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Measures on how to prevent terrorism
People are fed up and agonised reading news bulletins about blood shed resulting out of recurring terrorist attacks across the country. But as responsible citizens, every individual can help curb the menace of terrorism. Read on to find out.
PEOPLE WANT to watch and read pragmatic reports, development reports and encouraging reports from the newspaper / media everyday.

People at large are simply fed up and feel agonised reading or watching news bulletins about bloodshed resulting out of terrorists’ game plan of attacking one city after another at regular intervals, killing innocent people for reasons best known to them!

Our home ministry must also be equally fed up with compiling facts and figures as to the number of people who have died during the last few years due to terrorists attacks. What should be done to dissuade terrorists from acting in such barbaric manner? This is the big question that must be going on in the minds of every patriotic citizen of this country. What could be the reason, which is making terrorists commit such heinous crime -- the following questions with some doable answers could help in tackling terrorism:

1) Will solving the Kashmir problem erase terrorism or reduce terrorism? The options are -- either Kashmir should be declared an independent state or let Pakistan surrender the annexed portion of Kashmir back to India or let India take full control of Kashmir and make a vision and develop the state within next 10 -15 years taking every single individual into confidence. For the past many decades, this issue has been lingering mid air. . A tangible solution should be found without indulging in any war or any more blood shed -- enough bloodshed has already taken place in Kashmir valley. At least by finding a solution to this issue, the country can hope of getting rid of terrorism.

2) Will making our neighbours, especially Bangladesh and Pakistan terrorist free states to enable our country remain at peace for the times to come. But the bigger question is -- how to achieve this? South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries must sit together and meet regularly on one agenda that is on ’how to root out terrorism completely’? They should discuss the various laws existing relating to hatred speeches given by anyone through a public forum either openly or clandestinely as sowing the seeds of hatred is the beginning for a person to shift his mind towards any terrorist activity. More and more stringent laws should be put in place dealing with people offering hatred talk or speeches. Every religion and every community is fully justified in conducting the affairs in a manner, which gives solace to the followers’ minds as long as they do not disrupt someone else’s peace -- this point should be driven home to every people living in the SAARC countries. Perhaps, terrorists will then better understand that religions are made to safeguard people’s interest and not to create bloodshed and unhappiness for others.

3) Will issuing identification cards for every individual living in India solve the problem of terrorism? The answer is yes -- let each and every person living in India and other SAARC countries be given a national identification card.

4) Will full employment solve the problem of terrorism? Employed people versus unemployed people -- it could be possible that people belonging to the unemployed category and lured by money are indulging in such shameful and barbaric acts. Therefore, every attempt should be made to ensure that every person – above 18 years of age -- is employed in some skill / non-skill category earning at least a minimum income to make a living. Rooting out unemployment should be the primary task of the labour ministry and should strive for job creation. But how to achieve this? Let experts brainstorm on this as today the scenario is more favourable to achieve this milestone than what it was some decades back. The catch phrase should be ’let no one remain unemployed’.

5) Will more stringent laws tackle the menace of terrorism? Introducing stringent laws to punish those guilty of acts of terrorism is the need of the hour as this will act as a big deterrent for terrorists not to venture into such acts any more.

6) Will poverty alleviation erase the problem? Rooting out poverty completely within a time frame should be the vision of the policy makers. Let the experts come out with clear cut policy and vision.

7) Will the reduction in gap between haves and have nots solve the problem? At every point of time, the aim of the people governing the state / country should be to (a) keep the inflation at normal and acceptable levels (b) to see that every eligible person is rightfully employed (c) ensuring that minimum wages + perks are the best solution under prevailing circumstances so that the recipient is reasonably motivated to perform better and (d) by making available all essential items at affordable rates.

8) Will putting a ban on the sale of everything that goes into the making of bombs could be a feasible solution? We keep reading reports that something like ammonium nitrate or some fertilities stuff or some other chemicals are frequently used in preparation of bombs, which are regularly used by the terrorists. Why not frame a law debarring all such materials from being supplied in open market; why not make the situation more and more difficult for people to get such stuff, which today is very freely available? Let there be a complete ban on things, which goes into the making of bombs! By doing this, the pinch can be felt by regular genuine users of such stuff but they have to sacrifice to give way for such a law.

9) Will bringing everything that goes into unorganised sector into organised sector solve the problem? Today, India is helping the world through Information Technology (IT) to fix solutions, which are almost pretty complex. But attempts should be made to find permanent solutions through new software for bringing every activity that goes with unorganised trade and make them transparent and bring them into the organised fold. In this manner, nothing will be hidden from the government or the people - today the country has enough manpower and other vital resources to conduct a proper survey on this issue for finding a permanent solution.

10) Will roti, kapda, makaan and naukri (food, clothing, house and job) for every eligible person solve the problem of terrorism? Let the policy makers frame out suitable laws for effectively making these available for every eligible person to live in peace and harmony, within a time frame.

11) I am sure that lots of ’will this or will that.....’ kind of thoughts must be going on many peoples’ minds to prevent / control / check / eliminate terrorism completely let’s welcome all those views.

12) Will media innovate something to reduce or eliminate terrorism? For example, media can play a vital role in reducing terrorism – some dailies are coming out with good quotes under editorial columns – perhaps it will be more appropriate if good enlightened quotes are given in the first page itself so that a reader forms the habit of reading such quotes first before moving on to news items.

Let’s hope a beginning is made, sooner than later, to corner terrorists from all angles so that their numbers diminish to zero level in the days to come to prevent innocent people from becoming victims of their game plan.

The best thing each patriotic person can do is to offer prayers for each and every departed soul who has become a victim of terrorism. For all the victims (alive), I am sure that the society and the government is doing enough to make them live in the best possible manner.

Let’s all pray to God to give enough courage and hope to all the family members who have lost their loved ones in various terrorists attacks to carry on with their normal daily lives.

Let’s hope permanent and lasting solutions are found out soon so that mankind is not directed towards barbaric acts like terrorism.

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