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'NaMo for PM' - Plot Getting Thicker
The national scenario is changing faster before you say ‘presto’. The readers of Merinews migt not have forgotten Narendra Modi and the BJP’s claim after the cables released by WikiLeaks that the Gujarat Chief Minister was "incorruptible" and "the lone honest Indian politician".

I am referring to the cables sent by Michael S Owen, the Consul General in Mumbai on November 2, 2006. It has referred about Modi's growing potential as a national leader of his party and the need to engage with him to "directly" deliver a message on human rights. He has said. "Modi has successfully branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a facilitator of business in a state with a deep commercial culture, and as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician who looks after the interests of the Hindu majority." 

After a lecture at Pandit Deen Dayal Univerisity at Gandhinagar,  Modi Ji, while blowing his own trumpet, declared himself as "incorruptible" and referred to Gujarat as "a progressive state". "There are many non-corrupt people, but they have termed me incorruptible, which is good for the people of Gujarat. WikiLeaks shows two faces — that of the government of India and another of progressive Gujarat." In a press release, the BJP said the US documents only assert and prove that Modi is the lone politician in India to be honest, fearless and clean. To add gravity to the situation, the BJP national vice-president Purushottam Rupala and state party spokesperson I K Jadeja reiterated: "The government which has denied Modi as Modi now finds him as one with strong political willpower, an able administrator as well as the only non-corrupt, no-nonsense politician of India." It gave the impression that US government which had denied Modi a visa after the 2002 riots is “in a mood to repent".

But, it seems, the joy and boast was eventually short lived. The Whistle-blower website WikiLeaks is now rubbishing BJP's claims of endorsing the honesty of Gujarat CM Narendram Modi. On Sunday. the website clarified that the US diplomatic cables, which were released by it in 2011 never described  Modi as "incorruptible" or "the lone honest Indian politician". The US cables, sent by Mumbai Counsular General Michael S Owen in 2006, had only quoted Rajkot Congress Party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja. The tweets further said Modi's supporters had pushed fake Assange propaganda that the website founder Julian Assange endorsed his honesty. "#India: How #Modi supporters aggressively pushed fake #Assange endorsement." The website quoted Rajkot Congress party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja as saying, "Modi's accomplishments are undeniable," and admitted that the Congress would make little headway against the BJP in Gujarat anytime soon.  Modi is extremely popular, Jadeja said, and even Muslims are now supporting him to some extent because he is viewed as someone who is completely incorruptible and can deliver the goods."

Next Scene: 

Recently when Rahul Gandhi was asked about ‘clean chit’ of Mr. Modi, the Congress VP commented - “As you know, the SIT report had been seriously questioned by a number of credible experts. Grave flaws have been pointed out in the functioning of the SIT. The acceptance of the flawed SIT report by the lowest court has not yet been subjected to judicial scrutiny by higher courts. The specific allegation and evidence pointing to Mr Modi’s responsibility in the 2002 riots are yet to be adequately probed. Any talk of his having been given a clean chit may be politically expedient, but is far too premature. There are many unanswered questions. There is a lot more the country needs to know.”

Next Scene:

The sleep and the assurance that RSS had enjoyed so far about Narendra Modi’s trump card in Varanasi has gotten a beating when Arvind Kejriwal picked the gauntlet. Varanasi will no longer be a cake walk. There is tough and most interesting battle ahead if Kejri decides finally to jump into the fray. Baba Ramdev has said - "Kejriwal has lost his mind. He is going to lose his deposit. He is implementing a Congress agenda by contesting against Modi."


But our Modi Bhagats are in for surprises. The resonance of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s Shakha shaking remarks – ‘No more Namo Nama’ is not yet died down. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who is supposed to be the one of the strongest supporter of Narendra Modi has fired another salvo against aspiring BJP PM. "Modi is eager to become the PM, but he should show some restraint." The saffron patriarch delivered another verdict – ‘Former BJP President Nitin Gadkari is a clean and straight man. It would have been better if all the BJP candidates were clean, and there was no 'Dynastism'. Some wrong candidates have been fielded by the party itself, or at the behest of allies. We will continue to oppose morally and financially corrupt candidates at a moral and political level." Baba feels that the BJP giving tickets to tainted candidates like BS Yeddyurappa and B Sriramulu etc was an unwarranted step.

We remember that the beauties like Malika Sherawat of tinsel town had already enhanced the status of NaMo with the compliment - "For me, the most eligible bachelor of the country is Narendra Modiji."  Public is impressed when another enchantress Rakhi Sawant went all out for Narendra Modi. "I have just come here, it is my house, I am the BJP's daughter. I have come here to have tea. I don't know if I will be joining the BJP, it is up to the senior leaders. Just the way I have come from Mumbai to Delhi, I want country's janta to come on the streets and vote for Narendra Modi. I am certain he will be the new PM." On the occasion the BJP President Rajnath Singhhe was so moved that he said, "I got so emotional today when Rakhi Sawant came without any invitation, to meet us, saying she wanted to thank the officers who are here today, to tie a rakhi to them."

So, I believe, it was a SANGAM of admirers for NaMo. Now, there is some confusion. Our memory is short not so short. There is ‘WHO’ factor also. The echo of Rakhi’s statement "Baba is hot", "I want to marry Baba" could still be heard in the political skies. We are amused and enjoying the color to nukkar disccussions.

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