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On how to tackle indiscipline among students
Several causes lead to indiscipline among students. The chief reason is that students being young have little or no patience. They get excited quickly and have no tolerance. They get angry over trivial matters. They are an inflammable material
STUDENT INDISCIPLINE is a problem that confronts the entire country. One can notice indiscipline, lawlessness, rowdyism, absenteeism, etc among students in various institutions and universities. Everybody in the country, including political leaders, educationists, parents of students and social reformers seem to be concerned about this great evil. Newspapers come out with flashy headlines indicating the serious nature of the problem.

Indiscipline prevails among students in various forms. Students are often found absenting themselves from classes, taking out processions and raising slogans, sometime smashing the window-panes of college building, waylaying their teachers, etc. They organise meetings and go on strikes. They make speeches and incite fellow students to lawlessness. Strikes and absence from examination hall are matters of common occurrence.

There are several causes which lead to indiscipline among students. The chief reason is that students being young have little or no patience. They get excited quickly and have no tolerance. They get angry over trivial matters. They are an inflammable material. Some want to give vent to their enthusiasm and indulge in unlawful activities. But students alone are not responsible for this. Educationists and authorities of educational institutions are also to blame, to some extent. It is often found that the authorities tamper with students’ unions and try to make the leaders of the unions unacceptable to students. Besides, sometimes first-rate lectures are transferred or dismissed for reasons, which have nothing to do with the quality and standard of teaching. Sometimes, the question papers are either too hard or out of course. All this leaves the students with frustration and despair.

Indiscipline has a very bad effect upon everyone. It is the student who suffers the most. Often, educational institutions are closed down for indefinite period of time. Examinations are often postponed. The entire educational machinery goes out of gear. There is a colossal waste of precious and budding human life, namely, the students. Often feeling of provocation and hostility lingers even after the rowdy acts of indiscipline.

Ways and means must be found to put an end to this sorry state of affairs. First of all, the influence of politicians must be completely wiped out from the affairs of education. Again, questions which are out of course should be omitted from the question paper, set in examinations. Above all, righteousness and justice should be ensured in educational matters so that the students come to feel that everything is designed for their best.

So, if we wish to solve the problem of indiscipline among students, we will have to improve our educational system. The first thing is to improve the condition of teachers. We should pay handsomely to all teachers, right from the primary school to university level. There must be coordination among all levels of education at various stages. Courses should be changed and moral education should form a part of it. The atmosphere of the school be both attractive and healthy.

But, remedies or no remedies, indiscipline will always continue in some form. This lies in the very nature of human beings. Man is destined to rebel against someone or the other for there are black sheep among all categories of people.

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