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Narendra Modi's Foreign visits- Should be or should not be?
A miracle has happened in India, the world is keenly watching its fall out, and many powers are trying their level best to assess their political and economic situation vis-a-vis our Nations and hence vying to play their hand in accordance both diplomatically and politically.

The power situation in south east Asia has now dramatically changed as many feel that the Bharatiya tiger has finally woken up and is hungry of its share of world meat. No more the foreign vested interests can keep this Asian Tiger at bay drugged and sleeping just as a mere showcase in their personal zoo with window dressings of their choice for their visitors.

This miracle is nothing but the advent of a true patriot as our national leader Narendra Bhai Modi as prime minister of India.

With coming of NaMo a wave of patriotism has engulfed our nation and this is not to the liking of many foreign controllers and their political, private and government stogies in India. They fear that a puppet India would finally become the controller of puppets if Mr. Modi stays in power a little longer.

They fear that India of today would finally become the Bharat of tomorrow. Many of us patriots are in fact waiting for a true 'swadeshi' change of our countries name both in principal and spirit to 'Bharat' from that of an foreign given name called 'India'. This change of name will spell the beginning of our true quest for world supremacy and also help us in finally becoming independent of foreign control after 1947.

The biggest example of change is 49% FDI in defense which would make India self reliant in its defense requirements with time to come, within ten years we would be exporters instead of importers of defense related weaponry from ships, to warplanes and futuristic weaponry made and designed in India. This would not be taken lightly by foreign-based powers that hold vested interest in Indian defense markets as we are the largest importers of defense weaponry in the world today, when we have the potential to develop and manufacture our own weaponry.

The other change is strengthening of our borders vis-a-vis China and a strong stand where the well being of Indians abroad are concerned like in Iraq. I must thank MEA and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj to have acted as true patriots in bringing back stranded Indians from Iraq and keeping military options open in case it was required as the last resort.

This is for the first time that the government of India has shown that it does have a backbone or guts to take independent international decisions and positions where its foreign policy is concerned. This move of usage of military option has actually made the world powers stand up and have a relook at our new leadership and you bet they do not like it a little bit as what was stopping us before in setting up a military base in Iraq and taking over its ports.

Mr. Narendra Modi's foreign policy of keeping good diplomatic relations with our neighbors is again something, which would go a long way in bringing back Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Myanmar back to our fold as true friends. This would open new doors for us in power politics in south East Asia as with unrestricted open trade and travel rules with our neighbors, which would eventually strengthen our bilateral ties with them.

In time as they gain more confidence in us as true friends they would surely become our strong military allies and our position in the world as a super power would get a doubly shot in the arm. Everyone knows that it's an economically and a military weak Bharat which is keeping them away and weaning them towards China and others. This change or would be shift by our neighbors towards us would itself be an envious prospect for many super powers and they would do anything to thwart it somehow or the other.

The budgets focus on India's manufacturing and infrastructure is also sending jitters down the spines of foreign powers who want India only as a market for their produce.

The new BRICS dimension too is a direct challenge and a threat to certain super world power sectors who would not be happy to lose their financial supremacy.

Today I am sure just as the world is also sure that under Mr. Narendra Modi our Bharat will become a superpower which no nation or power on planet Earth can ill afford to overlook to survive and this is what makes Mr. Narendra Modi's survival a matter of prime concern for our nation.

I believe that Mr. Narendra Modi should not venture out of the country no matter what the situation is and instead invite others to visit him in India. I think that Barack Obama should visit India and not Mr. Modi as diplomatically Mr. Modi's visit will automatically send a signal of submissiveness to the US and to all the world powers. Whereas if Obama visits India instead it would only add laurels to his political career and also send positive signals on their true intentions towards our nation.

Today India is best known for its puppetry and the world loves it to stay like that but Bharat has the potential of being the master puppeteer instead of a puppet. A prosperous and rich Bharat will have the potential to create a fourth power dimension in the world power politics vis-a-vis Russia, America and China and take a bet none of them are liking it as we mean a greater threat to them than each other. They all would like a poor, dependent and submissive India, an India which is a milk cow for these three where both defense and other consumer markets are concerned for their produce.

We should also not forget that what has happened to two of our greatest patriots prime minister Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent who went against the treacherous powers who wanted India to retreat and surrender captured area duly ours back to Pakistan especially POK. The other being Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose who vanished in a plane crash and maybe other true patriots of the soil who had dared to raise their heads against the western powers like our Namo is doing today.

In my opinion, Mr. Narendra Modi should run his office from underground with practically no foreign visits and very less public exposure and should have more security than what is available to him today. Whoever wants to meet him should come to India rather than Mr. Modi flying out to meet them.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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