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Muslims and their post poll apprehensions
BJP has won with a thunder and RSS is coming out with flying colors. The Indian Muslims have had hardly anything worth to lose. Their language is gone, their history is compromised and a bleak future is stubbornly looking into their eyes.

Urdu has been decimated by the Congress long ago. The ingratiate Bollywood which had thrived upon this language gave up the Urdu Script in postures and certificates. No commercial benefits are there to attract of back the poor language and now this beautiful bride of Indian Ganga Jamuni culture is surviving in Hindi Script with the mutated pronunciations.

We, the Muslims are lagging behind in competition in every walk of country life except crime and we have already given up the non-chalant fight in the national race long ago. Now we are fighting among ourselves in mosques to sort out the Kafirs and Takfiris and purify our society. This is our real issue and not the modern education or unity.

Many of thinkers and well wishers are professing the theory of insensitivity of majority of countrymen toward minority. We know that the so-called 'collective wisdom' of society has pronounced the verdict. But I can't buy this argument. Only 31.8 % Indian voters have favored Narendra Modi in this election. Those who call it Modi Lehar are ignoring the hard fact that 68.2 per cent of Indian voters didn't support BJP. We are thankful to the silent majority standing side by side to the secular citizens.

Should we hope that Narendra Modi will respect the constitution of India? Is it easy to forget that Modi is an obedient soldier of RSS which wants to make India a Hindu Rashtra?? Those who have been smart enough to peep into the RSS mind know well that this politico-cultural group believes that Muslim community is the major stumbling block to the idea of a Hindu nation.

It doesn't believe in the plurality of Indian Nation. RSS has always had its fellow travelers in the Congress and secular parties. Had the Congress been sincere in its efforts to counter the venomous ideology of RSS, it could have already done it in 1952. There had always been conflict of interests among secular parties and they have used the Muslim votes to serve their ulterior motives and parochial interests.

The Indian Muslims have miserably failed themselves to evolve a leadership within and always looked someone outside to lead them. From Bahuguna to Mulayam, we were always on the lookout for Messihas. There have always been splits in our ranks - vertical and horizontal. While RSS successfully polarized enough Hindu votes to win, our self-proclaimed leaders mislead their followers. 

We are now at the mercy of NaMo for few decades and for the world he had fought elections on 'development plank'. However, there is a sop that he has offered - He himself said that if anybody touches Muslims, he won't sit idle. We have no choice to trust his word. 

That reminds me the words of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad - "Let us consider dispassionately the consequence which will follow if we give effect to the Pakistan scheme. India will be divided into two states, one with a majority of Muslims and other of Hindus. In the Hindustan State there will remain three and half crores of Muslims scattered in small minorities all over the land. With 17 per cent in U.P., 12 per cent in Bihar and 9 per cent in Madras, they will be weaker than they are today in the Hindu majority provinces. They have their homelands in these regions for almost a thousand years and built up well know centers of Muslim culture and civilization there. They will awaken overnight and discover that they have become alien and foreigners. Backward industrially, educationally and economically, they will be left at the mercies of what would become an unadulterated Hindu Raj. On the other hand, their position within the Pakistan State will be vulnerable and weak. Nowhere is Pakistan will their majority be comparable to the Hindu majority in the Hindustan States. In fact their majority will be so slight that it will be offset by the economical, educational and political lead enjoyed by non-Muslims in these areas. Even if this were not so and Pakistan were overwhelmingly Muslim in population, it still could hardly solve the problems of Muslims in Hindustan."

The sagacious and farsighted eyes of Moulana were apprehending the situation that we are facing today. He was not opposed to partition only as a Congress leader but as Muslim reformer and statesman. Had Pakistan not been formed today, there would have been 35 per cent Muslims in undivided India.

My idea is that as Muslims we should welcome the Concept of Akhand Bharat of RSS wholeheartedly. We have bigger stake in the country's future and RSS is ready to help. We are with you Mr Bhagwat.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Is this the first time a government with less than 50 percent vote share has been voted into power? You are not the only one to have a gripe with the fact that our democracy has hitherto failed to evolve to a point where it truly reflects the "minimum common will" of the populace, but claiming that this foible has somehow been more deleterious to the cause of Indian muslims is ridiculous. You're right in that muslims have failed at grooming leaders of their own but the kind of "parochial" leadership you seem to be hankering after will only do you more harm. What the people of India, regardless of their many differences, need is to evolve a truly tolerant secular ideal (albeit one tempered to Indian sensibilities) instead of the awkward strain of secularism that we've got going right now. There are hundreds of millions of people without so much as the most rudimentary necessities of life. These are people with no food, water and shelter. And whatever little human dignity they have is outraged on a daily basis when their children go to bed hungry; when they perish in heat and cold, in famine and flood; when they are put on trial for crimes they haven't even committed and forced to spend more years behind bars under trial than they would've had they pleaded guilty. If the various ethnic, religious and social groups continue to selfishly underline only their respective miseries, then parties will continue to be elected with such margins and these groups will continue to remain on the sidelines. In other words, nothing is going to change if we continue to be so selfish. Stop being sorry for yourself. Start doing something.
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