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PM Narendra Modi's diplomatic coup against America!
Post May 16's historic win of NDA in 2014 General Elections, when Narendra Modi invited all neighboring countries (SAARC countries) to witness his oath taking ceremony, many were surprised! Even many experts thought that Modi is in the process of image makeover.

However he talked straight to Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa! There were no diplomatic talks but were straight talks on India's national interest. Nawaz Sharif was asked plainly to stop cross boarder terrorism whereas Mahinda Rajapaksa was asked for the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Then Narendra Modi visited Bhutan and for the first time it appeared that Modi is the most important guest ever to Bhutan. Then came BRICS. Perhaps for the first time Indian PM is considered more important than Chinese Premier and Russian President. Putin remain cornered whereas Chinese premier told in a very direct language that India doesn't like the boarder aggression and good relation is conditional to solution of boarder disputes! Chinese dominance for the first time in BRICS ended as all other stakeholders sided with India.

This means Modi as Indian Prime Minister is able to present himself as the premier of a strong nation and as a no nonsense leader. He cautioned indirectly that he is not for granted by any power!

America, which treated him as an unwanted before elections started giving him lukewarm response as Prime Minister of India. Then India vetoed in WTO, thus directly challenging the authority of America while taking a U-turn from the policy of the UPA government.

Simply Modi flexed the muscle of India against all developed nation which was never imagined! All developed countries including USA was stunned on India's assertion! In other scenario by now India would have been threatened with sanctions for daring in World politics!  But it's Modi-led India that forced all world powers to be aggressive.

Then John Kerry entered in to the scene! He recited Modi's Hindi slogan 'Sab ka saath, sab ka Vikas. Also he interpreted saffron as symbol of energy. Kerry thought that Modi might be bit rigid than any other Indian Prime Minister but can still be trapped through pampering.

First hurdles came when during joint press conference union external minister said in simple language that spying among friendly countries is unacceptable. Kerry although tried distracting his response but his body language said that he was stumped.

Kerry later met Modi. It was learned that Modi had been shown a 2013 report on how America exonerated Modi of 2002 stigma! The only intent was that Modi feel pampered and agree to sign on dotted lines as per the US directions.

But again it's Modi who proved himself as no nonsense leader. There was media campaign against India's recent stand which said that India's move would affect interest of small and undeveloped nations, the message about India would go horribly wrong etc.

Frankly India has nothing against the trade facilitation agreement. In fact it vetoed demanding guarantee for more progress in parallel pacts giving more freedom to subsidize and stockpile food grains than is allowed by WTO rules.

It was a first of its kind as except America none has exercised veto with such a tone in any forum. There was also a group like Australia, Japan, Norway, EU and the USA which tried to move ahead excluding India from WTO. But immediately they realize that India is not alone.

Many developed countries along with others stand rock behind India's stand although none came forward. Only New Zealand came out in open saying that India having one-sixth of world's population can't be excluded.  

The bottom line is until now, the developed countries especially America and allies had monopoly on World trade. It's for the first time Modi-led India challenged the so called super power in their language. Modi government's firm stand not only attracts the victim countries but also earned respect among the countries who sit in fences.

America is really clueless at this moment. It has glorified Modi a lot with an expectation that however strong Modi might be, he has to toe US line because of glorification of his persona! But Modi is different. He categorically expressed that he is not there to fall in any one's trap. It's a serious problem for America now.

They have made so many glorification of Modi and it would be awkward if they withdraw all the accolades. At the same time if Modi is welcomed in America as planned without getting any concession from him, America is sure to be embarrassed in diplomatic arena.

Point is America had gone to such an extent to welcome Modi, that it would be hard for them to retreat in any manner and downplay Modi's welcome in the US. At the same time it's a diplomatic thorn for USA that it is not able to buy any diplomatic bargain from this hard and uncompromising Gujarati chaiwala PM!

It's always said that Modi never forgets nor forgives! Americans must now be realizing this hard truth!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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