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Narendra Modi: A phenomenon whose time has come!!
Jawaharlal Nehru on his own was just a rich lawyer's Oxford educated son, whose father donated his house to Congress and burnt foreign origin clothing he had in his house (today in exchange for that single donation his Gandhi Family Clan has 64 governmental properties in their names directly or through Trusts). Nehru enjoyed proximity to Mahatma Gandhi and was rewarded with Prime Ministership.

Nehru had no love lost with Feroze Gandhi. But yet he allowed his daughter Priyadarshani (Indira) to marry him, so that she could enjoy the surname of Gandhi, which will help her politically. And immediately on gaining Independence, the first Bill he got introduced was Hindu Marriage Act so as to help Indira get divorce from Feroze Gandhi. Because the Bill was divisionary, he faced resistant from his own party members and after nearly '5' years of persistence, immediately after first election Nehru imposed that Bill on Indian Society.

Although he kept on saying that he wanted to bring Uniform Civil Code, but as per his opinion, time was not right, as it may challenge nations secular credentials. In reality by bringing in this Hindu specific Bill he was instrumental in Seeding the Doubt about Muslim Communities Loyalty towards Indian Constitution, although all the Muslim Leaders of the Congress also wanted him to bring Uniform Civil Code i.e. One Nation One Code which gives freedom to practice religion within four walls of houses and not to be demonstrated on roadside temples and masjids.

Nehru was instrumental for partition, which resulted in biggest transmigration of humanity and mass scale genocide. He carried blood of millions on his conscience. As per PN Hasker, his first PS, he banged his head when he was informed, 10 months from partition about Death of Jinnah..... as if he was telling himself, "If only I knew that Mr Jinnah's end was so near, I would have allowed him to become Prime Minister of India".

Secondly, when Indian armed forces had already arrived in Kashmir, and needed another week to throw out Pakistani Army in the garb of marauding Kabailies, he declared Ceasefire and took matter to UNO.....much to chagrin of his cabinet; and he only was instrumental in keeping Kashmir issue burning by enacting a temporary provision of "Article 370" which has on the one hand kept India away from Indian Constitution and also resulted in 4 wars with Pakistan, courtesy Congress, this temporary provision of Article "370" has not been abrogated in past 67 years.

Why you hold anything against a chaiwala? Can anyone make 1000 people stand and listen and follow them. I do not think any single politician can but in Narendra Modi's rallies people storm on their own. They are not hoarded in buses and brought. Do not envy him, grant him his status which he has acquired on his very own not by garnering support of mandarins within his party but by man on street.

You may stand on top of alps and shout against Modi, but he is a phenomenon whose time has come and his juggernaut can not be stopped. Although besides Congress, some leaders with in BJP as well as Pakistan and USA may not like to see him on the Indian political platform.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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