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Pakistan and North Korea: China playing a dangerous game
Let there be no doubt that North Korea, led by so-called eccentric leader Kim Jong-un could not have dared to fire a ballistic missile over Japan, just after Japan's Prime Minster Shinzo Abe along with Indian PM Narendra Modi signed a 17 billion dollar bullet train deal with India, without encouragement and permission by China.

In this project, Japan is investing all the money. India will pay back this money in 50 years at 0.1 per cent interest. Kim Jong-un was apparently made to fire this missile by a piqued China, who before this deal was ranting and shouting that India and Japan are welcome to formulate a partnership but not alliance. Who is China to dictate to India and Japan what they should do and what they should not?

Chinas pique with growing India, Japan and US collaboration is frothing because if this nearness sticks, then Chinese dream of being sole dominant power in Asia will dissipate like a mirage. One should not forget that it was Japan's investment in China and its transfer of technology to China that made China what it is today.

Now China is worried that same may not happen to India, because then India will be the second pole that also is a democracy, to attract Asian countries to join.

Already after Doklam standoff with India, smaller SE Asian countries like Vietnam and Philippines are questioning Chinese construction of seven artificial islands in South China Sea. China claims South China Sea as its own lake.

China is the sole godfather of North Korea which supplies it with all necessities including missile technology. The North Korean President Kim Jong-un is not as eccentric as he is made out to be. His main task, as assigned by China, is to keep South Korea, Japan and US off balance. This task Kim Jong-un is performing very well by testing ballistic missiles, which he says are capable of hitting US mainland, and conducting nuclear tests.

Recently, North Korea claimed that it had successfully conducted the test of a hydrogen bomb. These shenanigans of North Korea have put fear of God in South Korea and Japan. Both these countries are dependent on US for their nuclear shield. Both South Korea and Japan have taken defensive measures from nuclear attack by deploying patriot and Thad anti-missile systems. However, these defensive systems are untried in live war conditions. The nuclear attack probability looms large.

American president Trump has already warned North Korea that any attack on Japan or South Korea or US will result in annihilation of North Korea. We should be rest assured that eccentric or not Kim Jong-un will not go that far. China will not allow that to happen.

Pakistan is another protege of China which has decided to join China's camp lock stock and barrel after its soured relations with America. By investing in Pakistan almost 50 billion dollars on CPEC, China is ensuring that Pakistan cannot now leave the Chinese camp come what may.

In CPEC, which China is building in Pakistan to connect its Xinxiang province with warm water port of Gwadar in Pakistan, a distance of 3000 kms, China is getting engineers, workers, coal, cement, steal all from China. In other words in the period of time Pakistan will become a colony of China.

China has been using Pakistan to keep India destabilised and off balanced in Asia. However now, Pakistan has annoyed the US due to its double game of sheltering those very jehadis with whom it claims to be fighting. These jehadis get into Afghanistan and kill American troops operating there. Same it does with India. Now this Pakistani game stands exposed so Pakistan has run to China.

China being an ally of North Korea and Pakistan, both rogue states and nuclear powers, is playing a very dirty game. North Korea is hell bent on scaring South Korea and Japan and needling America with its missile firing and nuclear tests, all due to secret Chinese cover. These games of China any time can get converted into nuclear holocaust.

American president has already put North Korea on nuclear warning if it attacks any of them. As for Pakistan, its Prime Minster Abbasi has threatened India that Pakistan has developed tactical nuclear weapons to safeguard against the Indian cold start.

If Pakistan thinks that China will be ready to foot Pakistani bills which are amounting to 9 billion dollars, just the interest to repay loans taken earlier, Pakistan is sadly mistaken. Need of the hour is for the US, Japan, South Korea and India to come closer to each other to form a lose front. Australia may also join them. This collaboration will keep China in check from its shenanigans in Asia. Pakistan has already been warned by the American President Trump.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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