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Myth of Muslim vote bank in Indian election
Too many discussions about Muslim vote banks and their importance to win elections before and after the elections are part and parcel of mainstream media houses. Even Muslim communities were daydreaming themselves as kingmaker because of so much attention given to them, which actually community doesn't deserve for several reasons.

I had used Muslim communities and not community because of the fact that there is no single community of Muslim on horizon. They are divided among different sects and each and every sect considers it as real community and rest are useless fellow; some even consider others as infidel.

Before the independence of country during the English rule, two prominent groups of ulema and their followers emerged among the community- one which supported a unified India and other which was adamant on partition and second group was successful in getting Pakistan through division of India, which was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. First group even after partition of the country decided to stay in this country.

There were large populace of Muslim who stayed back in democratic Indian land with their free will rather choosing the option of migration to Pakistan. Hindu and Muslim communities were used to live amicably in country even after several riots before 1990 but advent of new era started with Mandal and Kamandal politics. Before that most of the people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, language used to vote for Congress. Political parties started wooing their voters on different lines including castes and religions.

Few muslim ulema sniffing the chance of political clout started supporting or opposing one particular party or other on behalf of their political affiliations. These verdicts of ulema should have been discarded by community instead initially community voted believing the stature of ulema. Maulana Bukahri of Jama Masjid of Delhi can be named as leader of that time as he had good influence on the community and without any doubt he used his influence in few elections. These verdicts of ulema had provided well needed opportunity to right wing Hindutva brigade to spread the lies of appeasement politics.

They nurtured a big cadre base which believes that Muslim had been provided better opportunities in free India due to Nehruvian thoughts. They are unable to see the plight of majority of Muslim. The educational and financial conditions of Indian Muslim are at all time low. Different government committees had been formed to study the plight of Muslim and all the recommendations made by these committees are enjoying the dust of time.

Again there is too much hue and cry about how BJP won so remarkably in whole of Uttar Pradesh. This landslide victory of BJP across UP including the Muslim dominant areas is becoming issue of contention. BSP Chief Mayawati even claimed that EVM had been tampered in favour of BJP.

People are wasting too much time discussing the tampering of EVM on social media. Let us assume that BJP did it in UP then another question which is natural to come is why BJP failed to do same in rest of the states like Punjab where Congress won emphatically. Why BJP failed to do this tampering in Goa so that it could have retained its power in the state? Therefore this tampering theory is completely useless. It can be done in few seats but none can do it in a whole state.

In current scenario, only two things remain possible- firstly so called secular votes got divided between different parties and hence BJP won and secondly muslim of the state considers now BJP more secular party as compare to these flagbeares of secularism and hence BJP registered this emphatic victory.

Both of these possibilities actually played an important role in BJP's victory. On one hand there were certain constituencies where these secular votes got divided between SP and BSP which caused their downfall. But important thing to be remembered is that core vote group of these two parties are completely different. BJP even won the seat of Deoband and margin of victory for BJP on this constituency tells us a different story.

We need to acknowledge the unbelievably best election planning by master strategists of BJP namely Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Amit Shah. They were well aware of the facts that you just need to get votes closer to what you have got during 2014 general election to do a clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh.

Muslim community never voted en bloc to a single party after 1990; before that they used to vote for Congress just like other communities. But after 1991 they voted according to their requirements in different areas and constituencies. Though it is true that majority of them in most of the election had supported Mulayam Singh Yadav after 1991, but that was also not 100% support.

It used to vary depending upon the need of the hour. Amit Shah as an astute strategist was knowing this fact that Muslim votes are going to get divided on several lines and hence he had to consolidate his core voters and whatever he gets after that will be bonus.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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