a triangular competition (no matter how hard AAP and the third front try to make it). So as an educated and aware voter isn?t it our responsibility that we make a stable government? Just because we favour the ideologies of a particular party, who is highly unlikely to form a government on its own and who ?claims? that it will not take support of a national party, should we vote for the party and waste our vote?

I will be direct after this point. Yes, I am talking about the Aam Aadmi Party. By far the reader would?ve understood the fact that I?m a critic of Mr. Kejriwal and his political party, but I will not denote this passage on criticizing him. Rather I would like to talk to his followers and supporters. AAP has fielded its candidates for nearly 130 seats. Now, we can broadly divide the case of AAP in two cases:

1.       AAP wins less than 50 seats ? I think this is a highly probable case. If we consider that AAP wins 50 seats, will it make any change in the government considering the situation that it will sit in opposition? AAP is a party, which has predominantly been against both the national parties and since its seats are so few, I don?t think it will even be able to oppose bills and AAP?s presence in the Lok Sabha would only be a waste and thus the people who voted, hoping for a ?change? would be disappointed.

2.       AAP wins close to 100 seats ? This scenario is quite unlikely but since we are taking a neutral stand we consider the case. If AAP wins close to 100 seats I am sure that the party getting the highest number of seats would like to include them and form the government. However if Kejriwal agrees to it (seeking janta?s opinion as he often does in critical conditions) then he would be like what Mamata Banerjee was to UPA-2. He would try to control the government and would eventually withdraw its support if things don?t go as planned. Do the people of India want that?? Don?t they like to see a stable government who controls its allies instead of the other way round??

Thus, we can see that no matter how much you like AAP and Kejriwal, majority of you would be disappointed as he will not be able to make any substantial change even if it performs exceedingly well in the Lok Sabha elections.

Another aspect that should be kept in mind is the fact that this is not an assembly election. We are not selecting a government for our state. This is a national affair and national parties have to be given priority over state parties in national elections. A fact that most of us don?t understand. You may choose Samajwadi Party or a JDU in assembly polls. But what is the point? Will Nitish Kumar or Mulayam Singh become the PM?? No! Then why should we waste our vote on them? Same can be said about Mamata or Jayalalitha.

As an aware and a rational man, I would appeal to the people of this country to vote for the candidates of national parties as far as possible. If those are not deserving then go for the candidate of your choice. Make your vote count and help India achieve a stable government. In this way, our Parliament can function properly. Government would be able to take firm decisions, which will take India forward and we will move ahead in the next five years. Hoping for the best.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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