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Lovely language to sweeten up your life
Ever since the dawn of creation, human beings have always aspired to live a life of peace and harmony. Yes there have been many an aberration from time to time, however it is solely on account of the selfless love, devotion and sacrifice of many that generations have thrived in the world. Our minds respond far more effectively to the language of love than to brute force and coercion.

In the article below I have shared some of my own observations which can be put to effective daily use and make both our lives and of those around us much more happier. Further it is more important to have such an article in the Men's section because due to biology as well as nurturing Men have different verbal skills compared to women which makes more tough for them to deal emotional trauma.

Nowadays much of the focus on tackling the issue of violence and crime is directed towards punishing the offender without actually diagnosing the what led to him to commit such a crime.

This is much like advising a person who repeatedly falls ill with water borne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid to take antibiotics which have numerous harmful side effects instead of taking preventive measures like boiling the water or using appropriate filtration techniques.

One such method to keep our minds in a tranquil and effective condition is to use language full of soothing words which pleases both the speaker and listener and enhances the level of well being in both. The necessity of having such an article in the men's section is because of the differences in verbal skills of men when compared with women which results in their having different approaches to solve interpersonal issues.

Janet Bloomfield writes, "Women traditionally do most of the one-on-one work of teaching the little humans how to speak and how to express their emotions, so it's little wonder women are evolved to have highly nuanced verbal skills. Men tend to use language to communicate information, and their brains have evolved to process language in a different way. When you're building a shelter or hunting or defending your tribe from an attack, there is little time to express nuance and subtlety. If a danger presents itself, you articulate that as rapidly and clearly as you can.

Take, for example, this article exploring how verbal abilities change for women-to-men transgender people, undergoing intensive hormone therapy. The more you flood their brains with testosterone, the weaker their verbal abilities become. Flood a woman's brain with testosterone, and she will begin to lose many of her verbal abilities as her brain becomes analogous to a man's brain - as she becomes he."

Written below are some observations of mine which have been summarized, which can help us all lead more joyful and productive lives.

Compare any possible relationship which is wished to be honoured so that it becomes a healthy bond be it any between a parent and a child, between two spouses (relationship should be of a nature of companionship to a plant that is being tended to by a gardener).

In the beginning you just get to know each other, first just have said hello. Then you meet up again:

1.May be by coincidence (in case of a person who becomes your friend after you met him in some place you both frequently go to, say a coaching institute for a competitive exam) or

2.By deliberation (you had a mutual liking for each other)

Trees require water, sunlight and minerals to grow. In a similar manner for any type of relation to develop from a sapling stage to that of a tall, strong and proud tree we need to conspicuously nurture it. The relation between two individuals should gradually blossom into one where they enjoy each others company.

It should go reach the stage where both the parties involved should automatically end up saying "I miss you" in the present tense or "I missed you" as past tense. Only then will the two parties involved start looking forward to being with each other and gradually start putting their own needs before the other, a fact which is the basic building block necessary to sustain any long term relationship. Ideally speaking the Human nature is to love others and be loved by others.

In this article I wish to some of my personal observations and experiences where I used some of the information which I obtained from self-help videos and books online. I observed many changes for the better in my life once I deliberately started followed some guidelines with regards to the choice of words I used and I was also able to develop good level of companionship with many others I came across both at home, work place.

In a nut shell using positive language and doing activities together which are enjoyed by both are the two sure shot methods by which people can develop a strong liking with each other. A more descriptive review is given below:-

  • Doing things that people enjoy together. I got this insight while observing while observing the way political rallies (irrespective of the ideology) are organize their political rallies. Before starting, the members who make up the political cadre sing together. The singing of the songs help to develop the feeling of community, unity and compassion for each other. It is on the basis of these bonds which are built among the members that they are able to successfully work together as a team and successfully carry out their activism and campaigns. Singing songs that both like together are just one example of a group activity done to build up the team spirit. I have found the type of songs played in military parades by bands to be especially useful. They have the twin benefit of soothing a troubled mind and developing the morale to carry on gracefully with the task at hand. For best results it is always advisable that all people in the group actually sing rather than just listen to the song sitting alone in a with a recorder. The presence of others singing along, with all their imperfections just makes it all the more enjoyable.

Playing team sports together, going for a jog with each other on a regular basis, going out drinking together are some other examples. I personally feel it advisable to refrain from chemical addiction as there are other healthier alternatives in plenty. I really liked this tune.

  • Using positive languagein the present tense and using power words given below. Such words when used in a regular basis with attention being paid to be used in the PRESENT TENSE can work wonders. It has with me. The human brain responds to stimuli provided by such words very effectively. Try to address it with thewords which involve emotion with them.They truly help you unlock your potential: Grace, Beautiful, Blissful, Boundless, Joy, Divine, Pleasure, Master, Eternal, Devoted, Enjoy, World, Dear, Beloved, Always, Eternal, Effulgence, Love, Lovely

As of now I am living with my parents. Many a time they give me many instructions like keep your shoes in the shoe rack, shampoo your hair today, shave today and many others. I used to take them with the feeling of why are they breathing down my neck all the time.

Not only did their words bounce off my ears but at a later stage let to much disharmony within the household as they would point out the reason behind of my not listening to their instructions. That automatically led me to have a irritable reaction towards even their small demands like shampoo etc. Then I came across the affirmations, power words and using them in the present tense. One affirmation which I am using now with spectacular result is:-

"I feel divinely, blissfully, happy emulating my beloved devoted father and mother. Love you for all eternity."

"His Divine Grace Dr. Sunil Rai wishes we good health and I Cherish his lesson to have my back straight at all times"

I am putting the above to affirmations to wonderful use in my daily life. I am putting the suggestions given my the doctor into my brain and am having a blissful, joyful home life. This has made me much more receptive to receiving my parents words. I automatically am able to feel my hands move to put the shoes into the shoe rack and pull off the shampoo from bathroom shelf.

There is no feeling of angst, nor is the additional effort if one is required to do this deliberately. Trust me this has worked wonders. This only with with me who is putting the additional effort to use positive language. I am able to effectively recall the things that are required from me by my parents.

Another example example that I wish to use to illustrate my point is that of a particular incident which took place between me and one of co-workers at work. He wished to have the document I had typed to have a spacing of a particular dimension. At the moment when the request had been made I was not sure about how to do what was required.

Instead of saying "I don't know", I deliberately used the words "I am doing the right spacing for the article will look lovely". That seeped effectively into my mind and behold, I saw my hand involuntarily and effortlessly move the mouse and after a few moments I was able to get the required result.

Life would be beautiful indeed if the other person with whom you are associated with also uses such affirmations. Or for even better you speak to each other using these power words and use the present tense to further motivate each other. That would indeed be a place where all would aspire to be in.

  • Giving witty and innocent answers to questions which may seem a bit out of place.

I remember one particular incident where I was asked many questions by my father, mother and grandmother about my visit to the physiotherapist to have a back problem cured. They were many questions. A direct answer to these questions was " He is the expert and it would be the best if you leave the decision making to him". That would have been blunt and rude. So out of deliberation I chose to answer in the following manner.

"Well the doctor wishes to have the expert opinion of the three wizened souls who reside in this house. I will take you all three with me and you can give the doctor your valuable guidance and a helping hand if deemed. Make sure to charge the doctor for the valuable advice you gave him."

This lightened the mood and the message was also successfully conveyed.

I firmly believe if the following basic points are kept in mind, our interpersonal interactions will become all the more fulfilling and the world will be a more happier place for all members of our community...This is the key to true intimacy and joy in our home.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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