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Love, kindness, charity, old age and being rich in India: When Satan comes calling
Relationships are tricky things. Friends can switch camps any time and enemies can become friends. The world is a playground for opportunists. But yet love wins. Each and every time a girl and a guy fall in love, the angels slap their hands. When a girl falls in love with another girl, a man with another man then God laughs. Yes, God too laughs in joy. Love propels the world and hellfire is just not there.
The English mystic Juliana of Norwich believed as much --- she was a hermit who told people from her cell (from which she never came out); that God loves them no matter what. Much the same thing Hinduism has been saying over the aeons --- don't feel too guilty about anything. It is a sin to think you are a sinner. Only a few things are absolutely evil: abusing children, seducing children, watching child pornography and murdering. It is evil to throw acid on people you hate. It is also another great evil to hate women and the girl-child. Human trafficking is bad as are the slave factories of the world.

The greatest absolute sin is to slander and spoil the reputation of others. Not paying people their deserved wages is another perverse act. Same goes with evading taxes. Why would anyone not pay taxes? Not paying taxes is a social sin and is often more reprehensible than adultery or pretending to be holy. There are these hypocrites who hold their ears and stand in temples or genuflect in Churches or say their prayers five times a day and deal in shady financial transactions. They are the worst in any society --- these who try to buy their ways through money. They are scum.

So one may be in love but if she or he evades taxes and think that money can buy everything, as I said earlier, they are scum. In this post I shall write of such scum. And please keep in mind I invented these cases and even when I say know them; I know them as Jonathan Swift knew Gulliver who in turn knew all about the Yahoos.

Case 1:

I know of a couple who are into business. They are well dressed; they are decent and they are regular dinners at Taj Bengal. The woman is well read. She exudes culture. The man under her influence too reads some dumbed down version of heavy literature and can pass off as well educated. They speak softly and to my knowledge they have not had affairs; have never harmed others but they are on the radar of the CBI. Why?

They refuse to accept the fact that they are thieves. Robbing the nation of money. These super-rich couples are all honey-tongued but they'd haggle with the poor daab-paniwalla for reducing the price by one rupee. I have seen them do it. The couple is under 30, they love each other and a have a cute kid. But they treat people like dirt if they know you are critical of them or poorer than them.

I have no doubt in my mind that they should be behind bars and their love is an evil thing. Two bad people joined by Satan in the name of love. And their family members are into quaint things like high end fashion designing and shows in the biggest hotels (called properties in the jargon of the hospitality industry), and boutiques et cetera; the other members of the family study abroad but their real moolah comes from hawaladeals and real estate.

Case 2:

I know of another couple who married after their marriages were settled by their families. They went for a drive and then they knew that they were made for each other. They call themselves by quaint nicknames, and they have been now married for over ten years. Their kids are the sort that average parents would want to have --- lively, cutie pies and healthy. The man is a Vice President in one of the greatest MNCs in the country involved with all sorts of outsourcings. His income exceeds a few crores in a year.

The woman is a home maker after she made crores as an agent from one of our first foreign banks to set shop in India and then disappear. So this power couple would be earning say about 30 crores a year on an average. But what is their personal history? The woman hushed up a hit and run case with money and that was featured in national television. The guy dislikes and hates his employees as weak and treats women like cattle. The man professes vegetarianism as a way of life but in reality eats meats of all kinds; all the while professing a religion which abhors the killing of animals.

Salman Khan has the bad fortune of being a celebrity and thus he is unable to walk out of his hit and run case. But here with the connivance of lawyers and family, the case was written off the books for a minimum of 25 lakh rupees. How did they begin to become rich? The guy's mom once told me that they had hundreds working under them in rural India and they lost crores worth of land due to Land Reforms. In other words, they lost the slave force. One simply cannot be rich in India unless one evades taxes big time.

I recently met a kind old man who does his worship at his temple at the appointed hours and speaks gently. He is the grandfather who can melt the hearts of even those who had enough of abusive grandparents. This guardian of morality and non-violence told me that no business can be done without evading taxes. But I pointed out that there are and must be exceptions. The old gentleman who would never hurt a chicken pointed out to the contrary --- the honest businessman can never be rich.

Beware the rich; they are often the most suspicious people on earth. If one calls them up and says hello to them, they think they have been wished since they are to be fleeced. And all this the rich bear with smiles and secret disgust for the less well off.

As I said earlier --- I am writing this article as Swift wrote his books. They are all invented and untrue. Further, since I have never seen a crore of rupees together, for me the grapes are sour. Mea culpa…So that I am not sued, I must also write that all rich people are not like those mentioned above. There are indeed holy rich people.

Jesus the Christ was wrong when He said that while even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle, a rich man can never enter Heaven. The rich are compassionate enough to opt for the poor through their charities but who made the poor destitute in the first place? LOL.

Author's note: This is a citizen journalist piece on hawala, hit and runs and tax evasion at the highest places. The author declares that he has made everything up.

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