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Nation needs leadership of the authorized and guidance of the authoritative
After Hazare and Kejriwal parted ways, and the latter taking to politics - the agitation against corruption in India now seems to be unsettled, and movement needs to be renewed. It is expected in the coming few days and weeks, that some popular public agitation with popular representatives would come together to create a credible Lokpal bill. The .

Very few social activists have captured the attention of Indians across the globe as Anna Hazare did during his fast unto death over the issue of the Lokpal Bill in New Delhi in April 2011. Hazare, a Gandhian by belief, outlook and practice, has become the face of India's fight against corruption. By sheer commitment and simplicity, he has demonstrated that Gandhian principles are relevant even in the 21st century India.

The "Anna Hazare fast" can be described as the first real "social networking movement" in India. The nation was enthused and victory seemed near. However, lack of clarity on the movement’s direction, selective criticism and some ill-timed steps has led to a perceptible decline in popular support for Anna and his team. But one thing is clear that the man in 70 plus is not fighting for himself but for the country’s future.

Still, most of the people are hopeful from the movement of Jan Lokpal Bill, a fight against corruption, in April during the last year. India still have hope from the participants of movement, fed up from the corruption that the people will once again come forward and the dream which was seen at Jantar Mantar about 18 months back will be fulfilled despite the fact people are still thinking like this when Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, activist-turned-politician are on different directions because of difference in ideology after Kejriwal decided to launch a political party.

While Arvind Kejriwal has announced to start fast from March 23 against ‘inflated power bills in Delhi, he has also accused the Delhi government, headed by Sheila Dikshit, of conspiring with power companies to over-charge customers.

These agitators were recognized as Team Arvind. The slogan seen on the caps of the supporters was “Mein Anna Hu” but for the first time, “Mein Arvind Hun” was seen and entered into a great controversy. This was the first action which separated both these leaders and the single line of famous English poet T S Eliot fits well – “In my beginning is my end”.

In fact, the youth category sitting at Delhi after the movement against corruption started gaining self-importance in the media. Sometimes the controversy is of Anna-Ramdev joining hands and at other times the news started appearing in the media about the Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF) about hanky-panky in the accounts. The movement picked up with the dictated terms ended with no-confidence and separation.

Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS officer, another claimant of having association of Anna Hazare is also looking for a office in Delhi for the real supporters of the movement. Even the spokesperson, as member of the Core Committee, Prashant Bhushan, has started claiming right over the site of India Against Corruption (IAC). It is also said that with the help of cyber expert, in his new website file Ware Against Corruption (WAC), about 6 lakhs people associated with the IAC on Facebook have been attached with WAC.

Immediately on coming to know of these activities, the owner of IAC website and journalist Shivender issued a legal notice to Facebook and after that IAC site is being run by Kiran Bedi and there are only 60,000 people following Arvind on Facebook. All these actions are crystal clear to see the level of corruption of these leaders.

Still, Arvind Kejriwal is busy in forming the movement into a political party, and is trying to read the face of the people in meetings. In one meeting over the question of separating from Anna, it was revealed that the team of Kejriwal cannot use his name and photo. But Kejriwal managed his supporters and said that he was not interested in any political party but did so due to pressure of about 90 per cent of his supporters. 

The agitation at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on 25 July was organized by Arvind to put a full stop on the announcement of a party by Baba Ram Ram on 9 August. But Anna was out of the political party. This is the reason Baba Ram Dev is enjoying the separation of Anna-Arvind.

It is also said that the core committee was not suspended by Anna at his own during August but Kejriwal has pressurized him to do so. He is not in the habit of listening to why, when and where - especially the questions from those who are not loyal to him.

Even the attitude of Kiran Bedi towards Arvind Kejriwal was negative but she lacks vision and could not get the support of other members. Number of other leaders such as Megha Patkar, Dr. Sunilam, Akhil Gagoi and Arvind Gaud and farmers leaders PV Rajgopal left Anna and Rajinder Singh. Only time will tell as to what they had given to Anna but they definitely had the capacity and ability to give much to the movement.  No doubt, at the start of the agitation, there was rush of persons to make their own image but at the lower level, a big army united to join the agitation for the interest of the country - sincerely and honestly.

In fact, the nation needs the leadership of the authorized and the guidance of the authoritative as the two together can create the environment for better governance, and one without the other is either hollow or academic.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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