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Modi's war on black money: New 2000 rupee note is warrior-in-chief!
The whole country is reeling under the impact of demonetisation since November 8, 2016. Despite the untold miseries and pains of majority of citizens, the PM is repeatedly talking about the long term gains out of this pain.

The government is also reiterating the need and necessity for going into a "cashless society". The PM is always emphasising the dire need for digital payments as if India has become the number one digital super power on earth.

Ok, we all (as law abiding citizens of India) may accept all these demands made by these ruling politicians in right spirit. While accepting the words of these maverick politicians and rulers of modern India, we the common people (who are in fact supposed to be the ultimate rulers in a democracy) have many doubts and fears. Will these politicians of public interest answer any of these?

As PM says, the Government has commenced a war against black money. They have abolished all 500/1000 notes by making a proclamation that these notes of large denomination are the birth-place of black money in India. We may half-heartedly accept to some extent. But who should be the warrior-in-chief in the so-called battle field against black money? 

It should not be a new 2000 rupee note. How can a higher denomination note fight against corruption and black money? The 2000 rupee note issued by Modi Government can never be a reliable soldier or fighter against the black money in India.

Does the government believe firmly that larger denomination of currency notes are the root cause of corruption and black money? If yes, why has this government issued new 2000 rupee note? The most ridiculous part of the whole exercise of the so-called demonetisation 2016 is the issue of 2000 rupee note. 

The unwise decision by Modi Government to print 2,000 rupee notes has made life even simpler and easier for all currency-hoarders and corruptive people in India. Even a man of ordinary prudence will not engage a bigger devil to kill and eradicate a smaller devil. If the government is in fact willing to eradicate black money, it has to withdraw the new Rs.2,000 notes with immediate effect.

We all accept that black money is a big crime against humanity. We are also willing to help the Indian government in eradicating it. But the government should not help black money holders by issuing 2000 rupee notes. Who will be the 'beneficiary' from the issue of 2000 rupee notes in India? The most correct answer may lead to many doubts and fears in the minds of majority.

Waging a war against black money is a welcome move. But Modi government's ill-planning of war on black money has made lives of millions of Indians miserable. Even now only the common man suffers in India standing for hours in queues begging for one 2000 rupee note. 

All currency-hoarders and corruptive people in India are pretty sitting at ease at home with accumulated 2000 rupee notes aside. How do these ultra-rich get all these new currency in abundance? Perhaps the God and the so-called 'black money warriors' may know!

It is quite unfortunate that the end-result of this war may not be pleasing for all. Anyway, who is going to be the ultimate winners of this war-game of demonetisation played by the government? No doubt, it is again the poor and common men who will be going to pay the ultimate price and play the role of losers as well.

If larger currency notes are the parents of black money in India, why should Modi Government issue 2000 rupees note anew? Highly ridiculous! Eradicating black money is a wholesome issue; but it should not help the black money hoarders. It should never affect the day to day life of common man in India. PM should learn!

(Mr V S Vadivel FCA ACS is an eminent Chartered Accountant, notable author, socio-economic thinker and unique academician from India)

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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