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Muslim community making life difficult for itself in Western countries
On Sunday, the 4th of June in the evening, when people of London were celebrating their well deserved weekend, three jehadis drove their van onto the pavement of London Bridge, trampling anybody and everybody who was present there. In the bargain, they killed seven innocent people.

After their van stalled, the three jehadis attacked various pubs in the vicinity with knives injuring 50 people, some of them seriously. This carnage only stopped when all three were killed by the police. It has now being confirmed that their ring leader jehadi was a British citizen of Pakistani-origin. He was heard shouting: "This is for Allah".

Another jehadi was a Moroccan. This incident happened just a week after a jehadi had blown himself up in Manchester town of England killing 20 innocent people and injuring many. Before this incident, a similar incident of trampling walkers on London Bridge had occurred three months back. ISIS has claimed responsibility for all these jehadi attacks.

Surely, no country would ever want that these migrants, who first arrive in Western countries in search of better job opportunities & better lives, having attained all that, including the citizenship of that country, get radicalised and start killing innocent people.

Sooner or later, hatred against these migrants is bound to develop in all these countries. Already, wallpapers and writings on the walls are surfacing in Britain asking these migrants to go back to their respective countries. The same had happened in France after jehadi attacks took place there. After this jehadi attack in Britain, US President Donald Trump has once again demanded that there should be a ban on immigrants arriving in America from Islamic countries.

Much unlike the modus operandi of a stereotypical jehadi, who belongs to an organisation and acts according to the ideology and orders of the head of that terror organisation, and hence can be kept under watch and even traced by the intelligence agencies, most of these recent jehadi attacks occurring in Western countries have been lone wolf attacks.

A lone wolf terrorist or lone actor could be an outwardly happily married chap minding his job and business, and hence very difficult for intelligence agencies to identify or track. One fine morning, he picks up a weapon and a vehicle and carries out a terror attack, killing lots of innocent people. Worst is, when these lone wolf attackers use knives instead of firearms, as the three jehadis did in the attack at London Bridge.

This concept of lone wolf jehad has been propagated by the ISIS. This organisation is letting down its own community, its main aim being that Muslims should be hated world over so that they migrate back to their original ghettos while ISIS shouts from the rooftops that 'Islam is in Danger'.

What is really surprising is that even educated Muslim migrants of Western countries are succumbing to this sham ISIS propaganda. ISIS which is on its last leg in Iraq and Syria is further going to propagate this lone wolf ideology because in this case they don't have to own up responsibility of the radicalised jehadi. Alone actor does everything himself including planning the attack and arranging weapons, leaving only the propaganda part for the ISIS.

Worst affected by this lone wolf jehad are the democratic countries of the West. In these countries, people enjoy their fundamental rights and privacy to the fullest, and as a result, it is very difficult to keep track of people with jehadi mindsets in such countries. Intelligence agencies cannot predict a strike or forewarn an area which would come under attack.

So, what is the solution to check lone wolf terror?

It lies in more awareness of the citizens and most importantly, the onus lies on each individual member of the community for his or her sake. Unusual or strange behaviour of any community member should be immediately reported. Democratic countries must also assist each other by sharing as much information as possible. Terror laws in democratic countries should also be made stringent.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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