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People are vary of political parties
Media is building up Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul for elections to Lok Sabha in its effort to personalise the politics. It is a dangerous twist when real issues of interest to aam aadmi are given a burial.

Kejriwal, Modi, Rahul v/s the People. It is clear by now that a section of corporate media is desperately building up Kejriwal and his party as a third force in ensuing Lok Sabha elections in its bid to counter the threat it perceives from Reliance, Tata, Adani group that are out to install BJP's Narendra Modi in power while another section is firmly standing behind Rahul Gandhi.

Let us not mistake the corporate media. It reflects the configuration of political economy, hotly contesting elections in the country for holding state power during the next five year term keeping dependable figures in front. It is true by now that Reliance has become a corporate monster which threatens the prospects of other rivals to no mean level. By installing Modi in power the Reliance group seeks to insure its dominance, while others are out to at least balance the threat by keeping Rahul and Kejriwal as other warriors kicking, if not in saddle.

Let us also not mistake: Aam Aadmi Party is like any other political formation and Kejriwal is like any other political figure on basics; vying for political power to ‘serve the people’ and effect ‘social change’ in their interest through state power. Riding on the desperation/ frustration of the people born out of the economic squeeze and emergency, wrung through the instrument of state, Jai Prakash Narayan tried to do it earlier with Janata Party, what now Kejriwal and his friends seek to achieve through their Aam Aadmi Party.

Same is the story of CPI(M) earlier with Jyoti Basu in West Bengal or Namboodripad in Kerala of doing good through state power resulting in alienation of people ultimately. Modi of BJP and Rahul of Congress or Kejriwal of AAP are merely repeating the story now of promising good through power.

For all contestants an election is practically a subtle game of tricks to grab power by befooling people, on the strength of resources they muster by under hand means. Who can believe whom in this game? State power is not an ordinary instrument to grab! By simple logic, the tricks cannot also be ordinary to befool for such a privileged possession.

In fact, all political parties and their leaders in the history of about two hundred years of the present day representative democracy have been working on the strength of this big myth assiduously built around to advance the interests of financial oligarchies that state power is the midwife of social change in need and economic well being of the deprived.

Lenin-Stalin-Trotesky in Czarist Russia, Mao-Chu Teh in China and HO-Giap in Vietnam had been other examples who had worked on the same myth during twentieth century and lost to capitalism. People stood befooled on a wrong premise. State is an instrument to watch the interests of a ruling minority and political parties are its tools to keep the majority in check.

This is the political economy of present day democracy since the days of industrial revolution that was ushered with the slogan of ‘equality, liberty and fraternity’. The relevant point of concern is the future of the People –aam aadmi in such a frenzied game of deceit and deception.

Modi and Rahul both belong to known political formations in the country who are responsible for miseries of aam aadmi while in power, while Kejriwal is a dark horse that is shrewdly avoiding his socio-economic projections and working up myths to new level.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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