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Patriotism, Revolution and Anna Hazare
Analysis of India's patriotism and revolution led by Anna Hazare. Anna is a bold answer to all those who have entangled India since decades in a labyrinth of corruption, injustice and reign of underworld mafia.

ANNA IS a bold answer to all those who have entangled India since decades in a labyrinth of Corruption, Injustice, reign of Underworld Mafia resulting in wild growth of Poverty, Malnutrition and Hunger Death of millions of people. Post-independence period shows rise of a class of leaders, who work for uplifting their parties only and use power as an instrument to suck wealth of our country and ensure survival of their parties and themselves. The 2G scam, CWG scandal, Black money in foreign bank, and many more are the most recent examples of it.

This corrupt political situation has degraded the image of politics as a filthy affair and good people avoid it just like “kichar”.  Thus politics and power of ruling the country has gone into such hands that lack patriotism and love for the countrymen. Power to people, people’s right to decision making process is the key spirit of Republic democracy- this is just mocked by such political leaders and constitution is given a lip’s service only.

Common people are made to accept the system of bribery and siphoning of public funds at every level starting from villages and no Government system stands as answerable to it. In each and every aspect of life common man is harassed, humiliated and deprived; their dreams, food and future are kept tightly under control, thanks to a corrupt system formed by a hypocritical and cynical coalition of politicians-industrialists and under world.

This environment of falsehood, corruption and injustice at economic and political level has also influenced social and cultural corruption, - female feticide, rape, violence and trafficking of women, children, shameless rising of body ‘bazar’, dance of ‘Shila-Munni’, bride burning - are becoming the identity of Indian society!

Sixty four years since Independence India is still rotting in spirit and essence; the environment of honesty, patriotism, sincerity and service to country, developed by our predecessors during freedom struggle have started to melt down. Many a time it seems that India has become a slave of this corrupt system and there is no way out.

Under this dark shadow of corruption and injustice, Anna Hazare, a patriot soldier and social activist, comes and demands justice and removal of corruption—he demands the bill “Jana Lokpal” to be passed which has the potency to control corruption by government servants at all levels. He says that this is just the beginning, and that we have to work further more to bring a change in this system. He leads directly from the front, lighting the ‘mashal’ of ‘kranti’ – he appeals to people “kranti ki jo mashal jala hai usko nivne nahi dena’ (don’t let the spirit of revolution get down’— people have waited so long for this call for revolution and change. People tried and tested many other ways of revolution learned from other countries like Marxism, Maoism, but nothing worked for India. Now India has got back its dormant spirit of Patriotism and millions of people have spontaneously moved out onto the road to hold the spirit. A second Freedom fight has started.

This revolution, this patriotism is our own response to save our country from poverty, injustice and corruption. Anna says “bahut kuchh badalna hai”, he speaks of justice to poor; he says plights poor people inspires him, he says ‘dil diya hai jan bhi denge, ye batan tere liye’ and he shows it in his actions. Anna’s fast has entered its 12th day, but still he is firm on his demand. He quotes a forgotten slogan “bharat mat ki jai”, “bande mataram” and the whole country resounds with him irrespective of community, class and gender. Government has tried all its old games of separatism, defaming but all boomeranged on them! The nation is now awaiting Parliament’s response to the Bill.

A true Sipahi of Bharat Mata teamed with whole nation is now fighting to save the country from corruption and ensure people their Rights—patriotic spirit that seemed lost in India, has revived again under his leadership.  History will be indebted to Anna for his invaluable contribution to revive the spirit of Patriotism in India. Today, India stands upright once again as a source of learning for many other countries around the world.

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