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Mahatma Gandhi's prophecy
Just contemplate the rot that has set in beloved India and you will rejoice to think that there is a humble son of hers who is strong enough and possibly pure enough to take the happy step. If he is neither, he is a burden on earth.
THE LAST prophesising words were written in the ‘Harijan'; by our Bapu Mahatma Gandhi on January 18, 1948.
That was his last quote on why he was fasting and what he saw forthcoming on the South Asian sub continent.
He mentioned a very disturbing unfolding quote on Pakistan and Islam which remained a mystery at that time but unbelievably true in today’s very clear scenario.
The reply was given on the Mahatma by the Ananda Marga followers led by Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948 twelve days later.

Mahatma Gandhi’s sacrifice has kept India united till this day because that movement having mushroomed via the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and other forms in to a Hindutva brigade has found itself still wanting in its ambitions to control Hindu minds.

62 years have passed from the self fulfilling prophecy of our Bapu asking Indians to judge weather he was a true son of India and on the same token are we all the true sons of India?.
He was of course talking about fanaticism and extremism based on the exclusivity of a religion used as a focus of nationhood disguising the Satan’s way of controlling the destiny of true religious way of life. Pakistan and Islam are the talking point of the whole world and in true sense events controlled from within this nation has affected the economic and social degradation of almost all the materialistic but wealthy nations of the world.
Sixty-two years is not a long time for Satan to ferment the path of the new destructions that the humanity is going to face in the coming days read Gandhi’s own words the very last ones of his iconic life that he ever wrote:
“Death for me would be a glorious deliverance rather than that I should be a helpless witness of the destruction of India, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. That destruction is certain if Pakistan ensures no equality of status and security of life and property for all professing the various faiths of the world, and if India copies her. Only then Islam dies in the two India's, not in the world. But Hinduism and Sikhism have no world outside India. Those who differ from me will be honoured by me for their resistance however, implacable. Let my fast quicken conscience, not deaden it. Just contemplate the rot that has set in beloved India and you will rejoice to think that there is a humble son of hers who is strong enough and possibly pure enough to take the happy step. If he is neither, he is a burden on earth. The sooner he disappears and clears the Indian atmosphere of the burden the better for him and all concerned.”
Tell me was Gandhi a burden on India? Was he wrong in demanding equality of Pakistan with India allowing religious freedom for all professions castes and creeds? He was clearly telling us that by secular equality the exclusivity of Islam will vanish from both the nations but not the world and on the same token allowing exclusiveness in either of the two countries the Hindu’s and Sikhs the main religions would disappear from India with no choice to go anywhere else.

India through Gandhi’s sacrifice has remained intact so far on secularity but Satan’s ways are not one folded.

The four pillars of a true democracy are rotting with a gathering momentum. 62 years may have gone unnoticed but next five years show the true face of Satan and Pakistan ranks high on his agenda.

With India downed what resistance would the rest of the world offer.

All the religions of the god are good-however, all have had to suffer some time in their histories because of Satan’s manipulation of religion in its exclusivity as a tool to rule over innocent masses.
Gandhi knew the next religion on Satan’s radar was Islam just as it was Christianity in the days of European empire building and to an extent as was used by Hitler using the Aryan Christian evolution.

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