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'Modi Insults India' trends on twitter; 5 reasons why Indians are getting frustrated on their PM
#ModiInsultsIndia trending on twitter as Modi's China trip falls flat on face after the country's government mouthpiece dubs India as a difficult place to do business barely two days after the Indian Prime Minister's visit. Indians are gradually getting impatient and frustrated with their Prime Minister whom they voted to power just a year ago. Why are Indians so angry on Modi?

This article is not about criticizing Narendra Modi but about asking a few questions that gets asked by a common citizen around us every day. If the prime minister sits up and take notice, he will only get to understand the public sentiment rather than the criticism.

The hot seat of Indian Prime Minister is not easy to handle - Narendra Modi must have realized it in the last few months. At one side you have a mammoth geographical boundary separated by caste, creed and religion and divided by multi-party politics. On the other side you have a huge expectation of the common man who barely cares about the 'bigger picture'. Combine this with a national history of impatience; it will put the coolest of the leaders under a lot of pressure. 

Here is a look at the 5 reasons why the Indian audience is constantly getting frustrated on the Prime Minister. It's time our social media savvy Prime Minister sits up and take notice of the audience sentiment on the online space -

1.Visit, Visit and more foreign visit; Why the **** do you have a foreign minister?

The Indian audience have missed Narendra Modi the 'common man chai seller' in the last one year. He has turned into more of a visiting Prime Minister than the actual public empathiser. While diplomatic relations are required to boost up economic parameters, very few Indians actually will understand that. Rather the citizens are more angry on why do we have to be friendly with Pakistan and China who have been regularly causing so much pain in the border? Are you not the leader who promised to deal with Pakistan with strong hands when you were in opposition?

2.Where is the solution to basic problems like job, infrastructure and corruption?

Majority of the Indians fail to notice any real change at the ground level. We probably have not heard of any bigger scams but you still have to pay bribe in a Govt. department to get your work done. Even if the chairs and floors are cleaner now due to Swachch Abhiyan, old habits are refusing to die.

The stock market may be rising but not the salaries. The job market in fact has a negative sentiment with the working class still under a lot of pressure.

Infrastructure and real estate have not seen any major improvements anywhere. Roads still broken, real estate builders still corrupt.

Healthcare budget has been trimmed. Government hospitals are worse. 

3.Where is the much publicized Black Money? 

A lot of noise had been created in the pre-election days about the great Indian black money stashed in Swiss Banks. Money that was touted to be able to change India's future, a money that was supposed to make every poor in the country rich (at least so was the belief in the uneducated class). Where is that money? The Govt. has completely gone silent on the matter.

4.Why is everything so costly - potatoes, onions and petrol? Did you not promise to control prices?

Failing to control the price rise and inflation was one of the key reasons why people were frustrated on the earlier UPA Govt. and Narendra Modi nailed them on the issue in his pre-election speeches. His election campaign had television advertisements highlighting the issue of price rise and promising 'achche din aayenge'. But the promise stayed unfulfilled in the last one year. Rather we have seen some steep price hikes happening in terms of railway tickets, service tax etc. The Indian middle class is constantly feeling the heat of their salary not being able to fulfil their needs and the gap increasing day by day.

And to add salt to the wound, a few stray associated members of the party are advising Indians (Hindus) to have over 5 children!!

5.Too much overdose of advertisements. Where are the actions?

780 crore spent in advertising in the last 6 months. Why? You are already in power with a single party majority. You have absolute power to do things your way. Why the brand building on tax payer's money? Why the camera frenzy even long after the elections are over? What is the statistics on how many people actually hear 'mann ki baat'? The recent effort of helping Nepal victims were also turned into a Modi campaign by the govt. machinery and media. Even then "GoBackIndianMedia" trended on twitter. Why so much flamboyancy when you are actually failing to deliver results at the ground level?

All that said, it's not that the first year of Modi Govt gets only negative marks. There have been positives too. But it has to do a lot to match up to the people's expectation. It has to do even more to deliver on the promises.

Despite all good intention that the Indian Prime Minister may have, how is Modi's action coming across to the common man of India? Exactly, how the cartoon below describes -

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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