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Now the Congress takes on the Supreme Court
On Monday 13 May 2013 Mr. Dig Vijay Singh, General Secretary of the ruling Congress party and supposedly close confidant of Shri Rahul Gandhi has ticked off the Supreme Court of India on the recent Supreme Court's oral observation during hearing of the affidavit filed by the CBI on coal gate scam on May 8, that CBI is a caged parrot in the hands of the ruling government.

According to him, judges should not give oral observations. They should give written orders. He feels that oral remarks makes headlines and that the person against whom the remarks have been made does not get a chance to defend himself. He also went on to add that the Government in power is accountable to people of India and not to the Supreme Court.

This is really very funny. The Coal Gate scam amounting to a hefty sum of Rs. 186000 crores was unearthed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Initially, all the big wigs of the ruling Congress party questioned the CAG report itself and tried their best to convince the people of India the aam admi that the CAG is wrong and all is well. Only after a PIL was filed and the SC took notice of it that the CBI was made to investigate the case. The court had directed the CBI that they will submit this report direct to SC. On 22 April the assistant solicitor general who has since resigned gave a statement in the SC that this status report has not been seen by anybody.

or reasons best known to them, the SC got suspicious and ordered the CBI Director Mr Sinha to give an affidavit in writing that this report has not been seen by any  body. It was Mr Sinhas affidavit submitted to the court on 06 May that spilled the beans. According to him the report was seen by the Law Minister Aswani Kumar, AG Mr Vahanwati, A joint director each from PMO office and the Coal Ministry itself whose scam was being investigated. What really takes the cake is that the report was not only seen but so much altered on the behest of these dignitaries that the very heart of the report was turned upside down.

As observed by the SC that while coal blocks were being doled out to private parties since 1993 all these worthies were only worried about the period 2006 to 2009 when Prime Minister himself was looking after the coal ministry. CBI had found that during this period the coal mines were allotted without following any specific criteria’s of allotment or comparative assessment of private parties capabilities of utilising these blocks. There are no records available of various minutes of meetings as also the doings of the so called screening committee. In other words it was a total case of crony favouritism and loot of national wealth. No wonder number of these allottees sold their blocks to other parties. It was this finding of the CBI which was removed on the behest of these dignitaries.

In simple terms everybody from the top to bottom in the ruling political class were telling lies and that also to highest court of the land. It was very mature and decent on the part of supreme court that they have come out with observations only and have not given any written orders as Mr Digvijay Singh wants. By giving out these observations apparently the desire of the SC was that let the ruling politicians set their house in order instead of Court directing them.  The Law minister should have resigned immediately, taking on the moral responsibility while immediate suspension should have been ordered for the two joint secretaries from Coal Ministry and the PMO because apparently they were acting on their own. However if they were ordered to do so by their bosses, in the current case the Prime Minister and the Coal Minister, then they should have also resigned.However nothing happened. Rather the ruling politicians initially decided to carry on regardless. Even when the Law Minster belatedly did resign it was more of a booting out then resignation. The two guilty bureaucrats are not even talked about. If this is what is the accountability of the ruling politicians towards people of India ,which Mr. Digvijay Singh is talking about, then god help this country. India is lucky that we have a much matured SC and judiciary who believe in gently nudging the ruling political class rather then hitting them with sledge hammer.

Otherwise, just have a look see in Pakistan where the Supreme Court and its Chief Justice Iffitikar Chaudhary has made the two serving Prime Minsters resign and has put the all powerful General Musharraf behind bars for treason. Surely Mr Digvijay Singh will not like this to happen in India with Supreme Court giving written directions. In any case what happened to the written directions of Supreme Court on police reforms given out in 2006. No state of India has implemented it fully till date. May be now SC should use the stick and order dismissal of those Governments who have not implemented them on the grounds of contempt of court.

The Supreme Court of India should seriously look into the advice of Mr. Dig Vijay Singh and start issuing written orders. In any case  the SC and the judiciary of India are been looked upon by the people of India the aam admi with a hope to provide them solace from the  neck deep corruption and misgovern ace foisted on them by the ruling dispersion. All that SC needs is to come down heavily on these brazen wrong doings for the betterment of the oppressed class which is the people of India. The days of nicesecities are over.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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