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Politicisation of Balakot Air Strike: The BJP would benefit heavily from the Opposition's irresponsible rants
The BJP would benefit the most in the upcoming 2019 general election post the Balakot Air Strike because the people always appreciate a strong government at the Centre.

Not only the people of India, but the rest of the world knows very well that Pakistani establishment is nurturing and peddling these terrorists to the neighbouring countries like India, Afghanistan and Iran.

Kashmir is the sole aim for Pakistan to export terror in to India. Taliban which is no more controllable by Pakistan is carrying out terror acts in Afghanistan. Pakistan too is interested a role of Taliban in Afghanistan for its national interest because Afghanistan is very important for Pakistan's geo-political strategy. Jaish-Al-Adil and such other terrorist's organisations supported by Saudi Arabia are residing inside Pakistan and attack inside Iran. Pakistan can't closedown these terrorist organisations because it wants Saudi money for its weak economic conditions. Apart from this, you will always find a Pakistani link on all terror acts in rest of World. Thus whoever takes strong action against Pakistan based terrorists or Pakistan are always been appreciated. That's why Narendra Modi is appreciated even by his critics (especially apolitical critics).  

Now question is whether BJP will be excessively benefited? Or if the question is rephrased like whether BJP will win more number of seats than in 2014? The answer is interestingly yes and pollsters too are admitting that, reason? The immature and irresponsible response by opposition parties to the Indian action post Pulwama.

Let me first deal with numbers of causality. Opposition asks the proof of 300 or 250 terrorists killed. But who started the numbers? Let me ask Rajdeep Sardesai first, because it's 'India Today' channel that first reported that the causalities are around 300 citing sources. Neither the defence forces nor the government, or even the BJP has cited the numbers. Then all TV channels aired the same number citing sources and not any politician or government. When Pakistan denied the opposition started asking questions about the numbers. Even Siddhu asked whether the Indian Air Force had uprooted terrorism or trees! Then, the opposition parties said that they trust the IAF, at the same time asking whether the strike had been effective or not because the foreign media reported that no damage had happened.

The sources are mostly from NTRO's assessment which had done electronic surveillance on the terror camp. According to it, around 300 mobiles were active minutes before the strike and all the mobile signals died after the attack. Thus that's the source. Regarding foreign media let me cite how foreign media was taken for a ride during the Uri-surgical strike too. In this case too, Pakistan had taken the foreign media a day after and shown what it wanted to show. Thus, how can the foreign media be trusted?

It's established that within an hour the Pakistani media set a perimeter around the attack site and didn't allow even the police into it. If there were just craters why were such arrangement made to maintain secrecy? People are well tutored to answer the foreign media. In Pakistan none can go beyond Pakistan army. Thus, Pakistan was able to inform the foreign media what it wanted to inform them. Even with that carefulness of the Pakistani Army, an Italian journalist Francesca Marino got the information from a hesitant local/police that the Pakistan Army had carried away around 35 bodies and rescued around 50 injured people.  The type of bomb India used, according to experts, can vaporise people who were directly hit.

Then, Pakistan has a record of lies to its credit. It didn't accept that its soldiers were involved and died during the 1999 Kargil War. However, in 2010, it finally admitted that it had lost 453 regular Pakistan Army men, two of whom got highest military award. In case of F-16 shut down also, Pakistan is claiming that it has not lost any plane or pilot. In India no causality can be hidden. Thus, who's the wounded and dead pilot crashing inside Pakistan? Pakistan still claims the dead pilot is an Indian although India doesn't have a record of any missing plane (except that of Abhinanadan's) and pilot.

Thus, when the opposition parties questioned immaturely and irresponsibly, then they are inviting the traps. They are considered as friends of Pakistan including Pakistani media. Now Kautilya's rule says that friend of an enemy is also an enemy and that's how Indian public sees the opposition parties now.

And then, here is Narendra Modi who never leaves a chance of opposition party's weakness or irresponsibility. That's why people have started deciding on which side they should be on and unfortunately for the opposition led by the Congress, the majority of public is standing by Narendra Modi despite that they have some grievances against him.

Had I been the opposition leader, I would have immediately accepted whatever the number is and held the government responsible not for inflicting more damage to the enemy country. But no, the opposition's behaviour is no different than Pakistan.

Yesterday, I tried to convince one of my friends that the opposition has every right to ask questions to the government. But my friend argued that the opposition is siding with Pakistan so that it will get minority support. My friend himself is from minority community. He finally said that he had a lot of complaints against the BJP and even Narendra Modi. But how can the opposition believe that the minority community will support Pakistan? Aren't we loyal to India?

My friend is apolitical. But just imagine if a person from minority community feels like this, how the majority community will feel about the opposition? Isn't it urgently necessary for the opposition parties to change their track so that the perception of people on opposition parties that they are 'soft towards Pakistan' or 'friends of Pakistan' of 'due to minority appeasement opposition is going against national interest' etc to be changed as soon as possible? Because if they don't realise now, then they will be decimated in 2019 general election because the sentimental polarisation always helps the party which is on right side.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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