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Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol review
Of all the movies in the MI4- ghost protocol is probably the most entertaining and there are a few reasons why I am saying this.
OF ALL the movies in the Mission Impossible series, MI4- ghost protocol is probably the most entertaining and there are a few reasons why I am saying this.  First of all this is a team event than just a glorified close up of Tom's face in hundreds of angles capturing his attempts at expressing multiple human emotions (which is what MI2 was all about). The villains are much smarter, the gadgets are far more cooler, the stunts stunning at times with fantastic photography and there is a good story line too.

Certain things that do stand out, for a change are:

Mission Impossible 1 had a fascinating story line that was very hard to predict. I think the same can be said of MI4 as well. In MI 2 the director got too fascinated with Tom's character and kind of lost the plot. MI3 seemed to bring back some sense but way too much violence, too many sub-plots and a villain who almost seemed inhuman and powerful did spoil the interest.

The violence is not as gory as MI 3 with blood splattering all around and a villain who had some personal vendetta against our here. There are some comical scenes where both the teams end up making mistakes which kind of what happens in real life too. Nothing really goes as planned as per Murphy's Law.

Some of the stunt scenes are just fantastic, especially ones on the Dubai building and Kremlin's explosion.

There are lots of funny moments in the movie that draw a genuine laugh from the audience like the ID card not working, prison doors not closing, someone getting into the camera projection accidentally or the apprehension the team has on being caught by a magnate when jumping from a 25 foot high wall. The team interactions are quite well done.

Finally I get to see India on an English movie where the plot has some relevance for the location rather than being a land of snakes and elephants or just a showcase for slums and poverty. The villain can actually launch a nuclear missile from India! Quite cool.

Tom's fascination with women is much more tempered and the ladies have a good role to play than just playing victims who are so hapless that Tom has to travel to the end of the world to rescue them.

There were a few things that just didn't make sense though:

US is still fascinated with making Russia their mortal enemy even though the cold war is long gone. Shouldn't they start talking about China now who really seems to be the next big nuclear, economical threat?

Anil Kapoor's role seems to have been forcefully grafted with no real character development or contribution. The guy is supposed to be a multi-billionaire but has no real security around him when a strange woman takes him hostage.

As far as I remember, Mumbaikars never liked Kannada boards but the movie was filled with Kannada boards. This means only two things, one - the original plot was that the finale was going to happen in Bangalore and two - Bollywood woke up and arm twisted MI 4 crew to somehow include Mumbai into the plot along with Anil's character. This also meant it was too late to edit all the Kannada boards and locale changes into the movie. Bangalore would have been so much cooler!

In their attempt to capture the nuclear launch codes and exchange diamonds, the IMF team creates a very interesting double exchange plot that goes horribly wrong and they are forced to fight both the teams. Why not then concentrate just on the team that has the nuclear code, kill them and ensure that the exchange never happens? No code no launch isn't it?

The ending fight is a lot less dramatic and comes quite sooner than you expected. No real twists in the end too except for a teeny one (I don't want to spoil that one for you).

All in all, it is not a Matrix or Dark Knight but it will certainly keep you entertained for the two hours. Don't miss it on the big screen.

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