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Nobody has the right to defame Mother India
The other day I saw the defiance in the eyes of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi while he was discussing his detention and cartoons on a TV show. Though I don't question his freedom of speech and expression, but yes, I want to remind him that he shouldn't get carried away with 15 minutes of fame.

YESTERDAY, I was watching this cartoonist – an emancipated, modern, youthful, outspoken, and a vociferous person discussing his point of view with renowned cartoonist, Mr Neelabh. I didn’t like him at all. I had to hear him because I wanted to hear the other two gentlemen more; take some idea and inspiration as to what goes behind making a cartoon.

Cartoons can convey the sentiment of the people in just one look, in a fraction of a second, with dignity, finesse and full of satire. I understood and learnt a lot from these two gentlemen. I also wanted to congratulate them for their great efforts.

Now coming to the cartoonist himself, I just didn’t like anything about him. Let us start by his physical characteristics; I didn’t like the way he dressed, I didn’t like his hair cut, I didn’t like the frame of his glasses, I didn’t like the way he sat, I didn’t like the way he spoke, I just didn’t like him at all. Above all, I didn’t like his arrogance, I didn’t like the kind of superiority complex he had, I didn’t like his anger, and I didn’t like his tone and tenor of speech. I felt he was being rude, impolite and discourteous to all. I just didn’t like his conduct, not even an iota. In broader frame of things his ego was going through the roof.

Now, you would say, who are you to comment? I would say I am nobody, but like he has freedom of speech so do I. We have created another martyr who would now be the mascot of India Against Corruption (IAC), in fact make “Ghatia” mascots for the campaign - thanks to the media he has become so famous that the fool’s paradise he was living in has started becoming a reality. He wanted to bring a change in his own way by comparing his “potty” cartoon to the freedom of expression and freedom of speech in America. It means that he has original ideas, it means that he is a thinker, it means that he draws inspiration like many Bollywood filmmakers and musicians, from the west. How original, I must say!

I too was a rebel of kinds during my days. Everything that Dad said was wrong as he didn’t understand anything modern. He was a teacher, so all I thought was that the experiments he tried on his students which failed were applied on me. I wanted to sleep late I could never; I wanted to skip PT, I could never; I wanted to be like anyone else, but I was bred differently. I got kicked, beaten with sticks and belts many a time for no fault of mine (so I thought).

I was a rebel because I found that he was very dominating in everything we did. Everything was monitored, everything was measured, and everything needed his OK. I as an individual was somewhere subdued in the bargain. This was a feeling which crept in me. I once ran away from home after appearing in my NDA exams just to see how much panic I create and actually to understand does he love me or am I going to be under a constant threat of being humiliated by him in front of my classmates, teachers, school cricket team and everywhere else. I was proved wrong as his love for me was unflinching, unique and beyond comparison.

This I realise today; in those days things were done differently, the rule was to be obedient, respect for everything had value. Food on your plate had to be finished. Eat what has been made at home or go hungry; there was no Maggie or Kurkure. The lesson was to work hard and achieve and for that parents and teachers alike made life merry hell for you and why not. Now let us change tracks and come to the new generation. I call the generation WHY, and not Y. They question anything and everything. They need to be convinced otherwise they will do what they want to and whenever they want to. The more you impose restrictions, the more rebellious they get. May it be drugs, smoke, sex or studies? So our dear cartoonist also comes from this category. I come from the old school of thought where we were taught that “there is not to question WHY, there is but to do and die”.

One of the cartoonists on the panel said that if he continues with his arrogance like this no one will follow him in a few days from now and I agree with him. Today, the Gen WHY gets fed up with everything fast, orkut came and has gone, Facebook continues to hold some attention, wassup is what they are on, SMSes have lost quite a bit of charm, BBM and status updates is talk of the town, but how long. Someone will come up with something else. Apple has launched iPhone 5 and there is a lot more to come.

Another thing I find disgusting about the Gen WHY is answering back. They don’t see and understand logic of the person who may say something to them with practical experience, but he gets a curt answer back in terms of a shut up call. They just don’t respect age and maturity. The false thought that I am all knowledgeable and perfect is the biggest flaw with this generation. We have to live with it. I sometimes get disgusted with the set wet hair style; I am not used to it. I don’t like men wearing ear rings. I should be ready to face the wrath of the new generation if I oppose it. I get disgusted with girls wearing nail paints in fluorescent colours or hair strands in colours I have seen on certain animals only. They turn around and say that you too had hippies and punks in your times. I have no answer. I don’t like SMS language being used in official correspondence, but today’s gen needs to finish the official mail faster as they got to get on chat mode. Chatting in offices is banned but now mobile companies provide the same free of cost on your phones. Who needs the official PC?

There is no end to all this, there is no end to what I like and don’t like, maybe it’s the generation gap. People can turn around and tell me, friend go for a long jump, you are no one to teach and preach. But here I will beg to differ. I may take certain things which the Gen WHY does, with a pinch of salt, but I shall continue to preach and teach all those who cross my path. It is my moral duty to tell my new generation that how things are supposed to be done as I perceive them to be best today.

Once they are of age and understand, or probably when I am not there they can continue to do what they want to. I have hundreds of mails from my schoolmates saying how the teachers of their times moulded them into men from boys. However, in school everyone cursed, cat called and created nuisance. Today, they want to follow those principles but those teachers are long gone, as the Gen WHY has got into the profession of teaching too. Money, politics, stocks, real estate and modern gadgetry mean more to them. Discipline and self-control are vague terms. Worse is self-discipline.

My deepest sympathies to our new cartoonist sahib. I wish him luck; I wish him success for his future. I also wish that he doesn’t get carried away by the fame he has got in the last couple of days, I do not wish, he defames mother India, I just wish the art that he follows has an impact, or else next time he does something disgusting like this put him in with Kasab. Is the Gen WHY ready to listen, my answer is a big NO, but will they listen someday, I wonder!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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