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Mamata on Facebook to make it a pulpit for preaching
Mamata's allergy about Facebook cartoonists got nationwide publicity. Now, she is joining Facebook to amass support for her Presidential candidate. But how long will she be able to remain on Facebook? This is a million dollar question.

AUNG SAN Suu Kyi has a Facebook page but she never uses Facebook. In fact, she does not have time for Facebook posts. She believes in real interactions with people and devotes her time to that. But Mamata Banerjee of Ma Mati Manush suddenly devotes all her energy to post on Facebook to campaign for A.P.J.Abdul Kalam who himself feels reluctant to contest until the consensus is formed in favour of him.

But if the Hon'ble CM feels that all will jump at her clarion call for A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, then she may feel disheartened. Mamata’s problem is that she will very soon forget that  Facebook is not a Trinamool party office. There is a democratic environment in the Facebook. Various kinds of people interact here. Not all are politically biased. Many take the Facebook comments as entertainment. Some others take it seriously. But the seriousness and commitment with which Mamata Banerjee is trying to make Facebook a propaganda platform will very shortly disappear. It is a problem with her that she cannont brook severe criticism - even the light hearted cartoons like those of Ambikesh Mahapatra. But there are thousands and one Ambikesh on Facebook. Who will save the CM from their clutch? Nobody can really assure Mamata Banerjee before her joining Facebook.

Moreover, the issue is highly debatable. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam himself showed reluctance to contest the Presidential elections until the consensus in his favour is formed. So suddenly the joining of Facebook is nothing but an attempt to save her face. Pranab Mukherjee’s phone call to the CPI(M) stalwarts of the Bengal line cannot affect his integrity to the Congress or to the UPA because he can request all parties to cast votes in his favour.

Mamata regards most Facebook people as conspirators against her - particularly after the Ambikesh Mahara episode. Suddenly, when she announced of her joining, one may hear the famous Shakespearian phrase:  “Et tu Brutus!", which is what Caesar cried out when he saw Brutus among the conspirators. It is quite surprising  that Mamataji's idea of democracy is mostly like the CPI(M)'s democratic centralism.

Anything that is decided by the majority will have to be accepted by the minority even if the majority view is wrong. Mamata's party has no pluralistic infrastructure at all. She is the all in all there and what she says is the final word.

Problem is, that there will be dissenters. If she gets one positive comment, there may be hundreds of  views published to malign her. Will she be able to cope with strong criticism? Or will she just go furious and leave Facebook as she left the CNN-IBN show after the straightforward comment of Tania Bhardwaz? Such an awkward situation may rise there. Or will she just see from Facebook, which intellectuals are on her side, and which one goes against her?

The CPI(M) made the historical blunder by not allowing Jyoti Basu to be the first Bengali Prime Minister. This time, the situation is a little volatile. But with the support of all the allies except that of Trinamool, Congress may make their Presidential candidate win and the Trinamool will have no role to play in UPA in future. These are the days of coalition and fronts. One party cannot go alone. Facebook dependence cannot save any political party if it loses its support base. In this contest Mamata seems to have espoused the right platform to propagate a wrong cause.

Mamata to Mamata may call people to support her on Facebook. But how many computer savvy Facebook users are there in India? A very small portion of the population has access to computer. Earlier , CPI(M) opposed computers, but nowadays the aged leaders are not going to interact with real people on the ground, the millions of workers and labourers. Mouse is more powerful than hammer and sickle. This is the irony of history.

The CPI(M), which once opposed computers and electronic media, is now dependent on the Facebook in its civic poll campaigns. Many CPI(M) supporters and harmads (members) have been using Facebook for their campaign against Trinamool and Congress. Now, the Trinamool, which complained that the communists have lost contact with the people, is itself now stressing the need for the use of internet sites. We wonder if Mamata has started losing touch with Ma maati o Manush and comes to Facebook to communicate. Our fear is that she may not stay here for long because there may be many Ambikesh Mahapatras with their cartoons and caustic comments. All are not flatterers and stooges of the Trinamool Chief. How long will she be on the Facebook? This is more important a question than why she has joined Facebook.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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