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People of India will fight for Modi in 2019 LS election
The bugle for 2019 LS elections was sounded by PM Modi when his interview with Smita Prakash, News Editor at ANI, was aired on New Year's Day. I rate this interview as the best by any journalist so far eclipsing Arnab's and Times Now's efforts plainly because Smita was straight forward, polite yet firm, unbiased and asked all the relevant questions a common man would have asked.

PM Modi explained everything his government had done, is doing, and will do for the sake of the nation. Obviously, it is a vote clincher as anyone with an unbiased mind can see the amount of work done under him and the progress India made during the last four and a half years overcoming the economic doldrums left by the previous UPA government under Manmohan Singh, the accidental PM. As usual the opposition camp had their Burnol moment. The Congress is sulking and its PiDis are clueless.

Everything has a limit except Rahul Gandhi's lies, particularly on the Rafale deal. I have always maintained that if PM Modi was involved in a deal, rest assured that the deal would be clean and beneficial for the nation. PM Modi has demonstrated impeccable probity, propriety and honesty in public life which Rahul Gandhi and his family cannot match despite taking a thousand births. Notorious for looting the nation and doing world record of scams, the Congress' first family has no face to accuse others of corruption. But Rahul Gandhi's audacity is endless. Somebody has rightly coined the proverb "Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante" (The thief is accusing the policeman) and I wonder whether he had Congress supremo in mind.

"Chowkidar Chor Hai", Rahul Gandhi shouted at the top of his voice in all his rallies during assembly elections of MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. If he tries the same trick during the 2019 elections, then public would reply, "Chowkidaar Pure Hai, lekin Mrs Gandhi Chor Hai" courtesy Christian Michel who is spilling the beans and talking about how he bribed the Congress' first family for Augusta Westland VVIP chopper deal. Not only this, the National Herald scam worth Rs 5000 crore and Aircel-Maxis scam by former UPA Finance Minister are big ticket corruption by Congress which will land them in jail.

The Congress party is staring into a barrel and this is precisely why they are too aggressive and desperate now. There are still 100 days to go for LS election and Congress will manufacture 100 lies and conspiracies to somehow fool the people of India in order to grab power and loot. They are the champions of dividing India in the name of caste and religion and offering freebies. I only hope that this time the electorate should not be gullible to such tactics.

A farmer in MP had said in front of camera that he voted for the Congress driven by greed of loan waiver, but now he is repenting seeing the true nature of the Congress party. He will vote for Modi in 2019. Others should follow suit.

A friend of mine, a hard core BJP supporter, expressed his concern that if Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) became a reality pan-India, then BJP might not get 272 seats. Then what will happen to our country?

Well, it is a nightmare for any nation loving Indian. We are witnessing what is happening in Karnataka where JDS is ruling in alliance with the Congress. Karnataka is paying the price for such opportunistic corrupt alliance. God forbidding, if such an alliance wins 2019 LS elections, then the time will run backwards and in 5 years' time, India will be in medieval era. All the good work of Modi will be undone and a-scam-a-day will take over.

For that not to happen, we all need to forget our differences and wholeheartedly vote for Modi and BJP in 2019 despite not being members of BJP or RSS. Everyone should campaign for PM Modi and ask at least a hundred people to vote for Modi.

The NOTA warriors must introspect. It is Modi who does many things, although sometimes a little belatedly. But Congress will not do a single good thing for the nation as for them the family is the nation. The reservation policy is an evil, no doubt, but only Modi can find an amicable solution.

The Ram Bhakts should be patient as PM Modi had said that he would bring an ordinance or enact a law only after Apex court's ruling. If not before 2019 LS elections, mark my word that the temple will be built immediately after elections if we vote Modi to power. If Congress comes to power, then forget about the temple as Congress is the biggest obstacle in construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Middle class people should be a little magnanimous. Modi certainly did something for middle class, but not enough. But considering the economic situation in 2014, I think the middle class should not be that upset and elect Modi to take care of their interests.

The farmers should know who their real friend is. Congress party is the enemy no. 1 of all the farmers. Right from the days of independence, Congress is sucking blood of farmers. They should trust Modi to ensure their future.

Hindus should remain united. Any government other than BJP always works against the Hindu interest by indulging in appeasement politics. Don't let that happen. Learn from Sabarimala episode. Hindu unity is essential for Hindus' future and development of our nation.

One of my New Year resolutions reads, "I will campaign for PM Modi in 2019 LS elections sacrificing my comfort and using my leisure time as a service to nation."

By campaigning I mean spending some time in nearby villages and talking with people to apprise them how Modi is developing our nation. Information is power. Congress will try to peddle lies and my job would be to counter such lies and win trust of people for Modi.

If a few more people join me (who read this article) and start campaigning for Modi in their respective areas, then I think no one can stop Modi's return as PM and by 2024, we will be a super power in the world.

As Modi has said, 2019 elections will be a battle between Mahagathbandhan and the people of India. He is right. It is our battle and we must win at any cost. We have seen how Modi works for India and also how Congress works for India's enemies. Therefore we will fight for Modi.  

If Modi loses election, he does not lose anything, but we lose everything. It is our nation's future which is at stake. We cannot hand over the nation to corrupt alliances. This is the bottom line.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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