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Plight of women in India
The status of women in India has still not been able to escape the ruthless clutches of power and establishment. In the most unfair play it is the woman which has to pay the price.
INDIA IS A land of culture, traditions, love, and modesty. There are in fact numerous such things which makes our society unique and which makes us stand out. As a modern welfare state there is a definite space provided to all citizens and the bonds of love are stronger. However, India has picked up a wrong path and delineated from its moral obligations. There is little appreciation for the people who speak truth, and people are set to be committed to their own ideologies and principles nurturing their self-interests. One bitter reality, which has subsisted on the delineated views, is the lacking indifference towards the women in the society.
Nature has not been that much partial as the people in this country are for the women. Women’s capabilities are measured against the power that never flowed and accumulated in the hands of the other gender. Life is not a bed of roses for women in this country. Every woman has but to pay the price of dedication, passion, her attitude and the way she wants to live. Sonia Gandhi is a great example. She dedicated herself and worked for the nation but at the end of it she was still considered as foreign. Her dedication, which nobody can deny, has received little appreciation and like others she is paying that price. Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Matoo and hundred others have to pay the price. This lopsided system allows the power to play with their lives, suppress them and keep them low.
It is but women like Irom Sharmila, who fasted unto death to repeal “Armed Forces Special Power Act” in Manipur. The draconian act might have gulped the life of many innocent people, but nothing has been considered of the great battle that this courageous woman fought. Following the same path is Medha Pattkar, who has been arrested several times for demonstrating against the Sardar Sarovar Dam’s. Increasing the height of this dam, in Gujarat, has risked the life of several landless farmers and homeless people and not much has been done so far for their rehabilitation. Arundhati Roy a renowned Indian writer, also a Booker prize winner had to face a day in prison on charges of inciting violence against Supreme Court as she was demonstrating for the much talked about Sardar Sarovar Dam.
When women are contributing in all spheres of life then why does society keep them low? Despite taking bold measures they are forced to keep mum, their contributions are never recognised and they have to bear all kinds of abuses and violations. Even today the rate of atrocities and torture, sexual harassments at workplace, sexual abuse and day to day eve teasing that women facing all over the country and beyond the borders of this country, is tremendous and to the magnitude we can hardly believe.
There are foeticide cases reported from all over the country and the rate of abortion is still high, especially in metros. Although some laws and privileges have come in force but not much has been implemented so far. The irony is that sometimes when justice is been served it almost kills the very own soul, which seeks the justice.
 There has been much done but superficially and far less has been implemented truthfully. We need to take an initiative to make this world a shared one and an equal one. Throughout the history women have paid the price and are still paying it. Imagine how life will be without this beautiful angel.

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Nasrin Faruqi-Das
Delhi Women Plight Sir, It´s a great social good work on your part to open up an ongoing debate on this everyday heinous human catastrophe, taking place in the so-called (city of rapes) ie, Delhi. This´s one more clear evidence of prevailing corruption, which is the root cause of the entire social network system in India. We tend to overlook that our religious beliefs are also playing their (not too) minor a role in creating such shameful plight for women in the society. These beliefs have been degrading women to the lowest class. Not very long ago there was a breaking news about more than 10 million female fetuses which were aborted in the name of prenatal care with the help of ultrasound technology throughout India. This´s one more proof of how women are being looked down on in the modern age Indian society, today. If we analyze this aspect choronologically, we can get to the clue quite easily. It goes this way: the mother of corruption is poverty; this being the offspring of illiteracy, and it all leads to a general sense of insecurity, which sums up to social inequality. Women being weaker sex are the first and foremost to get the toughest and the hardest blow. The religious beliefs, and traditions involving them, plus the social insecurity turn into these sad conditions which women are being subject to. Women are universally being the target of suppression, as it always was is and hopefully won´t be any longer, but Indian society would surely get the largest acknowledgment in treating them most inhumanely, if it comes to an international contest. Strangely enough,one is much better off in the Indian society if one´s born as an elephant or a cow!!! Just imagine for a moment life without women.
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