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Mr. Pravin Togadia - We are ready to pick up the Gauntlet
The frothy mouth of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Ashok Singhal's has not yet been dried up as yet. He had warned the Muslims about the price they have to pay to earn the goodwill of Hindus. According to Singhal, the result of Lok Sabha elections 2014 was a "setback to Muslim politics".

The 88-year-old RSS leader said that polls in India could be won without the support of Muslims, and asked the minority community to learn a lesson and respect Hindu sentiments.

And now we have our ever ready trouble maker - loud mouthed, Pravin Togadia, telling us they might have forgotten the 2002 Gujarat riots but they would have remembered the Muzaffarnagar riots of last year. According to reports, he invoked the Ramayana to drive home the point, "If you set Hanuman's tail on fire, Lanka will burn."

Sane Indians hardly care to listen Mr Togadia but he keeps reminding his presence. Does anyone take him seriously? However, sometimes it is necessary to show the mirror. Not that long ago, he was persuading Hindus aggressively to keep Muslims away from buying property in largely Hindu neighborhoods in Gujarat. Later, Mr. Togadia claimed his remarks had been misreported.

Our memory is fresh with Giriraj Singh's diatribe, a BJP leader from Bihar, when he had declared that critics of Mr Modi should be moved to Pakistan, triggering a major political backlash.

Sir, we don't need a Asaduddin Owasi to remind us where we, the Muslims, stand and how should we perform in Indian Secular where Hindus are in overwhelming majority.

We bore no illusions and know clearly and explicitly that it is all nothing but a well orchestrated, sustained and maintained campaign of RSS, which is a real puppeteer that hold the strings of these poisonous catapulted dancers of national tableau. From Hindu Maha Sabha, Bajrang Dal, Shree Ram Sena, Shiva Sena, VHP and many more are merely the tentacle it has spread with a softer Mukhota of BJP.

Let me tell straight and point blank to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that my father was a Graduate of Aligarh Muslim University of 1932. He was known to Mr. A.T. Naqvi, the first Commissioner of Karachi, he had been offered lucrative jobs in new born Pakistan.

Naqvi was instrumental to persuade Josh Malihabadi to migrate to Pakistan. My father refused to go to Pakistan despite the hardships our family had to face as Zamindari System was abolished and the family was left with limited resources to survive.

My father was a follower of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad and a close friend of the famous Film Producer, Director and prolific English and Urdu writer Khwaja Ahmed Abbas. Hyatullah Ansari, the Editor of Urdu 'Qoumi Awaz' a sister publication of 'National Herald' was another friend of my father. He had made a conscious choice to stay back in India and we're proud of that.

True, he used to share his apprehensions, fears, vulnerabilities and confusions for our future as Jansangh and Hindu Mahasabha were gaining ground. But, he had left us with a steel frame of mind; he prepared and gave us courage to meet the challenge at every level.

As minority, we have to face majority and onslaught of communal forces. It is in our lot but we have faith in Indian democracy; in the magnanimity, fair play and sagacity of our Hindu brothers; and we have unflinching faith in our religion.

When I make this statement, I'm not alone. Every Indian Muslim, whose parents didn't migrate to Pakistan is going to stay put in India as an equal citizen and equal partner in building the destiny of our nation. We are not going to be frightened off by any one. We're not coward; we have had many a tryst  with destiny; we  have picked up the gauntlet of RSS and its vision of intolerant fascist 'Hindu Rashtra' and we would meet it at every level with whatever protective panoply we have. We are lending ear to their diabolical bugles but together with our liberal Indians we would clog this wheel of Nagpur Metamorphosis.

RSS should know that it has the power but has the tactical support of only 31 per cent Indians. Rest of India didn't believe in the hoopla and hype. PM Narendra Modi definitely had a baggage with Muslim. Denying it would be denying that sun rises in the East, but if he disowns the negatives for the sake of a beautiful, benign and merciful Mother India, if he openly disassociates himself from these RSS hardliners who are always handy to threaten the minorities and who feel that NDA's victory had given them a license to implement their rabid, unholy and retrograde agenda and if Mr. Modi finds himself capable to discipline these rabble rouser, his name would be written with glittering gold in the annals of Indian history. The views of these hate-mongers should be challenged at every level.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Community should behave with commendable restraint, patience and perseverance in face of these blatant provocation. The name of the game is Discretion. Allah is always with those who bear in patience.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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