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Narendra Modi in Wonderland - Six impossible things the Prime Minister must do
'Alice in Wonderland' is a 2010 American dark fantasy film depicting how a 19-year-old Alice slays the Jabberwocky, a dragon-like creature, controlled by the evil 'Red Queen' to terrorize inhabitants of Wonderland and thus brings back peace and tranquility in Wonderland by helping the saintly 'White Queen' to get back the crown to rule.

I have seen the film umpteen number of times and enjoyed it every time I watched. The best scene that fascinated me is when Alice was counting the following six impossible things while fighting with the Jabberwocky.

1. There's a potion that can make you shrink.

2. And a cake that can make you grow.

3. Animals can talk.

4. Cats can disappear.

5. There is a place called Wonderland.

6. I can slay the Jabberwocky.

Alice believed in these six impossible things, but she never thought these things will actually happen. After witnessing the first five impossible things, she started to believe in herself which enabled her to slay the Jabberwocky to achieve the sixth impossible thing.

PM Narendra Modi's story is someway resembling with that of Alice in the film. Like the inhabitants of Wonderland who longed for Alice to save them from the evil 'Red Queen', the Indians reposed their faith and trust on Narendra Modi to save our nation from Congress and develop the nation. Alice found herself in Wonderland by accidentally falling into a rabbit hole.

In case of PM Modi, he was elected with absolute majority to lead us. Alice encountered six impossible things as written above and Modi is facing six impossible things as well. Alice was entrusted with slaying the Jabberwocky and thus bringing peace and prosperity to Wonderland. Similarly PM Modi is entrusted with the task of reforming to transform our wonderland India.

What could be the six impossible things Modi must do in order to succeed like Alice? I have prepared a list based on what I think.

1. India becoming Congress free

Although PM Modi dreams about a 'Congress Mukt Baharat (Congress Free India)', it is easier said than done. The Congress has traditional support base and has a pan-India presence. They were reduced to a paltry 44 seats in Lok Sabha elections 2014 because of unprecedented scams and corruption during UPA rule, but they can easily bounce back. The electorate always have a short memory. In addition its traditional support base of minorities, Dalits and sickulars has not faded substantially. Like the evil Red Queen enjoying support from a sizeable section of inhabitants with vested interest in Wonderland, the Congress also enjoys the same.

The recent results in various types of elections (State Assembly, by-elections, Panchayat and Municipal elections etc.) across India shows that th Congress is not a spent force. They are down, all right, but not out.

So PM Modi should keep on concentrating on his 'reform to transform' strategy and see to it that everyone including the poor gets the benefits. It is futile to say that the Congress had done nothing during their close to 60 years rule. They certainly did many things. The point is they could have done much better as they got a chance to rule for 60 years. Therefore PM Modi should prove that his 60 months of rule is much better than 60 years of the Congress without trying to demean Congress just for the sake of it.

Results should speak rather than words. PM Modi has done well so far in his 20 months of rule. During the remaining 40 months, results should be visible at the ground level to even a blind and biased critic. Individual charisma is short lived and delivery of the promises is what matters the most.

India will automatically become Congress free if BJP proves itself to be better than Congress in all aspects. This can only happen if results prove it. Result will be evaluated by the fulfillment of promises. So deliver the promises and Congress will face exodus from India.

2. Society free from Casteism and Communalism

All good works are overlooked when the question of caste and religion dominates our mindset. In order to ensure accountable governance from whosoever we choose to rule us, the society has to be free from Casteism and Communalism. Sometimes I wonder how this impossible task can be achieved as all political parties including BJP succumb to the caste and religion equation to win elections.

Bihar elections proved that the caste and religion equation, if manipulated effectively, can affect the outcome of the election. Invariably a wrong party or person is chosen if electorate vote according to caste or religion, the repercussion of which is always detrimental to the people, the constituency, the state or the nation. A nation cannot progress with this kind of self-destructing mindset. How this mindset can be changed is the question.

PM Modi was voted to power to bring a meaningful change in the social fabric of our country. Casteism and Communalism are the two biggest evils that hamper our nation's progress. Everyone agrees to this, but nobody does anything. If we do what we have been doing, we will get what we have been getting. Therefore it is high time that something must be done in this regard. PM Modi has to initiate reforms in this regard even at the risk of losing popularity.

3. Zero corruption and total transparency

Although the Modi government is blemish free as far as corruption is concerned with a number of steps taken to eliminate it, the benefits are still out of reach for Indian public as the time has not come when one can get a work done without paying bribe in any government office, be it State or Central. The big ticket corruptions like that of Congress is nowhere to be seen, but at low level it is happening rampantly. PM Modi has the best of intentions to eliminate corruption in all spheres of activity. But the common citizens will appreciate it when they don't have to bribe. Knowing that PM Modi is incorruptible, I hope he will eventually succeed in ensuring zero corruption and enhance transparency at all levels of society.

4. Pakistan stops terrorism and become a good neighbor

Sounds impossible, isn't it? But as per Napoleon, "What is difficult can be done immediately and impossible things only take a little longer". PM Modi's Pakistan policy has taken a beating because of Pathankot attack. But he is on a right track as far as terrorism and relationship with Pakistan is concerned. Modi's successful foreign policy made Pakistan losing international support and prompting them to initiate bilateral talks on peace.

Terrorism is equally a problem for Pakistan agreed by both PM Modi and Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. So we can expect Pakistan understands the value of being a good neighbor. The divisive forces just delayed the peace initiatives, but nonetheless we can hope for a better relationship with Pakistan.

And what if Pakistan does not understand and keep on doing what it has been doing since 1947?

Well, this is where PM Modi has to prove his words said during election times. If Pakistan falters on its commitments, time to show them 56 inch chest. 'Tit for tat' as some may like to call it.

5. No to Reservation by Caste, Yes to reservation by economic condition

Reservation is the worst thing that can happen in a society. This creates animosity as merit takes a back seat to someone's caste. Reservation by economic consideration is the best way forward for upliftment of all weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste and religion.

Today in India we have caste based reservation system as per the Constitution. Originally in 1950, the reservation was scheduled for 10 years only to uplift the oppressed and backward classes of the society. The successive governments just amended the provision by extending it, not eliminating it for fear of losing votes. The society is getting divided by this reservation policy. It is an evil. Moreover the benefit of reservation policy does not go to the poor, rather influential people of lower castes take all the benefits.

PM Modi has reiterated that he would not make any changes in the existing system. So this will remain as an impossible thing for some time.

6. India becomes a world leader

This is the sixth impossible thing PM Modi faces. Just like Alice, if the first five impossible things are achieved, then this sixth thing will also be achieved automatically.

The difference between reel life and real life is 'the reel life is guided by a script which someone writes in advance whereas in real life one has to write his own script and go ahead'. So real life achievements are comparatively difficult than reel life achievements. But when intent and capability are in synchronization, anything is possible.

PM Modi has the intent as well as the capability. Time will tell whether he succeeds; but we all want him to succeed as his success is not his, it is actually ours.

If India becomes a world leader, then I promise to perform a celebration dance called 'Futterwacken' the same way Mad Hatter (played by Johny Depp) did in the film 'Alice in Wonderland' when the Jabberwocky was eventually slayed by Alice and the White Queen was crowned.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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