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Minimum government, maximum governance: A wonderful idea
Better governance is key to the new regime. Problems and solutions are best known to the people who face them. With new government right sizing the mammoth government size to increase efficiency, this is the right time to review all organisations with added flab at the cost of efficiency whilst trying to enhance own turfs. Need to break the tired structure into flat ones is an option due to better communications.

Some of the cup ideas to cut down flab; save resources by harmonizing the market forces; technology and speed of communications. New government trying for maximum governance with minimum government is a wonderful idea. Some ides are discussed below:

Replace early retirement with graduated in-house lateral moment

A soldier is forced to retire early on the pretext that the organisation needs younger profile. This is a legacy good old days when the soldiers had to be rough and tough to fight in the rugged areas of Afghanistan with minimal logistic support. The average age of the male used to be around 30 plus minus five years, some one who joined the services it was enhanced by ten years or so. This was due to better medic-care and quality of food intake. Thus he retired in thirties and survived for about ten years.

These days he retires at forty but lives till seventy and works till sixty in some job and if he is a farmer he continues to work till later.

Is there a justification in releasing a soldier at such a young age? He burdens the forces with pension for almost 50 years for a service of twenty years. The service, to a retired, extends medical and other perks to his dependent (wife, old parents, children till specified age), this averages at the peak to about 7 people for 10 to 30 years. No organisation can sustain such burden, if one was to call that. Its self created and needs to be addressed.

What must be done? Increase the retirement age of defence personnel to 55. Have a system where in soldier moves from a physically demanding to mentally demanding as he ages and keep using his strengths of expertise in assignments which demand such skills. Soldier in infantry must move towards softer services through supporting arms and serve till fifty five. Why should a young man/officer join services when he is best utilised for more demanding assignments.

This will lead to savings; optimal resource utilisation and add to opportunities for youth in DSC/other jobs reserved for ex servicemen. New government must force implementation. Automatically huge job opportunities get created and win-win for everyone.

Ruthlessly destroy tiers and paper work

Tiers in functioning was the norm and necessity during the good old days. However the IT enabling has made this redundant. 1+1 that is one HOD and his number 2 should be good enough with minimal secretarial staff since everything is on mail- one does not need peons and clerks to type and move files. For cup of tea/coffee have vending machines.

Doable? Of course, its a big Yes. Problem would be from the old organisational system which has got use to Darbari system of function g. Other is a genuine concern- about the career progression? This can be overcome with time cum efficiency linked promotion. How to implement?

Enhance IT connectivity simultaneously cutting down paper supply by 30% per annum and in five years it should be down to minimal essential.

Procedural vs Output Culture

The babudom focuses on procedures because that’s their accountability system. Playing safe, the culture prevents him from decision making causing time delay and cost over runs.

What needs to be done is the focus on results and not procedure. The babudom must become facilitator in speedy approvals rather than procedural focus.

There is a scope of abuse/misuse of discretionary power sin bypassing the procedures. This can be overcome by announcing the waiver given as an acceptable new norm. This will encourage the decision making support system to be more enterprising resulting into win-win.

Cultural Change

From colonial masters to independent India facilitators. Easily implementable provided the system takes a feedback from those whom service is being provided and taking action against defaulters. This is easily implementable provided there in an honest intent and leadership non-corrupt.

Priority of Resource Allocation

There are never enough resources to do on all the tasks for any organisation anywhere.

The only way being followed world wide is keep re posturing the resources to meet the peak needs as various things peak up at different times. Some of the malls in India too are following this model which is quite the norm in the west.

Cleanliness at Public Places

This seems to be a mega problem in all our cities - clean homes/ working/religious places but surrounded by filth.

Morning dog walkers walk the dogs on the roads and take great pride and pleasure in pee/shit on the road. Paan spitting; wrappers in parks even where bins are kept; urinating in public/ car parking and vendors on the road are some of the ills which if addressed can make a huge difference.

It dies not cost much but a little bit of self discipline or may be fine for perpetual defaulters but needs to be addressed by the aware citizens and police/ city municipality. Photo from the mobile camera loaded on the respective departmental site and may be those who have dogs/cars without garages are registered and pay a fee for misusing/abusing public services. Problem of stray dogs/cattle/monkey nuisance need to be addressed.

This will be great for the common man and the system can expect an interactive citizenry helping it improve. Genuine swaraj for a common man is the quality of interaction with the cutting edge of the governments face, viz. police, health worker, patwari, electrician, school teacher etc.

Once there is genuine trust in the good intent of these service providers/governmental interface, its true freedom. Hope the top leadership realises how little a common man aspires and how easy it is deliverable, but a cultural change from occupation ruler to benevolent ruler is required amongst those supervising the organs of the state.


Solution to most of the routine irritants and larger problems is with the people and they can offer simple but practical solution. Interactive and trusting government - people relationship is the key to the cherished idea of PM Modi less government but more governance

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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