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Pakistan is scared of Narendra Modi: Defence Analysts
Is Pakistan scared of Narendra Modi? This is one question which comes into mind when one hears various Modi centric comments coming from across the border.

Modi in a TV interview had said that on becoming Indian PM he would try to bring back underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India from Pakistan. Reacting to this commitment shown by Modi, Pakistan's interior minister Nisar Ali Khan termed Modi as a threat to regional peace.

Defence experts also believe that there will be a shift in India's foreign policy with respect to Pakistan if Modi becomes the PM. They believe that Modi will adopt a tough policy against Pakistan because of which the neighboring country would not feel comfortable.

Thus, the conclusion which surfaces is that, somewhere Pakistan is nervous seeing the chances of Modi becoming India's next Prime Minister.

Prakash Singh, Ex-DGP of UP and Assam

“They are taking India for granted and they have been exporting terrorism and they have been committing cease fire violation and their ISI has been active in hinterland. They have been doing everything whatever is possible. They have been off course involved in last major incident in 26/11 Mumbai. And they managed to get away. Yes Pakistan is scared of Mod, if Narendra Modi will come into power, then India will adopt a tough stand and it will be a no nonsense approach. They would have been happy to see a man like Manmohan Singh in the saddle or somebody of that stature, so that they can take India for granted and can pursue their policy. Pakistan thinks that if Modi comes into power things may be different.

Bharat Verma, Defence Analyst

Bharat Verma“If NaMo emerges as Prime Minister of India then the foreign policy and defence policy will see a change. It will move out of Nehruvian model. The Nehruvian model has created Kashmir problem, which shouldn't have been created. Similarly, it has created a China problem which shouldn't have been created. Modi's policy is likely to be on give and take basis. It will be like, “if you want concession from me what I am getting in return. If I am getting a bigger concession or not, whether it is Pakistan, United Sates or China.” It is not going to be an emotional policy, it is not going to be a Nehruvian model based policy which has tried to create an appeasement of Pakistan and China. And which also followed vote bank politics. Modi's policy is going to be pragmatic, which is not going to be aggressive and at the same time it will not allow India's national interest to be over ridden either by Pakistan or China or anybody else. It is purely going to be on 'give and take' basis on negotiation point wise and agenda wise.”

Zulfiqar Ali Shah, A senior journalist of Pak origin

Zulfiqar Ali Shah“I think the core of the issue is that Pakistan doesn't want to see in particular a political leadership in India. Issue with Pakistan is that, number one they dont have any right to intervene. This is not a legitimate way for any interior minister to talk about the things. In fact Pakistan in its region should see its own governance because Pakistan has always been led by military junta and even during the democracy. Nisar should remember that Why general Musharaf waged war against Pakistan and Kargil without any approval by the civilian leadership either by the president or prime minister. Let them clean their house first, let them get rid of military agencies like ISI. It is the people of India who have to choose their leader. Whosoever they might choose. Basically there is a fear if any strong person who has the strong credentials to resist export of terrorism from Rawalpindi to land of India, Pakistan basically doesn't want such kind of leadership in the India.”

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