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Pakistan should stop daydreaming of becoming world power by riding on the back of CPEC
Most of the Pakistani media day before yesterday reported that there was a strong ally brewing among China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran particularly in the context of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
China is seriously cornering India with its 'one region one belt' formula both in eastern Asia as well as western Asia. China is likely to be stronger in South China Sea (SCS) as well as East China Sea (ECS) as the US President elect Donald Trump is more likely not to help Japan and not to intervene in SCS. Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines etc are supporting China in SCS.

Myanmar and other countries including Bangladesh is likely to come under the umbrella of China. Thus it's time to emerge as Asian power for China and Pakistan whereas India might be cornered.

Every country has right to blow its trumpet. But is it really happening? Let me give a better suggestion to the Pakistani media or whoever is behind such propaganda, how the international politics works.

First all of their assumption is based on Donald Trump's electoral promises that the USA is no more helping any country (including Japan, South Korea etc) free of cost. It can't fight their war. But there are many other things which Pakistani media didn't consider or selectively ignored.

Let's first puncture a Pakistani media report with the help of a Russian clarification, issued today. According to Russian foreign ministry's statement, the reports in Pakistani media regarding Russia joining the CPEC is not corresponding to the realities. Even there were no secret talks regarding this. It has its bilateral interests but not beyond that. It is indirectly also telling that it honours all bilateral relations including that one with India.

Now let's understand what's Donald Trump's position (at least for now)? Trump is against China as he feels that China is prospering at America's cost. He also promised to stop Chinese import or impose lot of taxes so that cheap Chinese products can't withstand American products. That means China is economic rival (at least). Secondly, everyone knows that Trump is a personal friend of Russian premier Putin.

Experts also believe that Trump is planning to fight against ISIS while partnering with Russia. The fight against ISIS with Russia means Iran becoming friendly with the USA for the first time, whereas Saudi Arab-led Middle East countries appear to be not in Trump's favour list. In any case America is self-sufficient in petro products thus it is not likely going to be dictated by Saudi Arab led petro rich countries anymore. America and Russian friendship can be mutually beneficial and China would be at loss. I don't think Russia will support China if the US becomes a friendly country to it.

Pakistan is a dangerous country in the eyes of Trump where as India is a need for America particularly if it wants to exit from Afghanistan. In any case Trump was supported by Indian-Americans for which even Trump used a slogan 'Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar'. Trumps cold shoulder to the demise of Fidel Castro proves that his foreign policy will be quite different from Obama policy or say the standard policy followed by America for the last 5-6 decades.

Now, if you will add the above dots you will definitely find who is cornered and who should get worried? Regarding Japan, Korea and other NATO countries, something will come out as an understanding because neither NATO countries can afford to leave USA nor USA can leave NATO. Now, who would be stronger in SCS and ECS?

Regarding the CPEC, the Pakistani media should have also read in the Chinese media (sponsored by Chinese government). Many experts have raised questions over huge investment in CPEC as they don't find ROI (Return of Investment) apart from other dangers.

For example, the CPEC moves through disturbed areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan. One more problem for China is that it's suspecting Islamic fundamentalism being active in Muslim populous provinces. Recently, it has ordered against Halal meat. According to the Chinese government, the practice of Halal (Islamic way of slaughtering animal) is likely to increase fundamentalism and thus they banned it. I don't know what will be its effect but definitely not good for Pakistan having majority fundamentalists and extremists in the country.

The most important thing that Pakistan is ignoring in the war against ISIS is, where ISIS militants will go? Experts are of the opinion that Pakistan's fundamentalists on whom government has no control (even the Army is losing control) will give shelter to ISIS fighters whenever they would need. So, just imagine where the ongoing war against ISIS would shift in future?

Pakistan should better correct its own house before day-dreaming. It requires to be a responsible nation else the only country which is likely to be eliminated from the world map will be Pakistan itself. India was there, is there and will always remain there.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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