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Men never cry- Discrimination of tears
This is all about the tears coming out of the eyes of a woman or a girl. Everyone got sympathies to them no matter they are coming due to glycerine or onion. If you don’t believe me go and watch a TV soap with a middle age woman or with man or with any one, you will see them co-related with the woman in the show and crying with her.

Also you will see them abusing and accusing the man who is making that girl or woman  to cry in that show, just like they are the relative of that girl. On the other hand in any show or in a commercial when a woman makes fool of the man or hit him mercilessly we laugh at once, even if it is not a funny one.

Why this happens? And why there is a difference in tears and pain? The pain is same and the tears, what I feel can be more real when they are coming out from the eyes of a man. The difference is of the society and the thinking, which we have developed towards the pain of a man.

To understand more I take an example of same situation with different characters:-

In first situation Men went to police station bleeding with lots of visible injuries and complaints against his wife stating that his wife with her sisters have beaten him black and blue on the road. The first reaction of the policemen will be a loud laugh on his face and then he will give below statements to that man.

1. “What kind of man are you? Your wife beats you!! Are you really a man or???....” and a sarcastic laugh.

2. “Have you seen a woman beats a man? Even four women can’t beat a man.”

3. And on insisting to register an FIR- “It is a case against a woman. Nothing will happen to her, in fact you will be caught in false cases on her counter complaint. Go back to your home.”

And if you think these all are my assumptions I want to clear that this is a real incident and I was the eye witness.

In second situation a Woman complaints against her husband that he beats her and unlike the above case woman went to a police station like going to a party in full make up. Complaint has been taken and on the affidavit of the woman a case of Domestic Violence gets registered with in few minutes.

But we still believe on the second situation because just like those policemen, we all believe that woman never beats a man and if he is her husband than it is impossible because in India we believe that women worship their husbands like Parmeshwar.

In this story what we find amusing is after getting beaten by his own wife on a busy road, he gets jailed and may be the policemen have taken that decision for his favor at least he will be safe there from the so called abla nari who claims to get tortured by ber husband.

Everyone of us have witnessed this tear discrimination. Ever try noticing this tears psychology, many of times it happens when in an argument with a girl, even being correct, you have to surrender because of the tears suddenly coming out of the eyes. You will never understand that those tears are for the reasons of losing the battle or to winning, I always got confused.

Try once crying for no reason just to get attention of people or to win an argument and you will be called with so many funny never expected names which I guess needless to mention here. Men can never cry without a reason unlike women, still no one cares for their tears. Their tears shows their weakness, on the other hand women tears give them power and sympathy.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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