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Nithari Killings: The Roar of a Cannibal
A year goes by and two psychopaths smirk in the aftermath of sin. What screams for justice is a heinous slaying, a nerve raking cold-blooded murder in the name of fate: 19 killings seem to have withered in the fog of time.
THE NARROW dwindling lanes of an impoverished neighborhood in Noida stand overlooking a sophisticated colony. Who cold have known that kothi number D-5 was the house of several corpses? Owned by Noida-based businessman Moninder Singh Pandher, the kothi was nothing less than a slaughterhouse for innocent children and women who stepped out of their homes not knowing that they were never going to return.
If we rewind the time a year back, we cannot forget that gory day when the gruesome Nithari killings came to light from a dirty drain in Noida. There was a sense of overwhelming evil at the crime scene as bits of bone, plastic bags full of entrails, children’s body parts, skulls, shoes, tiffin boxes and bits of clothing were dug out.
The ghoulish killings were carried out by Surendra Koli, Pandher’s domestic help allegedly a cannibal and a necrophiliac. For several months the decomposed remains of the chilling murders were dug from the hellish pit. The raped and murdered children and women screamed for justice. The moments when they were being tortured and cast into a living hell cannot be expressed in words but they certainly cannot go unnoticed in the name of a weak administration, careless system and greedy investigation.
According to the alleged, Surender Koli, “I used to kill only women and children —mostly girls. It was as if I’d go out of my senses. I couldn’t even recall anything later. I’d call the victim and ask her if she was looking for work or lure a kid with a smile or some nice words. Then I’d kill my victim and try to have sex with them. Then I’d take them to the bathroom and cut their body in pieces and throw them behind the house. I’d even cook the flesh at times and eat it.”
Anita Mehra, a psychiatrist says, “A deep rooted scar or a certain incident in the past can trigger such instances. We are living in a society where cannibalism is considered to be abnormal. People like Koli are potentially dangerous to the society. What he did is a gruesome act and no one in their right mind would even think about such a thing.”
Leela Rai, a housewife, opines, “I am really scared for my children after the Nithari killings came to light. I dismissed both my male domestic helps and have now settled in for a lady who was known to my mother in the village. It is very difficult for one to say anything about anyone these days. I am so scared that I don’ let my children step out of the house after 5:30 in the evening.”
It has been a year since the Nithari killings were revealed. The incident seemed to have taken the country by shock. But our authorities that seem to be sleeping most of the time are lazing around weary of hearing the pleas for help by grieving parents and relatives of those who were victimized. 
According to a report, out of 19 cases registered by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the Nithari serial rapes and killings, the agency has only completed 11. Pandher has been given a clean chit in 10 cases having been indicted only for one— soliciting women for sex.   
In an interview, Koli had mentioned that Moninder often brought call girls home and that was what had triggered these killings. He had also stated that a couple of times he had given the coked human flesh to Pandher as well.
The judiciary might have given hope of justice to the mourning parents of the victims by framing charges of rape and murder against Pandher but on the other hand the CBI is facing charges that it was devastating the prosecution.
The enraged parents brought to light the reality of our good old police force stating that even after visiting the police station a number of times, no complaint was registered about the missing children and women. This leads us to think what kind of system are we following as citizens and when will the time come for the authorities to wake up?
A grieving father says, “I went to the police station to get my complaint filed. They did not entertain me. They said that if they found my child they would get back to me.”
The police seem to have treated the matter rather lightly. This has further triggered discontent in the minds of the people of Nithari. 
In Payal’s case (victim), the CBI had filed its first charge sheet in Ghaziabad releasing Pandher and charging Koli with the crime despite being aware of the confessions given by Pandher and Koli in the initial probe by the Noida police that both of them were equal partners in the crime.
Arjun Khetripal, businessman says, “ If Pandher is one of the criminals and the CBI defends him for money or anything else, how safe will it be for a serial killer to be on the lose? It might happen that a few years down the line when everybody forgets about the Nithari killings, he ends up murdering few more innocent children.”
Neharika Modi, ombudsperson, says, “The Nithari killings should be an eye opener for our government and authorities. The murderer is on the prowl and no one is ready to do anything about it. The grieving parents want justice. They what the two to be hanged and why not? How safe would it be for two cannibals to be defended? If a tiger becomes a man-eater, we shoot it. Here we are talking about the psychology of the human brain that can think, plan and conduct.”
There was sufficient evidence to prosecute Pandher on charges of rape and murder in four cases — Payal. Pinki Sarkar, Anjali and Madhu.
Pinki Sarkar’s father drowned in the Ganges in Behrampur in Murshidabad district in West Bengal under mysterious circumstances. His wife moved the Supreme Court alleging that the CBI was behind this and that her husband was getting constant threats to withdraw his charges against Pandher.  
The nation watches on, as the parents of the murdered await justice. What will be the final outcome of Nithari killings? This is one question that has been boggling the minds of thousands of parents and children all across the country. Every time I cross the road leading to the dreadful D-5 a chill races up my spine at the thought of what might have happened there.  A bloodthirsty pair of eyes might be following a child somewhere, the next moment there would be an empty swing creaking in an isolated playground with boiled body parts being served on someone’s dining table.   
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