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Men will be men, but which men will they be like?
The article questions commonly circulated stereotypes about gender and presents and alternative way of thinking about gender. It reflects about a recent statement made by a politician about men's aggressiveness being natural, it seeks to say that there are indeed alternative ways in which men's actions may be imagined.
Who can deny the fact that we live in times where we have become so vulnerable at least as far as the gender question is concerned that even a slightly loose comment on the question of gender equity or let us say how women are visualized within the walls of the society comes to be seen as highly problematic.

Despite living in a patriarchal context that runs itself based on the dominative male ego, in the contemporary times exposure to feminist consciousness even if it be at a very elementary stage has aroused the interest of the youth and the sensitive people at large.

On the one hand we have ideas of gender sensitivity, increased mobilization based on how women should be treated in society, numerous organization fighting for the independence and empowerment of women and so on and yet on the opposite end of the spectrum it is within the same societal context that we witness crimes and atrocities against women everyday. Of how gruesome or violent these actions against women can be, needs no description.

Everyday the media bombards us with images of the women as a victim, as somebody through whom a man gives birth to his ugly desires. The women and her body become sites where a certain man tried to establish his authority, he became an animal or even worse a demon just because he could not find another medium of articulating his energies.

Thus, from a little girl to an elder women all become his victims. Is this ultimately where our consciousness should take us?

The man and the woman together symbolize the holistic quality of the world, when their hearts meet paradise is created on Earth but when one begins to see the other only as a tool for gratification, it becomes very utilitarian.

Sadly, instead of condemning and taking an action, a senior politician recently said that rapes, molestation and teasing were natural and not so much issue of worry because after all “men will be men”, such a remark causes great concern to those who still have faith in human agencies, and see even men’s violence as unnatural and abnormal.

It must be reminded to him who made such a bizarre statement that men like Rabindranath Tagore saw immense possibilities in women and saw in them the seeds of civilization, his iconic heroes Anondomoyi, Binodini or Laita were all great women of immense character strength and who despite being in domesticity transcended all walls of patriarchal bondage. Or Joytirao Phule who fought against all stereotypes of caste and gender and started the noble cause of ‘educating the low caste girl child,. And Mandela who spoke bravely for emancipation of women.

I ask, were these men not great contributors in the wealth of humanity, were they not iconic figures that brought light into the world even in its darkest storms?

These men did not succumb to their primeval instincts and practice crime against women they didn’t see the women as a thing that they could use at their disposal, instead they visualized women as equal partner who together constituted the world..

Being a man is about being a partner, its about sharing the world with the woman. If we must say that men will be men, let men be like those men who walked with women, who respected them and saw them with dignity - because no matter how rapidly things decline, we can’t think that criminality is our basic nature, that rape and molestation give us inner peace, and if we see them in such a way we are diseased if not dead.

There is a need for all of us to come together, and to reflect upon the ethos of contemporary civilization. To recall the great work that men and women together have done. And how deserts have been converted to gardens, that is our original inclination and we must get it back.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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