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#MeToo and Love Sublime
I for one, whenever face a moral dilemma of sorts, first look towards religion to give me a palliative to satisfy my inner dialogues. I know that Jesus Christ was unmarried and there is very little of romance quotient in his life.

In Islam, any physical expression of love before marriage is a cardinal sin. And only the story of Prophet Yousuf and the infatuation of Zulekha couldn't provide the incremental development of the game of love.

Hinduism is beautiful religion and it has a lot that we can relate of the lives of ordinary mortals. I'm a great admirer of Lord Krishna as 'Solah Kalaon Ka Avatar," the master of 16 forms of art.

He was interesting deity whose relationship with Gopis (simply translated as village bellies) of Gokul and Vrindavan was sublime, unmatched and incredible. The stories of his 'highest form of unconditional love, divinity and dedication are part of mythology and faith. The Hindu Vaishnava Theology has termed it as "Shuddh-Bhakti" which means 'the highest form of unconditional love for the Lord Krishna.

Simple calculations, mixed up with facts and fiction encompass the villages of Gokul and Vrindavan of 5000 years ago. It is believed that these Brij Gopis were hermits in their previous life who were great devotees of Shri Krishna. Thus, they had been given birth as Gopis in the village where Shri Krishna was to be brought up. Shri Krishna was a handsome and smart boy who had become a favourite of all the Gopis of the village. Shri Radhaji was also a Gopi but her place is of the highest reverence!

These Gopis are said to 108 in number and extremely fond of their 'Kanha'! 1. Lalita, 2. Vishakha, 3. Indulekha, 4. Chitra, 5. Anuradha, 6. Champakalata, 7. Sudevi were some of the favourite gopis. Shri Krishna knew their feelings for him in truth as well as the height of their devotion and always dealt with them affectionately. It is believed that the Gopis kept a very difficult fast (Kaatyaayni Vrat) to get Shri Krishna as their husband. Initially, Shri Krishna tried to discourage them. The game of stealing their clothes when they were bathing in the pond was to deter them from keeping the fast. He also pleaded them not to keep the fast but seeing their determination, he promised them to fulfil their desire.

One night by the river Yamuna at Vrindavan, he began to play the flute and hearing the music all the gopis left their house and surrounded him. Lord Krishan asked them to return home but they were entranced in his devotion! They kept dancing and dancing around him until he vanished to keep their pride intact!

Today, the relationship of Shri Krishna with the Gopis of 'Braj' Bhoomi' is celebrated as the 'Raas Lila' in the holy land and gets us absorbed in the devotional love.

The story of Lord Krishna's life, starting from his birth till his disappearance from earth is full of play and turn of events. Shri Krishna is also known as Leela Purushottama. All that he advised to Arjun and other Pandvas during 'Mahabharta' was for the purpose of establishing dharma by defeating the adharmi Kauravas through the hands of Arjuna and other Pandavas.

I've always had some sort of pain at the very thought of Shri Krishna not marrying Sri Radha. As I heard and read in several story books that it was due to the effect of a curse given to Lady Radha by Shridama, a devotee and friend of Lord that kept Radha Krishna separated despite their true love.

It is said that at one time, in a rasa-mandala in a secluded place in a great forest in Goloka, Lord Krishna enjoyed pastimes with Sri Radha. The Lord had to confer his patronage to other of his devotees and one of them was Viraja. Radha heard about it and became angry. She took a chariot to reach that place. Once she reached there she saw Sri Krishna's dear friend named Sridama at the entrance. Seeing him, Radha angrily said: "Go away! O servant of a ....., go away! I will see what kind of beautiful lover your master has now!" Sridama did not allow her to enter. The other gopis accompanying Radha angrily pushed the servant Sridama.

Hearing a great commotion from the people of Goloka and understanding that Radha was angry, Lord Krishna disappeared.

Sridhama could not bear to hear Krishna insulted and said to Radha, "If you scold my Lord even once, I shall curse you."

She immediately rose and came out of the house, and told Sridama: "O foolish one! Super foolish one! Servant of the .............. Krishna! Listen to Me. You think you know everything!! You think I do not know your Lord! O fallen one in Vraja! Is Krishna only your Lord? Is He not my Lord? I know you always praise the divine father and blaspheme the divine mother. As the demons always blaspheme devatas you are always blaming Me. That's why now I curse you that you become a demon. You leave Goloka and take birth in demon species. This is my curse. Let us see who can protect you from My curse!"

Sridama could not digest this and he too cursed Radharani in turn. He said, "You are getting angry like a human, hence you'll become a human. You'll become a human without any doubt due to my curse. In Gokula, getting the company of Krishna, you will enjoy pastimes in the forest. Then, you'll experience a separation of 100 years from Hari."

After saying this to Sri Radha, Sridama offered his humble obeisance to her and left to meet Krishna. He explained everything to Him and started crying. But the curse was there to make the biggest breakup of a sublime "Divine Love Story."

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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