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Pakistan abuzz with reported Bilawal-Rabbani dalliance
The Blitz weekly broke a love story of a hi-fi romance in Pakistan. Reportedly, Bilawal Bhutto and a beautiful and powerful Pakistan minister are madly in love. The major players have denied the story. One party's close relative asked, is there smoke without a fire?

BELIEVE IT or not, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is in love. He is 21 and in the eye of the law, an adult. The law permits him to choose his life partner. Bilawal may disobey his father, if he chooses to do so. Never mind if the man likely to be disobeyed is the President of Pakistan. As the husband of Benazir Bhutto, he had little say in making a decision on family issues where his wife called the shots. In power as Prime Minister or out of power as an exile enjoying peace and security provided by established western democracies, it was Benazir whose decisions were termed as the last word.

Bilawal grew up in that environmment and understood who is who and where the real authority lies. He knew well how important he himself was. Generally speaking, Bilawal had spent the impressionable period of his childhood and adolescence in liberal western societies and he liked that. The Sharia had left no impression on his mind and he did not advocate its promulgation either.


Falling in love was the birthright of a youngman and a young woman. Age, race, region or religion had no relevance in matters of love. Love in blind, this is what teenagers have been hearing all along in all parts of the Asian continent wherein conservatism has been the order of the day. The non-conformists are free to fall in love as per their choice.

By the way, before we proceed further, let me caution the readers that the authenticity of the source of this love story is to be judged by the readers themselves. If you think that there is no smoke without fire, that may lead you to believe that there is some meat in the love, romance and bravado that is being circulated all over the world. I must hasten to add that the story has been denied by the main players.


You may be reaching the end of your patience and wish to know right now who is the lady love for whom Bilawal Bhutto, heir apparent to the throne, is prepared to sacrifice his political career and run away with her to Switzerland and settle down as private citizens in one of the villas that his mother, Benazir Bhutto had gifted him. It would be appropriate to mention that Bilawal is the sole heir to his mother’s wealth, both cash and kind; moveable and immoveable. Bilawal is not bothered if this escapade of his would affect his political party, the PPP.

If Bilawal really does that and listens to his heart and not the head, he would be following the brilliant example of King Edward the VIII who abdicated his throne to marry his sweetheart, Mrs Simpson, an American divorcee with no claim to blue blood. The British Parliament had declined permission to the King of England to marry an American divorcee with whom he was madly in love. The king sacrificed his throne to win the hand of his lady love in marriage.

Who is Bilawal’s sweetheart? Just hold your breath, dear readers. The familiar face and reputed name is: Hina Rabbani Khar, foreign minister of Pakistan. She is married to a rich businessman and the couple has two daughters. She is pretty, knowledgeable and above all, a suave diplomat who is always on the move. Presently, she is in New York. She too is reportedly prepared to sacrifice her family, her political career just to be the wedded wife of her beau ideal, Bilawal. Of course, she will have to divorce her present husband to have a new and younger man in her arms as her husband.

Many eyebrows are raised at this romantic escapade that has been going on behind the impenetrable walls of the Presidential Palace in Islamabad. President Zardari is reported to be dead against this alliance and has told his son to see reason. The wedding, if solemnized, may make a dent in the image of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party and jeopardize the political career of many bigwigs.

My personal propriety demands that I stop my pen right here and not make a mention of many juicy stories of the romantic couple carried by the Blitz weekly. An average citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is too stunned to react to this love in high places where the bride-to-be is eleven years senior to her proposed husband. Further, it is not the time to speculate how long will the marital life last, if at all it takes off. With that note, allow me, dear readers, to sign off.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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